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Lost Ark Items

If you come to Lost Ark from another ARPG, like PoE or D2R, you might expect that the game is going to shower you with loot, most of which won't even be worth looking at and that you'll eventually need to install a loot filter. As it often happens, LA will quickly subvert your expectations by slowly dripping worthwhile Lost Ark Items to you. After a while, you'll come to realize why LA approaches its loot system in a much different way than other ARPGs. Firstly, it's a Massively Multiplayer Online Game, unlike PoE or D2R which both have very limited online play capabilities by comparison. Because of this, it has to follow a different set of guidelines to please its audience and meet the MMO crowd's expectations. One of these expectations is a clearly visible vertical progression system; there can't be a random chance of an end-game item dropping somewhere out in the world; that's what end-game bosses are for. Secondly, MMORPGs have accustomed their players to the fact that most of the items they find are actually useful for something, even if it's just dismantling them for materials, and you can't have too many useful items drop in a multiplayer game as it would break the progression. Thirdly, showeringplayers with loot that's not worth picking up would just lag out the server eventually, as every single item data must be stored somewhere. The latter point is especially true if we consider the number of concurrent players Lost Ark currently has. In other words, Lost Ark Items and systems associated with them are much closer to what you can find in MMORPGs, despite the fact that the game borrows a lot from the classic ARPG genre.

Types of Lost Ark Items

Items in Lost Ark can be found in looted chests, scattered all around the game world, dropped by monsters and bosses, or earned as rewards for completing quests and events. You can also Buy Lost Ark Items from vendors or other players via the Auction House. They are comprised of various resources, crafting materials, consumables, currencies, quest items, and more; each item type serves a different purpose - from making your character stronger, through creating other items, to progressing questlines. The main types of Lost Ark Items are:

Equipment -The broadest category of Items found in Lost Ark. Every item categorized as equipment can either be equipped on or used by player characters to increase their power level or provide them with a useful modifier (increased movement speed - mounts). Three of the equipment item types can be further categorized as gear, these include Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.

  • Weapons -A type of equipment used to deal damage to Bosses, Enemies, and other players in PvP. There are several variants of Lost Ark Weapons available in the game, with each type bound to a specific Advanced Class. Each Weapon comes with varying characteristics and stats; some are designed for CQB (close quarters battle), others excel at long range, and some are even capable of channeling magic energies. Each of the weapons found in the game can be characterized by a set of distinctive features, the most important of which are Item Level (Gear Score), Grade, and Rarity:
    • Weapon Item Level (Gear Score) -This is an overall indicator of the Weapon's strength. In general, the harder the content a weapon comes from, the higher its Item Level and thus the higher its overall power (endgame content that drops high iLevel Weapons is geted behind certain average item level thresholds). Item Level of a Weapon can be improved by upgrading it, each weapon tier has its upgrade cap.
    • Weapon Grade -This is displayed via the colored gauge found in the Weapon's tooltip. The grade is rolled randomly when the weapon is obtained and can range from 1 to 100. It influences Weapon's additional effect, which is always a +% to Additional Damage done. As arule, of the two Lost Ark Items of the same Item Level and Rarity, the one with a higher Grade is better - this is especially true for Weapons as their grade directly affects their DPS. Because of this, if you want to Buy Lost Ark Items of the weapon category, you should make sure that they have a high Grade.
    • Weapon Rarity -Just like in other MMORPGs, Lost Ark features an Item Rarity system. Most of the items included in the Equipment category come in different rarity tiers that denote their overall power level. Higher rarity equals higher stats and stronger effects. The different Rarity tiers, from lowest to highest, are as follows: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (turquoise/light blue), Epic (magenta/dark pink), and Legendary (orange).
  • Armor -These Lost Ark Items areworn by player characters to mitigate damage dealt by Bosses, regular Enemies, and other players in PvP. Armor is divided into five categories depending on the slot they are worn in, these are Legs, Hands, Chest, Shoulders, and Head. Pieces worn in each of the slots become visible on the character model. Each piece of armor has its own set of effects and stats that contribute to the player's overall power level and defensive capabilities. Each piece of armor found in the game can be characterized by a set of different features, the most important of which are Item Level (Gear Score), Rarity, and Grade.
    • Item Level and Rarity work almost exactly the same for Armors as they work for Weapons.
    • Armor Grade is not as important as Weapon Grade because itprovides multiple different modifiers, none of which are as important as the Weapon Grade's flat DPS bonus.
  • Accessories -These are Lost Ark Items worn by player characters to supplement their Armor and Weapons. Accessories always give bonuses to vitality and main Stat. while also offering bonus effects from Engravings. There are three types of Accessories in the game, Rings, Earrings, and Amulets, all of which come with a set of characteristics that include Accessory Grade, Accessory Rarity, and Accessory Engravings.
    • Accessory Rarity works exactly the same as the rarity of other types of equipment.
    • Accessory Grade determines how strong are the accessory's additional bonuses. These additional bonuses include combat modifiers like Attack Speed, Agility, and Critical Rating.
    • Accessory Engravings -A large selection of special effects found on Accessories. Engravings can be divided into two major categories: Negative Engravings and Normal Engravings. They modify certain characteristics or abilities of player characters, making them much stronger or, in the case of Negative Engravings, weaker in the given aspects. Engravings are randomly rolled on Accessories upon obtaining them. If you want to Sell Lost Ark Items for profit, Accessories with powerful engravings will definitely be worth your while (just remember that crafting them is rng-based).
  • Pets -Faithful companions that follow players (owners) around. They not only offer their owners company but can also automatically collect loot, preventing players from having to pick it up manually (this feature works from a certain distance, so players might still be forced to pass by the loot to obtain it via their pets). Moreover, Pets allow you to access your Storage remotely, give you remote access to the Auction House, the Mailbox, are able to Repair your items, and can give you some other positive effects.
  • Mounts -These Lost Ark Items allow players to traverse the world at a much faster pace. Mounts come in a plethora of different shapes and forms and are all account-bound so if you own a mount, you can use it on all your characters. Mounts have skills that are unique to them, that can't be changed or rerolled.

Consumables -This category encompasses a wide range of items that can be used by characters to replenish a variety of elements (health, resources, etc.) or to temporarily bolster their combat capabilities. Consumables can be obtained as loot, received from quests,created via crafting, or purchased from special vendors or through the Auction House.

Resources and Crafting Materials -This category includes Lost Ark Items that are gathered by players directly from the game world, created by them via trade Skills, bought from special vendors, or looted from PvE content. While they can come from very different sources, they have one thing in common - they can be used to create equipment, advanced materials, or consumables via Craftsmen NPCs at various locations or via players' Island Stronghold.

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Lost Ark Items | Buy & Sell Lost Ark Items - Trade on Odealo.com (2024)
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