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The Documentation centre and Bureau for relation with ICTY of Republic of Srpska would like to thanks to all those who committed themselves for fight against Terror, Terrorism and Violence. Special thanks we would like to address to H.E. Mr. George W. Busch, President of The United States of America in his efforts to stop, prevent and punish all forms of terror and terrorist activities, especially those committed by Islamic Jihad Warriors on their way to devastate modern values and civilization. Islamic Fundamentalist's Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia





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Documentation Center was established with the aim of collecting data on crimes against humanity and international war law during internal armed conflicts and civil war in Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Islamic Fundamentalist’s Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

Banja Luka, september 2002.

3 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia


I. Brief Historical Background ...... 9

II. Osama bin Ladin’s Current Balkan Terrorist Links in Bosnia& Herzegovina...... 13

III. Osama bin Laden’s Technological Bosnian Balkan Bridge Linking it to America and Abroad from Bosnia&Herzegovina ...... 17

IV. Why the United States has Reasons to Worry?...... 21

V. Back to Bosnia’s Linkages to Al-Qaeda...... 27

VI. The Structural Characteristics of Al-Qaeda’s Terrorist Network Within the United States Based on Bosnia&Herzegovina’s Osama bin Laden Terrorist Experiences and Lessons Learned the United States can Benefit From...... 29 a) The Al-Qaeda network consists of the following committees:...... 29 VII. Funding Al-Qaeda via the Bosnia&Herzegovina Model ...... 31

VIII Al-Qeada’s Network of Islamic "Charities"...... 33

IX Islamic Fundamentalist Strategy Based on Bosnian Case Study [Two-fold]...... 35

X Question From the Koran ...... 37

XI Al-Qaeda’s Specific Intelligence Strategies...... 39

XII Key Bosnian Islamist Al-Qaeda Players...... 51

XIII Historical Evolution Between Terrorism in Bosnia with Middle East ...... 55

XIV Bosian Muslim Army Composition and History...... 59


XV Composition of Muslim Bosnian Army Brigades ...... 61

Foreign Mujahedin in the Bihac Pocket ...... 64 Other men important for the functioning of the Islamic fundamentalist network in Bosnia:...... 76 New York, USA – Some Predictions...... 77 Crimes committed by Islamic fundamentalist Jihad warrior – mudjahedin, member of Osama bin Laden network Al-Qaeda in Bosnia...... 79

Excerpts of materials relating to Islamic Fundamentalist atrocities ...... 87


Panels - Explanation...... 131

6 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

Summarising the results of researching for many years and work on gathering information about presence of Islamic fundamentalists Jihad warriors (mujahedeens) the Bureau of Government of Republic of Srpska for Relations with International Tribunal for War Crimes in The Hague and Center for Collecting a data of Republic of Srpska, in following pages presents the draft of network of Islamic fundamentalists in the world and their connections and operations on territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is generally known the fact that Moslem's Jihad warriors have extended their network in former Yugoslavia.

The aim of presenting of this study is to introduce resu1ts of work of joint research of mentioned institutions of RS Government, not only to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also to all countries, agencies and institutions, which have been involved in joint fight against terrorism in the world.

We use this occasion also to express readiness for exchange of experiences and information in order to stop terrorism on mostly efficient way, as it is world problem.

Manager of Documentation Center

Dr Pejo Đurašinović

The Head of Bureau

Dejan Miletić

7 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

I. Brief Historical Background

The US Congressional Research Service report1 states that Al-Qaeda cells have currently been identified and have also been objectively suspected in at least thirty-four countries and their affiliated geo-political territories presently. Moreover, this same report dated September 10th 2001 released in Washington D.C. on September 13th 2001, only two days after the September 11th terrorist attacks perpetrated against America’s World Trade Center state Osama bin Laden is estimated to have inherited roughly $300- million dollars.

Although some terrorist experts believe bin Laden actually has far less than this figure presently, and he is no longer reliant on his personal fortune to finance Al-Qaeda's activities, they claim that alternately he is employing a variety of both legal and illegal business endeavors as fronts for financing his terrorist activities.

Over the previous six years, Al-Qaeda’s network led by, Osama bin Laden, has evolved from merely a small regional threat beginning with USW troops stationed in the Persian Gulf, into an all out global threat to international peace and perpetual human survival including a direct threat especially directed against United States citizens and United States associated national security interests. In constructing Al-Qaeda, bin Laden has assembled a coalition of disparate radical Islamicist groups comprised of a variety of ethnic nationalities, all to work towards one common goal which is in Bosnia&Herzegovina, the total ethnic expulsion of everyone non-Muslim so that only Islamist racists are left as the overall controlling influence of these future ethnically pure Islamic Muslim-inhabited lands which once were multi-ethnic as America.

Al-Qaeda’s overarching ideology has been elucidated in several of their pronouncements signed by bin Ladin himself and his associated allies. First, bin Ladin is notably given monetary financial support to his Islamic fighters and/or terrorists against Serb forces in Bosnia; against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, and now against Russian forces actively fighting terrorism within Chechnya. Bin Laden is also renown to be actively financing Islamicist fighters trying to gain ultimate military control over Indian held Kashmir; against secular Pro-Western forces and their associated Pro-Western

1 Katzman, Kenneth Cited from CRS-Report for Congress entitled Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, (September 10th 2001).

