The Charismatic Charlie Wade (2024)

Phyllis Hahn

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May 11, 2022

Well now, I would LOVE to review the book , IF, I could ACTUALLY read it FOR FREE as the "APP" stated I that I'm at chapter 21 , you want me to BUY CREDITS to finish reading it??! How about NO! I don't like Liars, Cheats, & those who DELIBERATELY MISLEAD consumers...if it was FREE , then you should have let me finish reading THE FREE BOOK ....THEN, I MIGHT be inclined to join. But, since you lied...F*** off.

Tabe Conrad

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June 30, 2022

I saw this on a page 'Read More' on facebook and became obsessed about he words, lines and characters... When I finished reading the few chapters there, I was asked to click on the link and go to 'Good Novel' if I want to read more... I immediately downloaded the app then continue to devour the book... Only for me to reach at a climax when Charlie stood up at the banquet... With that huge hunger to find out more, I was asked to pay... Desperate as I was, I went to google and other sites all bent on getting a glimpse at the other parts to no avail. I then rushed to Good Reads as my final bus stop. It seems my best effort amounted to nothing... The hunger and excitement in me left me frustrated. I want to thank Lord Leaf for this amazing work... I have not felt this way for a while... Your words and characters are very much alive... I love every line of this master piece. Please can you give us the complete work for free?... Please....

Tina Magallon-Parrilla

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May 18, 2022

Do not even bother!!!! Over 4,200 chapters! I had to be insane 🙄 then I get to 100% read and it's not the end???!! OMG, are you kidding me. It leaves you hanging and says to read part 2. There is no part 2. And don't bother to go to good novel. You cannot contact or leave a complaint or even a write a review and costs too much money. I am blown away. It doesn't even tell you the name of " Part 2"


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November 24, 2022

Really not worth opening. Poorly written, stupidly violent, complete nonsense. Sounds like a 15yo boy wrote it. I started reading it as a novelty, but it quickly turned ridiculous. Seriously, don’t waste your time. Wish I’d looked at reviews here first. No, I didn’t finish the whole thing.

Edward Mumby

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December 9, 2022

I am currently waiting for the next chapter to release. As of the last reading I am at chapter 5150. This book is becoming a pain in the donkey to read. Fortunately I am enjoying the story and content. I really hope they circle it back soon and close all the story lines. It is just fantasy enough to entertain, just crime thriller enough to keep you glued to the book, and long enough that it should be released as a single unit. However they are still peace mealing it out.

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ

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June 2, 2022

You got the first 21 chapters free, that went quickly as they're short, then the APP wants to CHARGE you $10 to UNLOCK more chapters. I deleted the app. We already know the rich loser is going to make everyone pay that belittled him other than his wife, who doesn't know. I immediately uninstalled the app. Not getting a penny from me. If I unlock a few chapters for $10, they'd charge me more to unlock more chapters later. There was even an open to subscribe when chapters are released. No thank you. The ebook would cost a fortune in the end, and it's badly written to boot. There are numerous grammatical errors in it. Someone else said it has 4,200 chapters! APP is Good Novel. Avoid it.

Most of the reviews of this book are FAKE!!!! Great Illustrations. There are NO illustrations. Well written! It's full of grammatical errors.


John James

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May 16, 2022

Got upto chapter 21, im not going lie i havent ever read book prob cos not very good at reading, i find watching easier to understand, but for some reason i felt read this bored normally give up after page, but got hooked i never understood how people get hooked on book, i do now understand and i might start, so im not paying as was advertised as free feel tricked but can buy this in shops off shelf as would buy to know ending

Linda Tatum

1 review

January 2, 2023

The book is good by BUT it will cost a small fortune to finished reading. Don't start book because you cannot to finish book. It's a rip off and Good reads and Good novel should be ashame of charging for this book.

Benjamin Saro

1 review

May 14, 2022

The best book to have come across

Nkechinyere Itodo

1 review

May 5, 2022

Very captivating. Grabs you and never want to let go! It's an interesting read


Sunny Butterfly

194 reviews1 follower

March 25, 2024

This novel has its good, bad and ugly sides.
The good: The core storyline is intact, clear and compelling. There is a lot of mystery and intrigue with multi-layered subplots and secondary characters.

The bad: Expect some fillers and parts that drag. That is expected in a novel of 5000+ chapters. The main character Ye Chen, a.k.a. Charlie Wade, is the typical god among men and is typical in Chinese novels like this. The gifted and powerful men kowtow and rush to become his subordinates. The stunningly beautiful and intelligent women want to have his babies even if it means ending his happy marriage. They would move house and land across international borders to be near his home. It’s ridiculous.

The author throws out a new star struck young girl every 500 to 1000 chapters. It’s not “harem building” it is closer to “harem teasing” with no indication he will make any of them a third person. But, some of their unselfish actions like stolen kisses, life saving interventions and other caring actions “tickles his heart” or “leaves a complicated feeling in his heart.” Then, every 1500 chapters, or so, the lead male character declares like a bipolar that he will never divorce his wife. He just never makes this statement out loud to discourage any of the women trying to seduce him. Too messy.

The ugly: This reads like the author learned about Western living standards from television crime dramas. These chapters should be skipped or taken lightly. The author has a heavy tendency to negatively generalize about living conditions , the attitudes of Westerners and blaming crimes on ethnic minorities.

Asade Adeteju

1 review

May 19, 2023

The writer did a good job. Muah to lord leaf


Author1 book55 followers

February 11, 2024

OK I got hooked in by an ad like everyone else stating that this was free to read on the app “GoodNovel” and I got like 22 chapters in and it was super super interesting but… the app requires you to PAY FOR CREDITS to keep reading or to KEEP WATCHING ADS so that you can read it.

