Book Review: The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel by Lord Leaf - Urban/Realistic (2024)

Stories featuring the son-in-law as the hero get more popular in recent years. In this genre, the hero always has an unequal marriage at which the wife’s family is too much powerful than the husband’s. At the same time, the hero and son-in-law always lives in his wife’s parents’ house and earn his life by serving the family and their company. Accordingly, he cannot be respected and admitted. The turning point is that the pathetic hero won’t suffer too long, because he will be the most powerful figure and make people hurt him ever kneel down and beg for his forgiveness eventually. The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a typical one stands out of the genre.

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What is The Charismatic Charlie Wade about?

Charlie Wade was a live-in son-in-law. He grew up in an orphanage and fed up by the female director until he was chosen by an old but rich gentleman to marry his granddaughter. That was an unmatched marriage in people’s minds. Since his wife’s family were mostly vain and showing the worship of money, Charlie was despised by everyone except his wife. He didn’t have money nor dignity in this family.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade starts with a luxurious and crowded birthday banquet in the Wilson family mansion. 70-year-old Lady Wilson was the grandmother of Charlie’s wife, and also, she was the current head of the family. In the banquet, everyone was busy showing their gifts before the old Lady to please her. Charlie was the only one came without a present but actually asked for one million dollars! What he did drew other’s vicious attack, as well as the Lady Wilson’s. She never thought highly of Charlie from the very beginning and managed to break the marriage all the way. Charilie’s rude attitude just gave her an excuse to throw him out. But her granddaughter, Claire Wilson, stood with her husband and beg her grandma for forgiveness. Lady Wilson didn’t listen to Claire and even commanded her with divorce immediately instead.

Seems that the helpless couple had no choice but obedience. However, a mysterious person came to Charlie with a stunning information. Charlie Wade was the heir of the Wade family, which stood on the highest level in the city, even in the country. The truth was unreliable for Charlie, but when he got a card by which he could withdraw 10 billion dollars anywhere and anytime, Charlie decided to take over his power and make an exhilarating plan. Charlie began to fight back against people had ever disputed him and secretly help his wife win the leadership in her family. One thing essential is that Charlie Wade's movements or revenge were all taken anonymously, so the situation seemed like nobody knew whom he’d ever offended facing the risk. This is the most exhilarating part of the story!

Main Characters inThe Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade

Charlie Wade

This man isn’t an ideal hero. He’s not smart enough to fix the problems in and out. Neither was he ambitious enough to earn his dignity for himself in Wilson family. He was totally a so called “loser” at the beginning. But there was still one shining point inside of him, he was faithful to Claire Wilson and to his marriage. By the time he had countless money to fight back, he didn’t indulge himself in pleasure but assist Claire to move forward in Wilson’s corporation.

Another feature inside of Charlie is indifference. Precisely speaking, he’s not as wise and kind as most protagonists are in most idealistic fictions. For people once gave him a favor, no matter how trivial it was, Charlie never took them for granted but gave back one day. For enemies, Charlie would be always revengeful. In spite of that, he devoted the most love and loyalty to his wife. So generally speaking, Charlie Wade is nothing about perfection but stands out for his emotional and partial aspects.

With the story carries on, Charlie Wade met a lot of gorgeous women. Some of them were good helpers in career and some else were dreaming lovers for a man in any universe. This is an all-mighty trick in the genre of novels written for men. Above that, we all are wondering whether the faith and loyalty of Charlie Wade will be influenced by the temptation outside.

Claire Wilson

Book Review: The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel by Lord Leaf - Urban/Realistic (2)

Claire Wilson is Charlie Wade’s first and only wife. She was unwilling to marry Charlie from the beginning. It was her respected grandfather appointed useless Charlie as her husband. And also, the reason why she stood with Charlie undoubtedly arose from the trust and love towards her grandfather. As the first female protagonist in the story, Claire is a combination of kindness, purity, and faith in love. One more thing, she’s ambitious and encouraging to achieve her goals in career, which makes her different from other rich but dependent housewives.

In an outsider’s view, Claire’s loyalty on her marriage looks unreasonable. Because she recognized Charlie as helplessness, poverty and nonsense just as her family did. Sometimes this fact could be uncomfortable for us readers. On the other hand, Claire’s career went forward with less obstacles after Charlie getting the fortune of 100 billion. She was aware that one invisible helper standing behind but never thought of her husband. It’s awkward because she almost knew nothing about her husband, the closest man in her life commonly saying. Even though she got some hints all pointing to Charlie, she still couldn’t take them seriously. Maybe the bluntness of her is another trick in the story, but it made our affection on Claire fade away as well.

Main Plot of The Amazing Son in Law the Charismatic Charlie Wade

One important trigger in The Charismatic Charlie Wade is Charlie’s hidden identity. Quantities of big plots are driven by Charlie’s secret movements. So another question is why he didn’t declare his true identity in public all the time?

Charlie’s blood family is as complex as a royal family if you can imagine. As the unique heir, anyone on Charlie’s chair would be confront with countless threatens and risks, let alone Charlie was left outside in accident for many years. So, he was almost a stranger in the Wade family thus no one would support him even if his existence was in public. Accordingly, Charlie had to take actions via a fake name and identity. When you read The Charismatic Charlie Wade past the first chapters, you’ll find that Charlie’s enemies were always tortured by invisible hands belong to no one. And more and more big shots were gathered by a mysterious figure to cooperate and share values. In one word, that invisible hand and fake name went in and out anywhere and anytime! It’s interesting and exciting to read this at first, but a little bit plain in the following. Hope the writer add some new tricks for us later.

Final Thoughts about The Amazing Son in Law the Charismatic Charlie Wade

Book Review: The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel by Lord Leaf - Urban/Realistic (3)

The big contrast between Charlie Wade’s two identities (from the start to the end) built the main frame of the story. His heir and title are hidden for too long to tantalize readers. How pleased we’ll be when it comes to the end depends on how skillfully the writer utilizes the trick to make up more fresh plots. The Charismatic Charlie Wade deserves to be waited.

Book Review: The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel by Lord Leaf - Urban/Realistic (2024)
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