9 governments within Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, and also against the United States troops and American citizens currently residing within the geo-political terrain of the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Yemen, Jordan and against as September 11th manifested, even the United States mainland itself.2

Al-Qaeda cells have been also currently been identified and also actively suspected within: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Mauritania, Somalia, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, the Philippines, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania3, Britain, Canada and the United States4.

It is noteworthy also to comprehend that this report did not however make it clear the real home to the Al-Qaeda Cells expanding their sphere of ideological religious influence in these aforementioned areas is genuinely both Iran and also Syria.

And according to the newest information available from Al-Qaeda’s terrorist cells in the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Austria amoungst many other states. Evidently, it is no surprise that Al-Qaeda is obviously an extremely well organized network consisting of many variant Islamicist organizations currently acting globally. The common factor in all of Al-Qaeda’s cells and groupings is these groups use terrorism to attaining their political goals. An agenda whose main priority is to Coup d’etat the present democratically elected governments currently implemented in Bosnia & Herzegovina Al- Qaeda considers currently comprised of "heretical governments" and to re-establish in their

2 Cited from, VOX:The herald of "The World of Perpetual Darkness", IV Reich coming-Wilkomen! (October 1991), pamphlet discussing, "What will happen to Serbs in the Islamic Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina," pp. 9. 3 Some Muslim charitable organizations are known operating fronts for Al-Qaeda’s terrorism and its associated guerrilla operations in the neighboring Yugoslav region of Kosovo. This past June 2001, the United States assisted capturing important members of Egypt's Islamic Jihad – An Islamicist group with clear ties with bin Laden. United States officials said that any future attempts to bomb the United States Embassy in Albania- Tirana was thwarted this month because of these arrests. The Islamic Jihad leader, a Mr. Ayman Zawahri, a close associate of bin Laden warned earlier this year of Al-Qaeda actively planning a retaliation attempt for extraditing many of his closest operatives to Guatemala Bay-Cuba. 4 Cited from the State Department Fact sheet: Osama bin Ladin: Islamic Extremist Financier, (August 1996).

10 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia places, governments not dissimilar to the one recently controlling Afghanistan of the Taliban regime greatly violating human and civil rights of both genders and children and whose governmental regime was premised upon the Islamic Law of not democratic Rule of Law, but the Islamic Fundamentalist Law of the "Shariah5."

The following five main political objectives of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, can be summed up as:

I. Creating an ethnically pure Islamic religious fundamentalist states globally with an Islamic fundamentalist governmental regime exists making it possible for the expansion of Al-Qaeda to be undertaken as it was in prior Afghanistan with in state terrorist training camps can be established to work towards expanding Al-Qaeda’s current sphere of political influence worldwide;

II. To establish a base of operation somewhere in which Rule of Law and Democratic governance is still in its infant stages such as Iraq and/or Somalia where Al-Qaeda can setup recruit, train and equip new Islamic fundamentalists for future terrorist activities against the United States and other Western States and American allies;

III. For Al-Qaeda to both be able to abuse, misuse and also misinterpreting true Islamic doctrines in order to pervert Islam, one of the world’s largest proselytizing religions for the use of merely expanding terrorist activities alone;

IV. For Al-Qaeda to continue its advocating destruction of Western democratic governmental standards currently espoused within Western and Western European modern civilization. These are perceived by Al-Qaeda as the largest obstacles blocking their overall Islamicist goals;

V. Supporting Muslim fundamentalism globally, particularly in Bosnia&Herzegovina, Kosovo& Metohija, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan, China, Philippines, Tanzania, United States, Tajikistan, Sudan and also in Somalia.

5 Shari a Law is the Islamic system of norms and regulation based on their religious book, The Koran.

11 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

II. Osama bin Ladin’s Current Balkan Terrorist Links in Bosnia& Herzegovina

In his 28 September interview, Ossama bin Laden is quoted as follows: "I can go from Indonesia to Algeria, Kabul to Chechnya, Bosnia to Sudan, and from Burma to Kashmir." he continued… "This is not a question of my survival. This is the question of the survival of the Jihad (holy war). Wherever required, I will be there." Why is it that Bosnia is listed as country with active Al-Qaeda cells? Well this answer to this question lies partially in the fact that former Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic6 became the first president of the Bosnian Muslims in early 1990, and by November he was the Chairman of the Bosnia&Herzegovina Presidency. During World War Two he led the "Al Hidaya" organization, a subset of the "Young Muslims." And then from 1943 onward Izetbegovic was the head organizer of recruiting drives for the Waffen SS division, "Handzar7," (13th Waffen-Gebirgsdivision den SS) as well as one of its founders. Moreover, Izetbegovic associated with Hitler’s secret services (Abwehr & the Gestapo) as well as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Haj Mohammed Amin al- Husseini, Hitler’s close associate and the founder of the "Handzar." Religion was an important motivational tool for these fascist divisions, so Himmler even went as far as to allow each battalion to have its own "Iman" and each company had one "Mullah."