You can get as far as 21 or 22 chapters in without watching any ads so you really think that it is free and get hooked on the story buuuuuut it’s not.

Current chapter count of book is 5,655 chapters according to the app, (and it was updated today, so it seems like this is a book in progress, not a finished piece) which sounds like the book would be like “war and peace” or longer like an epic but sadly I cannot continue because I don’t want to keep watching ads to be able to read it. If someone knows of how to read it for free, please let me know.


In the first 22 chapters this is what I don’t like:

As soon as the character comes into money, he turns into an asshole.

There are constantly females being derided and called the B word, and being beaten up by males. Not just being slapped or punched, but their heads are stepped on, and they are kicked, and they are thrown outside, and beaten mercilessly.

The main character does not have any regard for these people at all.

It’s very much the rich are powerful. Everyone should do what they say, and anybody who does not agree with the rich people are punished either financially or physically.

That being said, despite the violent content and numerous errors, the story is quite engaging. I don’t know how it turns out - if it gets better or worse- so my review is based solely on the first 22 chapters.

Christinas Man

1 review

September 3, 2023

The story so far is intriguing but it gets irritating real fast with the author constantly retelling content from previous chapters, repeating names two or three times in one sentence, stopping the flow to give over the top explanations( explaining battle plans to Hamed who should already be familiar seeing as he leads his own rebel army), mentioning Steve Jobs paraplegia whenever the chance arises, and the way he’s dealt with some enemies for minor infractions make him seem like an asshole. If the author would just get straight to the story I would enjoy this book so much more

Brenda Suchanek

1 review

December 14, 2023

As many mentioned, the name changing, repetitive chapters and chapters jumping around was difficult but not impossible to follow. Got thru 5546 chapters, and it says "its the last page" - really? I was able to read this far for free however I had to endure advertising. Its getting 4 stars because the story line is pretty good other wise its 2 stars for the poor translation. This would be a good Netflix mini series.

If anyone knows where to find the the 2nd book please post it. The one I see doesn't seem to be the same story.


5 reviews1 follower

January 8, 2023

What I was able to read was a great story. A bit juvenile, and quite a few spelling errors, but that is the responsibility of the proofreader.

I was unable to read much because of a ‘pay per chapter’ scam going on. Sad to see. The material I did get to read was enjoyable, had a group of predictable characters, but some interesting plot twists. Great potential. Not worth $20 per chapter.

Sorry GoodReads, not interested in your shenanigans.

Jeanette Butler

1 review

May 23, 2023

I saw a bit about this book on Facebook. I decided to read. I was appalled at the spelling errors, grammar errors, continuity, and more. I can’t believe it was released without being proofread. After saying all this I still wanted to read the story and get to the resolve. I get to chapter 5092 and the book stops. I want to see the conclusion. When the rest of the book is released I will read it while holding my nose.


Qassim Ssemo

1 review

November 24, 2022

The story is compelling... there's a charm of suspense in it that keeps you yearning for more. Had it not been for the horrible spellings and grammar, it's a priceless one.
Also, it's absurd that they have lured readers first to think it's free. Only to read a certain stage and be prompted to pay to get the later chapters, which are also got in parts yet exorbitantly sold.

Ilie Țupu

1 review

February 24, 2023

I saw an ad a week ago and I read up to chapter 21 for free (I downloaded the application only because I was high) now I am on snow and high, I bought 500 coins, I'm on chapter 27, I can say that the story is getting longer and add irrelevant details just to lengthen the story and make you pay, 4000+ chapters, THIS BOOK IS A SCAM

Tony Fecteau

1,301 reviews5 followers

May 27, 2022

This story was oddly compelling. I wish Charlie was a little more humble. The story keeps on going and seems to become more incredible as it goes on. Who wouldn't like to be super rich and have the ability to heal friends?

Kevin Rooney

2 reviews

September 11, 2022

It would be 5 stars. Good book but spelling is messed up a lot and searching for chapters little by little sucks. 😡
I’m currently looking for chapter 4997 and up but haven’t been successful yet. Also they change the names of the characters sometimes so you have to figure out who’s who.


1 review

Currently reading

November 24, 2022

I’m in the latest chapter 4705 been paying it probably more than $200 already but I can’t continue reading as much anymore because it says it is being serialized, I want to buy the complete book but where

John Mactavish

1 review

December 29, 2022

The Book is good and I'm at 5198 but unfortunately only 2-3 chapters per day which btw are not more than 2 pages which is too low. Why don't you put out the complete novel either in paid or in free and save all the trouble for everybody?

Henna Shah

1 review

January 20, 2023

Amazing story with interesting turns. Motivational and courage building plot and full of surprises but lacks mature writing style and boring dialogues.
It seems like someone trying to revenge for his untold grives through writing

Khan Hamid

1 review

Currently reading

April 4, 2023

I have been reading this book since November 2022, and still there is no end to it. I have read almost 5400+ chapters of this novel and it still not confirm when will it end and also there is no complete book available to read online.


1 review

November 3, 2023

Either offer the book for free or say it's actually a charge. They are very misleading o get you to join by letting you read about 20 short chapters. Then you have to pay.

I hate scams and tricks. This company is crap.

    entertaining interesting

Joe Amadasun

1 review

April 28, 2022

Well written book

Normita Canlas

1 review

May 6, 2022

Well illustrated can’t stop reading once you have started


1 review

May 29, 2022

Great inspiration

The Charismatic Charlie Wade (2024)
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