The Charismatic Charlie Wade - Season 8 Episode 54 - Classic Novel (2024)


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Sean knew that his grandfather adored him since he was a kid. He burst into tears and quickly wiped his tears away and said firmly, “Grandpa, don’t worry about me, I can handle it. You must take care of yourself!”

Lord Webb, similar to Lord Moore, was the face of the Webb family.

Moreover, he was very influential and had very wide and diversified social connections. He had friends in politics, business, and even the underworld. This was not only due to his rich experience but also because he remained close and direct relationships with many people and had helped a lot of people in the process.

If Lord Webb passed away, these people would not be respectful to the Webb family like they did now. By then, the family’s influence would inevitably decrease by a large margin.

In addition, Lord Webb was very wise and nimble. He did not hold the power for too long, instead, he chose to retire and hand over the power to Donald. In this way, his descendants would not resent or disgust with him for being a domineering and overbearing figure of the family.

Therefore, everyone in the Webb family prayed that Lord Webb could live a long and healthy life.

As Lord Webb’s condition stabilized slightly, they quickly retreated from the room to give the old man some rest.

Once they were out of the room, Donald instructed, “Darius, go and tell everyone, including the servants and drivers, that TikTok is permanently forbidden in this house! Make sure they uninstall the app from their phones, otherwise, severe punishments await!”

“Okay!” Darius nodded and said, “Donald, hurry and treat your injuries, Sean too, the doctors are already waiting!”

Donald and Sean hadn’t tended to their injuries since the commotion. The family doctors were waiting for them to be treated.

However, after a series of diagnoses, the doctors found that their kneecaps were completely shattered, there was no possibility of recovery. Hence, they said, “Mr. Webb, I’m sorry to say that the condition of your knees is not optimistic. The best solution right now is to custom make an artificial knee joint and perform the replacement surgery.”

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Donald asked frantically, “How much will the artificial knee joint affect our lives?”

“Well, for starters, it’s not your own component but an artificial insertion, so you will feel stiff and experience some pain, you will limp a little, you cannot run, but at least you can bend your legs, you can stand and walk.”

Donald’s expression was indifferent and calm.

The result was in line with his expectations which was quite realistic. Any outcome was better than becoming a cripple with a broken leg.

Sean, however, was wailing in despair. “Dad, I’m only twenty-something, I don’t want to be a limp!”

Donald patted him on the shoulder and said in an earnest tone, “Son, you are in your twenties, you have to learn to face the reality. Your knees can’t return to their original state. It’s not about money, but the level of medical technology. What can you do even if you don’t want it to happen? Open your mind and focus on how to get revenge.”

“Revenge…” Sean blurted, “Oh yes! Revenge! I must take revenge! I want to chop Charlie up! Then, I want to snatch Jasmine and make her marry me! Even if she disagrees, I’ll make her succumb to my demand even if I have to force her on gunpoint!”

Donald nodded with a cold face. “I have it figured out. That Charlie is extraordinary and he has the absolute support of many people in Aurous Hill including the Moore family. We must be patient if we want him dead. We must plan wisely and move slowly!”

“Dad, what do you have in mind?”

“Our previous problem was that we underestimated our enemies and were too impulsive and aggressive in our actions. We were defeated because we made our moves without knowing our opponents first. This time, I’m going to start from the outer circle to gather information, I want to find out how many enemies are we facing, what Charlie’s capabilities and how powerful he actually is, then I want to know his weaknesses. After we gather all the information, we attack him directly on his weak spots and disable him!”

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade - Season 8 Episode 54 - Classic Novel (2024)
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