Books were produced at that time for a means of encouraging the Islamic religion, and were distributed throughout its ranks. It was even reported once that Hitler himself

6 Only both President’s Bosnian Muslim President Izetbegovic and Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, out of all the official Head’s of State formally visiting Turkey, only these two men refused to pay last respects at the grave of Ataturk - for them he was traitor of fundamentalist Muslim principles 7The Prinz Eugen SS linked up with its sister division, the Bosnian Muslim 13th Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS "Handzar" (Handschar) , and also along with the remnants of the Bosnian Muslim 23rd Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS "Kama and the 2lst Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS "Skanderbeg" (Albanische No. 1) which was comprised of Albanians (Shqiptari) from Kosovo- Metohija.

13 sent each member of these fascist divisions a pendant with a miniature Koran attached to it. The 13th Waffen-SS Division committed numerous war crimes against the Serbs residing within the territory of Bosnia&Herzegovina.

Owing to their many war crimes against the Jews, Romes and Serbian people, the Supreme Yugoslav Military Court (566/46, dated June 15, 1946) sentenced Izetbegovic to five years imprisonment for the many gravely vile war crimes against the Jews, Romes and Serbian people and the Bosnian state itself. After serving this sentence, Izetbegovic continued his work on stoking ethnic, religious and racial hatred in the Bosnian Herzegovina regions where possible, eventually leading to the 1990 Bosnian Civil Wars. His activities were primarily based on both the spreading Islamic fundamentalism and preaching ethnic and religious differences between the Bosnian people. In Izetbegovic’s "Islamic Declaration," he wrote:

"There can be no peace nor coexistence between the Muslim faith and the non- Muslim institutions, both social and political."8 And he continued…"By laying the claim to define its own universe, Islam clearly excludes the right and possibility of any other ideology to exist in its midst. There can be no secular principle. The state should support and express the moral concepts of the faith. This is my message to all the Muslims of the world: we say clearly that there is no promised land, no miracles, no Mahdi. There is only the path of work, struggle and sacrifice."

Then on March 14th 1983 President Izetbegovic was sentenced by the Supreme Court of Bosnia&Herzegovina to 12 additional years imprisonment for gross violations of Article 136, Section 2 of the SFRY Penal Code (initiating grave hostilities towards and within the Country), and Article 133, Section 1 of the SFRY Penal Code (committing acts of instigating enemy propaganda). After his sentence expired Izetbegovic continued working to construct a monolithic Bosnia&Herzegovina, and also was founder of the Political Party named, SDA (Party of Democratic Action).

The Presidency of the Association of the Islamic Clergy (Ilmia) for Bosnia and Herzegovina published in 1992, an enormous printing of its annual Takvim. This writing played a very important role in the Country’s libraries owing to that Islamists would access these radical Islamic Fundamentalist writings in the state libraries and became so-

8 Cited from a recent copy of The Orthodox Word entitled, Matyered Serbia (No date known).

14 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia called enlightened Muslims. In one of the chapter’s in this writing entitled "What is actually a Jihad"?, there were among others, these explicit Islamic religious instructions:

"Jihad in Islam is not only a war in the name of Allah. In reality, Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program that aims at changing the social system of the whole world and order it in harmony with its regulations and ideals. (p. 67) Islam wants to destroy all the states and governments everywhere here on earth which stand opposed to the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the state or the nation that lies in its power. The purpose of Islam is to establish the state based on its ideological theology program, no matter which nation becomes the bearer of Islam or which nation is undermined in the process of establishing the ideological Islamic state". (p. 68)

Osama bin Laden formed formal military alliances with Bosnian Muslims during Bosnia's (1992-95) civil wars. He reportedly funneled both money and arms intto Bosnia's Muslim-led government and also to other followers of bin Laden whose guerrilla groupings were comprised of Muslims coming to fight in Bosnia from many other Islamic nations to fight alongside Bosnia’s Muslims.

And again during the United States military led campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan, significant documents and other important Islamic artifacts were found. However, there was little mention of any precise details and/or the exact location in the Shahekot valley from where hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda warriors were killed. However, from their base in Bagram, the Americans announced they had found documents of great importance for intelligence services. They also said that Anti-terrorist soldiers found a network of caves, fortified with steel and concrete in the Zawar Kili valley. Important documents whose contents were not made public were apparently to have been said to been found there as well.

15 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

III. Osama bin Laden’s Technological Bosnian Balkan Bridge Linking it to America and Abroad from Bosnia&Herzegovina

In 1995, bin Laden and other members of Al-Qaeda began acquiring a network of satellite telephones to avoid detection. They also underwent and received sophisticated computer training. Since 1996 it is known that they have been capable of forwarding terrorist information about their ongoing Jihad (or holy war) to Al-Qaeda members worldwide. And then by 1997 Al-Qaeda was so sophisticated, they were frequently communicating with encryption devices able to evade many of the most advanced intercepts. The group even had certain Muslim members who specialized in making false passports and in also allowing Al-Qaeda members to travel freely around the world under a variety of different false identifies according to trial evidence9.

