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Chapter 6285

Livan willingly gave up his position,

Which made President Pei and his wife feel relieved at the same time.

The other vice presidents at the scene were also relieved instantly.

They were also afraid that President Pei would ask one of them to make room for Jacob.

Although everyone disliked Jacob,

But no one wanted to offend him publicly when they thought that Orvel was behind him.

If one of them really had to give up his position,

No matter who it was, they would not dare to refuse.

Seeing that the matter had been temporarily resolved,

President Pei could not help but give a thumbs up to his wife under the table.

It must be said that his wife’s plan was indeed comprehensive.

With Livan’s words, they could just make a job adjustment tomorrow,

And let Jacob come back to work,

And the thorny problem would be solved.

At this time, President Pei’s wife deliberately said,

“Why don’t we all toast Livan together!”

“This time we got to a conclusion, it’s all thanks to him!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

President Pei came back to his senses,

Immediately picked up the wine glass and stood up, saying to everyone,

“Come on, everyone, let’s toast Livan together,”

“Thank him for his active contribution this time,”

“And I also hope that everyone can remember his favor.”

“Since it is a favor, everyone must repay it in the future!”

As soon as President Pei said this,

Livan suddenly felt an impulse to die for his friend.

He felt that President Pei was really a good person.

He was promoted by him. Now that he asked him to step down,

He actually had nothing to say,

But he didn’t expect President Pei to give him a face like this.

In front of so many people, he said it so thoroughly, which touched him deeply.

Others also knew that Livan’s initiative to give up his seat this time really helped everyone solve a problem,

And it was natural for everyone to remember him for this favor.

So, everyone started to agree, and in their words,

They all praised Livan and promised to repay him in the future.

Livan’s eyes were red with emotion, and he stood up with his glass raised, saying loudly:

“Thank you, President Pei, my sister-in-law, and all the leaders for your care.”

“I have no way to repay you,”

“So I’ll drink first to show my respect!”

After that, he raised his head and drank all the white wine in the glass.

Others did not hesitate at all and drank it all at the same time.

The atmosphere was very friendly and warm.

At this time, someone suddenly asked,

“By the way, Chairman Pei, if we let Jacob come back to work,”

“Will the people below have any objections?”

“What if they get upset or complain again?”

“It will be very troublesome, right?”

Before Chairman Pei could say anything, his wife Elma said,

“Don’t worry, although Jacob’s previous incident was indeed a scandal,”

“It has not risen to the level of a criminal case,”

“Let alone a civil dispute, and it was only Ervin’s one-sided statement.”

“Without official intervention in such matters,”

“Those rumors will always be rumors.”

“Anyone who goes to sue with unfounded rumors will never win.”

Elma said, “Let’s take the currently popular practice of keeping a mistress as an example.”

“If Jacob was exposed to have a mistress outside,”

“And there was solid evidence, and his original wife also found the association to ask for justice,”

“Then the association would definitely fire him,”

“But if only a woman came out and said that Jacob had a mistress,”

“Without any other evidence, and even his original wife did not admit it,”

“Then, in this case, no one would do anything to Jacob.”

Elma said this, and she also wanted to remind the others present,

Just in case someone was upset and ran to report Jacob,

And finally caused trouble for President Pei.

After all, in her opinion, once Jacob returned to the Calligraphy and Painting Association, someone would talk about Jacob’s return,

And the first person to bear the pressure would be her husband,

And she would try her best to prevent such a thing from happening.

When the others heard her words, they felt that what she said was indeed reasonable.

Once they subconsciously agreed with Elma’s point of view and felt that complaining about Jacob would have no effect,

They would completely cut off the little flame in their subconscious.

The group reached a consensus, and the atmosphere soon became warm,

And everyone toasted and exchanged cups, drinking very happily.

President Pei has a good alcohol tolerance,

But he deliberately controlled himself tonight and didn’t really drink enough.

However, in the second half of the drinking party, he deliberately pretended to have reached his limit.

He leaned on the table for a while and then rubbed his temples pretending to have a headache.

Even his wife was fooled by him.

She poured him warm water and patted his back, showing her concern.

Seeing that President Pei seemed to have drunk too much, everyone stopped toasting him.

Instead, after the others shared the remaining wine,

They ended the drinking party early on the grounds that President Pei was not feeling well.

Everyone sent the drunk President Pei out,

Sent him to the passenger seat, watched his wife drive away,

And then went back to their own homes and mothers.

After the car drove a few hundred meters, President Pei, who was originally slumped in the passenger seat,

Sat up straight and said to Elma beside him:

“Wife, turn right ahead.”

Elma was startled by his sudden words and asked in surprise:

“Conan, didn’t you drink too much?”

“Not much.” President Pei said:

“This is not my capacity.”

“If you want me to drink more, you have to drink at least half a catty of Moutai.”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6285 – MTL Novels (2024)
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