Bbc Numberblocks (2024)

1. BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks

  • Learn how much fun counting can be with the Numberblocks - a fun-loving group of numbers who work together to solve problems big and small.

  • The animated adventures of friends who can always count on each other.

2. Numberblocks - CBeebies - BBC

  • Watch clips from... · Ice and Dice · Numberblocks Songs · Numberblocks Jigsaw

  • Sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks!

3. Numberblocks | Learning is fun with Learning Blocks | CBeebies shows

4. Watch clips from Numberblocks - CBeebies - BBC

  • Geplaatst: 18 aug 2021

  • Have fun watching these clips from the Numberblocks.

5. Numberblocks Songs - CBeebies - BBC

  • Geplaatst: 4 aug 2017

  • Learn to count and say hello to the Numberblocks as they introduce themselves through song!

6. Watch Numberblocks clips | Ice and Dice - CBeebies - BBC

7. Numberblocks Christmas Special - CBeebies - BBC

  • Geplaatst: 14 dec 2021

  • Take a quick look at the Numberblocks Christmas Special, The Twelves Days of Christmas.

8. Learning is fun with Learning Blocks | Alphablocks | Numberblocks ...

  • Numberblocks · Alphablocks BBC B · Colourblocks BBC W

  • Find out more about Alphablocks, Numberblocks and Colourblocks

9. Numberblock Fair - CBeebies - BBC

  • Geplaatst: 21 apr 2024

  • Watch this clip from Numberblocks as One is on her way to Numberblock Fair.

10. Don't count, see the amount! - CBeebies - BBC

  • Geplaatst: 11 mrt 2021

  • Meet the judges in the brand new game show, What’s My Number?

11. BBC - Numberblocks Wiki - Fandom

  • It even has a UK-exclusive streaming service - BBC iPlayer! On CBeebies, it has aired many shows for the age demographic of children 2-7 years old, including ...

  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a news company based in Westminster, London that makes CBeebies, and by extension the Learningblocks shows. The BBC is the world's oldest national broadcasting corporation, and the biggest in terms of employees, employing over 22,000 staff in total. It was founded on 18 October 1922 by HM Government as the British Broadcasting Company, but due to liquidation sale[1], the company was dissolved on 31 December 1926 and all of its assets were transferred

Bbc Numberblocks (2024)


Why were Numberblocks episodes banned? ›

Controversy. The 2nd Crossover Special "Literature Club Again?!?!" was banned indefinitely an hour after its release due to lots of cute but scary scenes that traumatized the kids watching it. The creators apologized for this controversy, as they replaced it with the 1st Super Special "The BIG Block-Cake".

Who is 100000 from Numberblocks? ›

One Hundred Thousand, or 100,000, is a Numberblock made up of 100,000 blocks. She is likely voiced by Sharon D. Clarke, and appears in two episodes: One Thousand and One and What If?.

Is Numberblocks appropriate? ›

Parents need to know that Numberblocks is a series of short videos that teach preschool math concepts like numbers, counting, and more. There's no iffy content, and it's great for kids as young as toddlers. Older preschool-aged kids who already have a solid grasp of numbers and counting may be bored.

When did Numberblocks end? ›

Why did they cancel Numberblocks? ›

"Numberblocks" (or as Mr. LED Man calls it, "No One shall be allowed") is meant to be a CGI-animated show aimed for young kids between 3 - 12 years of age. However, due to how ugly some of the characters look, the show got cancelled real quick.

Is Numberblock 81 a girl? ›

Eighty-One, or 81, is a Numberblock made of 81 blocks. He is voiced by Rasmus Hardiker. Eighty-One has 80 pink blocks with magenta borders, and 1 red block that often acts as his “nose” whenever he is in his 9x9 arrangement. He has pale blue square eyes...

What gender is 28 from Numberblocks? ›

She is the 2nd multiple of 7 to be female and the 7th Step Squad. In terms of chronological order, Twenty-Eight is the first Numberblock to have rainbow limbs, the second being Seventy. Going by series order, she is the second.

Is Numberblock 0 a girl? ›

Zero can grab and hold objects without use of any hands, as the objects just float next to her. Zero was thought to be male for a certain amount of time, until it was revealed that she is female. A similar case happened with Eleven, where she was thought to be the second male Numberblock to be voiced by a female.

Is Numberblock 55 a boy? ›

Fifty-Five is the first if not only Numberblock in the 50s to be figured out, as Series 6 may introduce new characters in the 50s. He is the second “5 ender” to be male, with the first being 35. He is also the second step squad to be male, the first being 36.

Why does Numberblock 9 sneeze? ›

As he always sneezes when he is in his square arrangement, this may indicate his “tickly nose” is caused by an allergy to being square. As seen in Five's Handy Shop, he may also be allergic to pollen, as he sneezed after he sniffed the flowers.

Why is Numberblocks 7 rainbow? ›

Lucky number Seven was hit by a rainbow and turned all seven colours. Somehow, everything just falls into place and turns out nicely when he's around. How lucky is that! Numberblock Seven has seven rainbow-coloured blocks and seven rainbow stripes on the top of his head.

Why does Numberblock 13 fall apart? ›

In "Flights of Fancy", 13's planet is one filled with echoey caves that allow his name to repeat. This implies that 13 likes his trait where he splits into 10 and 3 when he hears his own name, at least in a controlled environment.

Is Numberblock 19 a girl? ›

Numberblock Select

Nineteen, or 19, is a Numberblock made up of 19 blocks. She is voiced by Emma Tate.

Is Numberblock 29 a boy? ›

The TV guide for Club Picnic confirms that Twenty-Nine is male from his episode description. Twenty-Nine is the second Numberblock to have the 'small face', the first being Twenty-Three, due to both of them being prime numbers.

Why do episodes get banned? ›

Every once in a while, a series will have an episode that eventually draws in some kind of controversy, for whatever reason — be it offensive to certain viewers, too risqué for broadcast (or after viewer complaints), a result of Executive Meddling (this also includes if the episode or entire TV show becomes part of a ...

Are they still making Numberblocks episodes? ›

Numberblocks and friends will be returning as part of a four year output plan for the Blocks universe, following BBC Children's and Education investment in multiple series in the Blocks franchise.

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