Additionally, very high in the Bosnian mountains, solar panels were being set up outside their Al-Qaeda caves to gather sunlight for producing electrical power. Al-Qaeda has often and always has employed the Internet in trying to recruit new Islamic volunteers and for conveying information within the organization. In particular, they have used certain computer-type systems in which their users can remain anonymous10. Islamic terrorists have never ceased seizing the worldwide practice of using information technology. Al-Qaeda has always espoused information technology for several reasons including that it improves communication while aiding the overall organization, it allows members to coordinate quickly with large numbers of other followers and provides a global platform for spreading Islamic fundamentalist propaganda. The Internet also allows terrorists to reach a worldwide audience of potential donors and new recruits who may be located over a large geographic area not otherwise easily reached.

The Al-Qaeda network is also horizontally widespread globally. According to some indicators, its tentacles stretch even as far as South America and also even into Australia. In addition to using the Internet for exchanging information, orders and instructions, it is

9 Sennott Charles M. and Cullen, Kevin, The Globe Staff (9/16/2001). 10 APIS (15.04.2002).

17 further suspected that Al-Qaeda has tried operating computer systems against the United States NSA global surveillance system Echelon11.

Documents found recently have cast a new light on the financial infrastructure of Al- Qaeda as well as its terrorist training cells including its using weaponry of mass destruction. There is also recent reasonable suspicion that Osama bin Laden could reach more easily then had been previously been thought, nuclear "dirty" bombs and similar styed nuclear weapons of mass destruction, particularly those sodl to him from probable Iran. Mamdouh Salim, a key Bin Laden associate who authorized, Fatwahs12 or (Islamic legal rulings justifying attacks) by al Qaida against civilians even admitted participating in such efforts as to try obtaining certain nuclear and chemical weapons for Al-Qaeda. This person also even tried to murder a corrections officer in a Federal Jail located in New York State while awaiting trial for his alleged participation in a conspiracy to kill American nationals. Several months prior his arrest in Germany, Salim is known to have traveled to Bosnia in 1998 where both his VISA and needed housing was sponsored by the "Benevolence International Foundation "—A so-called charitable organization based in Palos Hills, Ill and recently closed by the FBI under accusations that this charity engaged in supporting various key terrorist persons and Al-Qaeda groups that are involved in military and terrorist types of activity.13.

The Al-Qaeda network has been carefully constructed for many years, especially in the United States. Everything that could not be done by the variant intelligence services of Islamic countries, who regard the United States as their worst enemy (Iran in particular) was done in a roundabout way by destroying the basic tenets of American democracy, by using human naiveté, strong emotions in addition to using propaganda to instigate great

11 A network monitoring telecommunications, founded and controlled by the intelligence agencies NSA (US), GCSB (New Zealand), CSE (Canada), GCHQ (UK) and DSD (Australia), and the UKUSA association (in a joint effort to monitor electronic communications established by the intelligence services of the US, UK and Australia in 1947). Since the 1980s "Echelon" was used for global monitoring of telephone, teletype and also of telefax communications as well as email using certain communication satellites. "Echelon" also monitors and intercepts diplomatic communications on shortwave frequencies. Especially vulnerable to "Echelon’s" monitoring are satellites "Inmarsat" and "Intelsat". 12 In 1996 bin Laden issued a "Fatwah," a religious ruling urging Muslims worldwide to kill United States troops stationed within Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A second fatwah in 1998 called for attacks on all and any American civilians. 13 Uninted States Department of State’s International information’ program (30 April 2002).

18 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia American compassion for Islamic sufferings abroad, especially within Palestine. Humanitarian NGOs were also carefully established by leaders of Al-Qaeda in all the major United States cities. A group of Iranians14 arrested in 2001 at the Los Angeles International Airport had collected between five and ten thousand U.S. dollars daily for so- called assisting the suffering Iranian children.

According to the FBI, this money was collected for not charitable, but for purely terrorist purposes. Moreover, the United Nations has allowed many Al-Qaeda terrorists to masquerade under a cloak of decency by actually providing the terrorist agency with actually cold-hard cash which could then thereafter be used to fund variant terrorist crimes. The United Nations donated money to Muwafaq for so-called "Promoting educational and social development programmers…" in Sudan. The U.N. also donated more than $1.4 million U.S. Dollars to a consortium of Islamic Charities working in the Sudan in 1997. One of which was the Muwafaq meaning in the true Arabic, "blessed relief foundation." According to U.N. Treasury officials, the charity was used by Al-Qaeda cells in order to transfer literally millions of dollars to Bin Laden. The United States Treasury itself strongly believes the wealthy Islamic businessman Yasin al-Qadi set up the initial charity. Then it was closed during an initial post Spetember 11th crackdown after the terrorist attacks upon tht two World Trade Center buildings. During the September 11th plane attacks on the World Trade Center buildings it was elucidated that Al-Qadi's assets were among those frozen by the Treasury for possessing alleged links to terrorism15.

