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Chapter 6293

Therefore, when Changying decided to leave Eastcliff with his wife and children and go to Aurous Hill,

Zhongquan did not think that Aurous Hill would be the burial place of his son.

He even felt that his son seemed to be a little too angry during that time,

And it would be a good thing for him to go to Aurous Hill to relax and cultivate his character.

But he never expected that the trip he thought of to relax would become the beginning of the separation of the father and son.

Neither the Wade family nor the An family knew that Margaret survived Changying’s meticulous plan,

So when the bad news reached the two families,

Zhongquan beat his chest and stamped his feet,

Regretting it, the An family hated Zhongquan.

Because the An family felt that it was because Zhongquan drove away Changying’s family,

And their daughter died in a foreign land and their grandson disappeared.

It was not until Charlie appeared that both of them figured out the truth.

In fact, Changying’s death was not caused by Zhongquan,

But Changying and Margaret did not want to implicate the two families,

So they took the initiative to become enemies with the Rothschild family and were driven out of the Wade family by Zhongquan.

All of this was planned by Changying and Margaret.

Zhongquan was just a pawn in their design,

But he had been carrying it for twenty years.

The An family knew this, so how could they continue to resent him?

The fact is that after the An family knew this,

Not only did they not hate Zhongquan at all,

But they even felt guilty for targeting him overtly and covertly for so many years.

Today, Zhongquan came to Aurous Hill.

Nicolas was determined to bring his whole family to the airport to pick him up,

But Charlie dispelled his idea on the grounds that the An family was not suitable for collective exposure.

However, although Nicolas did not come to the airport,

He had asked his wife and children to prepare carefully at home for a long time.

The family prepared a sumptuous family dinner together,

Just waiting for Charlie to pick up Zhongquan.

Since this was a low-key trip, Zhongquan did not bring any entourage.

Charlie just drove an inconspicuous BMW sedan to pick up the old man from the airport,

And the two of them went straight to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Villa in the suburbs.

When Charlie drove the car to the door of the villa,

Before the car stopped, all the An family members came out of the villa.

Nicolas and his wife supported each other and walked in front,

Followed by their four children,

And even Duncan came out to greet them.

Zhongquan in the car was surprised to see the An family coming out to greet him.

He was a little nervous.

He subconsciously unbuckled his seat belt while the car was still slowing down,

And then he went to open the door.

The moment the seat belt reminder sounded,

Charlie also stopped the car completely.

Zhongquan opened the door almost at the same time as Charlie stopped the car,

And got out of the car impatiently.

Nicolas couldn’t help but walk a few steps faster.

When Zhongquan got out of the car,

He stretched out his hands to him and said with emotion:

“Brother Wade, how have you been all these years!”

Zhongquan shook hands with him,

Nodded slightly and said:

“Brother An, how have you been!”

After these two simple greetings,

The two old men’s clasped hands had already swung up and down many times.

Charlie’s grandmother also stepped forward and said politely,

“Brother Wade, long time no see!”

Zhongquan nodded to her and smiled,

“Is sister-in-law doing well these years?”

“Very well.”

The old lady nodded and quickly said to the children behind her,

“Don’t stand there, say hello to Uncle Wade.”

Charlie’s three uncles and aunt also said in unison,

“Hello, Uncle Wade.”

Zhongquan nodded to the four of them, smiled, and sighed:

“Hello to you too,”

“I haven’t seen you for so many years,”

“You have all changed a lot.”

Marshal said respectfully:

“Uncle, when we met before, we were all young and vigorous,”

“But now we have gradually entered the sequence of middle-aged,”

“And elderly people.”

Zhongquan sighed: “Flowers will bloom again,”

“But people will never be young again.”

“As long as there are no regrets in your heart,”

“It doesn’t matter if you get old.”

Marshal nodded: “Uncle, you are right.”

Seeing Charlie also got out of the car,

Nicolas quickly said to everyone:

“Let’s go in and eat and talk!”

“The food and wine are ready.”

After saying that, he looked at Zhongquan again and said seriously:

“Brother Wade, we must have a few drinks together tonight!”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6293 – MTL Novels (2024)
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