14 Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (Iranian rebels) 15 BBC Saturday, 20 October, 2001, Bin Laden 'received UN cash'

19 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

IV. Why the United States has Reasons to Worry?

Associated Press reported on "...NATO authorities who raided a Saudi aid agency last fall found computer files containing photographs of terrorist targets and street maps of Washington with government buildings marked, a senior U.S. official disclosed Thursday…The newspaper continued that… "…The October raid of the Sarajevo office of the Saudi High Commissioner for Aid to Bosnia also netted a computer program explaining how to use crop duster aircraft to spread pesticide, and materials used to make fake U.S. State Department identification badges and credit cards, the official told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity."16 In mentioning from the Saudi High Commissioner for Aid to Bosnia, it must be taken into account that the Saudi rulers have been well known for transferring huge sums of money to this particular "charitable" agency. Over the past nine years, the agency alone has spent approximately $600million U.S. dollars for its "activities" within Bosnia. The money came from various donations made by certain prominent Saudi businessmen and also from certain Saudi governmental grants.

Both sad and ironic is that King Fahd personally contributed the sum of $34 million U.S. dollars to the agency now known to be affiliated with Al-Qaeda activities of terrorism. It also very much appears that not all the money was even used for any humanitarian purposes at all but rather for something much more sinister17 which clearly is Osama bin Laden’s Bosnian Al-Qaeda network of "charities."

Daniel Benjamin, director of Transnational Threats located at the National Security Council during the Clinton Administration said Al-Qaeda was also using "charities" including several named: Maktab Khidmat or "Services Bureau" as well as another called

16 A high-ranking Bosnian government official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the findings. The material included photos of targets of past terror attacks -- the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the USS Cole and the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the American official said. The pictures showed the targets both before and after the attacks. The officials did not say which buildings were marked on the Washington maps (however). 17 Cited from Centre for Peace in the Balkans, An Analysis dated (March 2002).


Mercy International Relief Organization. These charities were also used by the terrorists for relaying messages and funding for its operations.

Bosnian authorities are also now heavily investigating connections between Benevolence International Foundation of Palos Hills, Ill. and Mr. Hadz Boudella, "a charity worker" recently arrested (October 2001) in Sarajevo who later was turned over to the U.S. authorities sending him to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Boudella had apparently worked for Benevolence International in Zenica between 1992 through 1994 and is believed to be connected to Abu Al-Me'Ali, the leader of a unit of Islamic fighters in Zenica. Boudella was also working closely with another "Islamic charity" called "Human Appeal International" when he was arrested, according to his wife Nadja Dizdarevic18. Apparently, when Boudella and many others were handed over to the U.S. anti-terrorist forces this past January, the American authorities said they also suspected Boudella’s involvement with two Islamic militant groups--Algeria's Armed Islamic Group and Egypt's al-Gama'a al Islamiyya. Boudella came to Bosnia in 1992 and he claimed to want to undertake humanitarian work with an organization called Al Bir, Dizdarevic as stated by Mr. Al Bir Al. "Dawalia" is the Arabic translation meaning "Benevolence International Foundation" according to an FBI affidavit fromChicago19.

The Global Relief Foundation was located in Bridgeview and the Benevolence International Foundation in Palos Hills were both searched over with a fine tooth comb by the American FBI20 whose spokeswoman Ebony Harrel said: "The head of one of the nation's largest Muslim charities was charged with allegedly lying about his involvement with Osama bin Laden and his al- Qaida network of terror. In a 35-page criminal complaint, the government contends that Enaam M. Arnaout21 and the Benevolence International Foundation supported bin Laden operatives who were searching for nuclear and chemical materials and plotting terrorist strikes around the world."

18 Ms.Nadja Dizdarevic is an ethnic Bosnian Muslim woman. Mr.Boudella obtained a Bosnian passport after marring Ms. Nadja. This is one of the most easiest manners in which is used by Islamic fundamentalist to obtain Bosnian passports (ie., marriages to Bosnian locals). 19 June 5th 2002, Chicago Tribune, Gienger, Viola, Guantanamo Detainee was Charity Worker." 20 AP –FBI raided two Muslim charity groups (No Date Known). 21 Arnaut is a surname common in Albania and also in Kosovo, not in Syria as some interpreted. This clearly indicates that Arnaut’s ethnic origin are as mentioned above and were not originally Syrian.

22 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia Mr. Ennam Arnaout launched Benevolence's operations from Bosnia / Herzegovina during 1992 and ostensibly to distribute relief supplies to both civilians and soldiers. He was eventually granted Bosnian citizenship (February 8th 1996). His passport is among 300 issued between 1995 and 1996 that Bosnian authorities are now investigating as to determine whether they were handled properly. The complaint alleges that Arnaout had very close ties with Osama bin Laden and his top aides dating back to the 1980s when the Syrian-born naturalized American was living in Pakistan. I other words, during 1989, bin Laden asked Arnaout to care for one of his wives at his home in Pakistan until he could pick her up according to certain governmental officials. Arnaout also was an administrator for bin Laden, distributing funds22 on his behalf according to a confidential witness now cooperating with the Bosnian government. The complaint also alleges that the foundation sponsored the man’s false VISA and also paid for his housing in Bosnia and also for the other man, Mamdouh Salim, another vital key bin Laden associate. Salim allegedly approved the purchase of uranium for making nuclear weapons. The initial Al-Qaeda operative ordered to carry out the purchase of this uranium, Mohamed Bayazid, used the foundation's address in Illinois to obtain a driver's license according to the complaint. Salim was later arrested in Germany (1998) and is currently awaiting trial in New York City on charges of conspiring with bin Laden and al-Qaida to kill U.S. citizens.

Another search conducted on (December 16th 2001) at a Benevolence International Foundation office in Newark, N.J., according to Dean Boyd, spokesman for the U.S. Customs Service said that the group claiming to be an "Islamic Charity", is cooperating with FBI officials and said: "It's part of a higher level of scrutiny of all Muslim relief organizations.'' It is important to underline that Safet Catovic are also more members of AID (The Secret Service of Bosnian Muslims). During this same time no report was uncovered by FBI

22 Funds means financial assets and economic benefits of any kind, including (but not limited to) gold coin, gold bullion, cash, cheques, claims on money, drafts, money orders, and other payment instruments: deposits with financial institutions or other entities, balances on accounts, debts and debt obligations: securities and debt instruments (including stocks and shares, certificates representing securities, bonds, notes, warrants, debentures, debenture stock and derivatives contracts); interest, dividends or other income on value accruing from or generated by assets; credit, rights of set-off, guarantees, performance bonds or other financial commitments; letter of credit, bills of lading, bills of sale; documents evidencing an interest in funds or financial resources, and any other instrument of exporting financing – publish by the Custom & Excise Division of Isle of Man Treasury, November 2001


Officials stating that any proof was his possession regarding his true identity accept for a U.N. badge which manifested outwardly that he was apparently a Minister Counsellor at the Bosnia Mission to the United Nations.

His ID had apparently expired (October 31st 2003). Until today there is no explanation as to whereby Catovic had simultaneously been both a charity worker and also a Bosnian UN Mission Diplomat. That question still lingers! Furthermore, Catovic organized an active Jihad Camp in Pennsylvania very close by to a place where one of planes crashed on September 11th 2001. This Jihad Camp was held only one month prior to the September 11th 2001 terrorist attack on America between (August 20 to 26th 2001).

At the same time as the Illinois searches, two Global Relief Foundation offices that were located in the Former Yugoslavia parts of both Bosnia and Kosovo were also searched by NATO-led peacekeepers and also their associated U.N. police. A NATO spokesman said three people were detained there but gave no additional details. The monetary / financial asset holdings of both these groups are now frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department said State Department spokesman Tony Fratto. He also stated that since "Early Saturday there were coordinated actions to block the assets because the groups are both suspected of funding terrorist activities.''

Officials said the Chicago searches were conducted by the U.S. Treasury Department, the FBI and the U.S. Customs Department and the actual Search Warrants themselves were sealed. Fratto cited the Patriot Act signed on (October 26th 2001) by U.S. President George Bush which gives federal agents much broader powers to detain immigrants, eavesdrop on telephone calls and look at emails. The Act also gives Officials new powers to actively share anti-terrorist sensitive informational details of all and any ongoing criminal investigations with the CIA. Moreover, U.S. President George Bush Jr. on (11/7/01) stated: "We put the world's financial institutions on notice: if you do business with terrorists, if you support them or sponsor them, you will not do business with the United States of America." Additionally, September 28th 2001, the U.N. adopted a new Security Council Resolution 1363 (2001). This instructs UN member States to take all and every of the necessary steps to freeze the financial funds of entities and/or persons suspected of committing, and/or posing significant risks of committing, or providing material support for any future acts of terrorism.

24 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia The NATO statement insofar as the recent raids on the Islamic Global Relief offices in Yugoslavia said UN Peacekeepers and U.N. police had received credible information that Global Relief may have been directly involved in supporting terrorism. On Sunday December 16th 2001, Federal agents raided the Bridgeview offices of another Islamic charity called, "The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development." Authorities said this new Texas based charity is believed to be a front for raising money for Islamic Al- Qaeda terrorist groups such as even Hammas.

25 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

V. Back to Bosnia’s Linkages to Al-Qaeda

All Mushahedin’s allegedly claiming to be born within Bosnia have declared themselves as "humanitarian workers" or holders of some form of a diplomatic passport. Most of them however were found out later to be merely plain members members of extremist Islamic groups such as: Al-Gama’a al Islamiyya, Hamas, GIA....Hezbolah....etc.. All of their basic operational needs have been apparently covered by a network of many of these so similar-like so-called "Islamic charities" such as the Benevolence Intonations Foundation and the Global Relief Found...all of these terrorist charitable organizations primarily had at least some form of their headquarters in both the United States and also some had their headquarters also in another Islamic Country.

The names of following persons23 are those who received money from the aforementioned "charities" in the form of so-called "humanitarian aid" which they later "donated" to the high military command of the militant Mujahedin groups located outside of America which used the money for waging Jihad:

Name & Surname Donation Amount Remarks

1. Abu Jusuf $30.800 $ Purchased weapons

2. Abu al-Haris $ 5.500 $ Command requirements

3. Abu al Migvar $12.000 $ Purchased munitions

4. Abu Hamza $13.000 $ Command requirements

5. Abu Yassir $15.000 $ Purchased munitions

6. Abu Sanad $500 (riyals) Command requirements

7. Abu Eyub $200 $ Purchased cow & drinks

23 All member of Mushahedin units opperated in Bosnia


These and many other similar type Jihad warriors were supported via like "charities" which were mostly located within North America and all involved in some terrorist activities. The United States has great reason to worry. Experts on terrorism claim that the largest act of terrorism ever occurring on September 11th 2001 could not have been accomplished without at least 100 people involved in its planning. This clearly indicates that the Al-Qaeda network in clearly located comfortably within the United States and has been for many years. Finally, the United States is using its strong allies and associated connections to undertake a war against Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups like it. This will not be an easy uncomplicated task however.

28 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

VI. The Structural Characteristics of Al-Qaeda’s Terrorist Network Within the United States Based on Bosnia&Herzegovina’s Osama bin Laden Terrorist Experiences and Lessons Learned the United States can Benefit From.

1. Structurally, the network consists of humanitarian organizations, associations and community centers for Muslims living in the US.

2. Non-Muslims were often involved in the aforementioned organizations' operations, to provide the cover of multi-ethnicity and hide the Muslim and Islamic nature of the organizations.

3. In addition to the aforementioned organizations in the US, the network also included diplomatic channels of some Islamic countries, their secret services and UN missions, whenever diplomatic cover was needed. It is important to remember that almost one third of the countries in the world are Islamic states, and their manipulation of the world organization represents a real threat.

a) The Al-Qaeda network consists of the following committees:

According to Jane’s information, International Policy Institute for Counter –terrorism there exists five main committees. Within the Bosnian terrorist model it is necessary to add another two committees:

Financial Committee – securing the funding for the network. Relies especially on "humanitarian organizations" within the network.

Legal and Religious Committee – justifies and covers for actions of Muslim terrorists. An important part of this work is convincing the Muslims they are always the victims, and when they attack, it is only in "self-defense."

Media Committee – one of the most important, since the establishment of Al-Qaeda requires spreading misinformation on all levels.


Communications Committee – ensures the coordination and flow of men, money and information. Provides false identification – passports, ID cards and everything else an Al-Qaeda member needs to stay unnoticed.

Military Committee – recruits and trains fundamentalists in a variety of methods including through using "humanitarian organizations." This committee takes care of all needs of the other Al-Qaeda member cells, and organizes their specific actions. Once a terrorist target is chosen, the variant Al-Qaeda members prepared to attack the target through using various brainwashing methods. Almost all attacks are suicide missions, though there were a few certain exceptions.

NGO Committee – both recruits and trains Muslim fundamentalists for the NGO network. This is the easiest way of infiltrating any specific western state and/or society. The organizations are legal which makes the NGO cells difficult to crack down on them without violating the elementary civil and human rights laws within such states and societies.

State Committee – Works with the coordination of the other aforementioned committees by: recruiting, lobbying as well as assisting infiltrating affiliate terrorist members into western state apparatus’ as civil servants, especially by targeting primarily third world states.

30 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

VII. Funding Al-Qaeda via the Bosnia&Herzegovina Model

Al-Qaeda’s activities throughout Bosnia&Herzegovina have been primarily supported by the following activities: 1) Through Islamic fundamentalist lobbying groups worldwide and especially within the US; 2) Through various so-called "charities" run by actual terrorist Islamic fundamentalist; Through Islamic countries directly and in particular the states: Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the former Muslim Bosnian Government of which many high ranking officials thereof still are holding their political positions today;

A typical example case is that pertaining to Jusuf Halilagic who is the current Deputy Minister of Civilian Affaires and Communications of Bosnia&Herzegovina. Mr Jusuf Halilagic, was formerly the Deputy Commander of the "Bosnian Army" 3rd Corps in charge and command of the Mujahedin. Thereafter he was transferred to work in the Federal Ministry of Justice after the Dayton peace Accords were signed. According to Muslim news magazine "Slobodna Bosna" Jusuf Halilagic himself in 1992 brought into the country [Bosnia], one particular convoy carrying "humanitarian aid" from Croatia but in actuality was carrying a Mr.Abu Hamza24 one of the worst and most wanted Islamic fundamentalists alive to date.

24 One specific Mujahedin commander was Tunisian, Karaj Kamel bin Ali who is also called, Abu Hamza. This man had also resided within Bosnian and raised his family in Bosnia and was protected by Bosnian citizenship.

31 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

VIII Al-Qeada’s Network of Islamic "Charities".

The primary importance of Al-Qeada’s network of so-called "charitable organizations and humanitarian NGO’s" is clearly apparent from the fact that most members composing them are agents of AID25 (Bosnian Muslim/Islamic fundamentalist intelligence service).

And in this same identical manner, the Muslim component of the Bosnia&Her- zegovina state has been continually, actively engaged in participating in Al-Qeada’s global terrorist network. It must be underlined that a great many non-Muslims also partake part in the network’s operations owing to their being both blackmailed and/or corrupted due to Bosnia&Herzegovina’s bleak economic condition post its civil war [1990s].

These aforementioned factors still existing within Bosnia&Herzegovina today continue agitating its already renown ethnic contentions originally leading the country into civil war in the early 1990s. These same agents not only attempt presently to construct an ethnically pure Islamic state composed of only Islamic elements today, they also agitate the current fragile peace created by Dayton whioch once again could lead the three Bosnian Republics into another civil war in the near future through the many terrorist crimes continually being committed "on the path of Allah."

25 Mr.Munib Zahiragic was arrested on March 21st 2002 in Bosnia under charges of conspiracy. Mr.Zahiragic was another high ranking Bosnian political official of AID. Before he became Director of the Benevolence International Foundation [Bosnian Offices] his boss was a certain Mr. Mr.Arnaut, President of BIF Charities which was then based in Chicago, Illinois [USA] and was another well known Osama bin Laden associate.

33 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

IX Islamic Fundamentalist Strategy Based on Bosnian Case Study [Two-fold]

In countries where they comprise the majority, Muslims attempt stifling the existence of other ethnic groups, cultures and their own traditional cultural ethnic practices by imposing the Islamic way of life and the Sharia law on them as manifested in Afghanistan and Iran. The radical extent of such efforts have been made clear in the instances of the destruction of the Buddha statues in Afghanistan, the destruction of Leptis Magna in Libya as well as the historically fabricating an Islamic history of Bosnia&Herzegovina. Another historical axiom manifesting this fact is that non-Muslims are forbidden into Mecca and Medina, and where even mere visiting the countries of both Saudi Arabia and Iran places their lives at risk. Ironically, Muslims, on the other hand are free to visit the holy shrines and sacred sites of all other religions. Of course, not all Muslims support such policies and their leaders deliberately create conflicts between Muslims and the rest of the world to enforce such measures.

Where they comprise a minority population, Islamic fundamentalists use the strategy of advocating families with extraordinarily high birth rates coupled with forbidding the use of birth control based upon Islamic fundamentalist religious ideology. As previously mentioned, the variant Islamic Terrorist Committees work exceedingly hard towards increasing the number of Muslims within certain geopolitical territories and states to work towards the goal of constructing an eventual scenario where the Muslims eventually become the majority population through using this high birth rate methodology. Of all the many countries currently at the largest security risk where this high birth rate strategy is presently being used by Al-Qaeda and associated Islamist groups, the United States is at present. According to unofficial information, Islamic fundamentalists have planned to triple the number of Muslims born and living within the United States by 2010.

This population boom is extraordinarily important because contemporary western international relations scholars have espoused a completely misguided and different principle presently. One that claims that: "Whomsoever resides in a specific territory of a country should control it.." Based upon this political principle of Self-Determination derived by former United States president Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points for Peace produced post-WWII, deliberate

35 targets of this Islamist strategy have been African-Americans. Web sites written by many Islamic fundamentalists constantly manifest such birth control information constantly elucidating their plans to increase Muslim families and their birth rates in certain areas along with the new number of inflowing American Muslim converts.

Another problem existing currently between traditionally historically rooted Western Judaic-Christian states today and those of Islamic descent is their conceptions of that "state", in and of itself. Islamic fundamentalists do not recognize the normal definition of a geopolitical state except if it is governmentally controlled by Islamic religious law. In such a case the state becomes a part of what Islamists consider to be an Umma26. A recent example of this definition of the Islamist styled state was clearly manifested by the recent convert to Islamic religion whom tried blowing up the airline with explosives based within his shoes. Such Islamic suicide bombers are called specifically by an Islamic coined term "shaheed."27) The existing shaheed’s today are comprised not only of ethnic Arabs, but also from other ethnic groups as well and they soon after joining become specifically brainwashed by these groups and/or coded into learning and remembering certain behavior basic to their terrorist group and/or cell.

A book if composed of world maps marking previous, current and possible future zones of ethnic/religious civil war and contentions worldwide since man’s origin would certainly manifest that almost all wars within states and societies globally have been, and are now presently being fought upon the rim of the Islamic world. Islam, as a world religion immediately should renounce such Fundamentalist teaching terrorist causing ideology. Not doing so could one day ignite an inextinguishable large theological clash of civilizations between both the Islamic world, and the Western Judaic-Christian components that it could commence World War Three.

26 According to the Muslim understanding Umma is the Global Islamic state comprised of only the Muslim believers residing worldwide. 27 The word "shaheed" according to Muslims is an Islamic suicide fighter/terrorist willing to die for both Allah and the overarching goal of the Jihad [religious war].

36 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

X Question From the Koran

Yet, today the question remains as to whereby radical terrorist guided Islamic fundamentalists will be capable of either comprehending or interpreting following quotations from Koran:

Whereof the Koran states specifically in the following citations: 1) "As for the unbelievers, for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skins shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods." 2) "When you meet the unbelievers, strike off their heads; then when you have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives..." [9.29:30]… "Declare war upon those to whom the Scriptures were revealed but believe neither in God nor the Last Day, and those whom do not forbid that which God and His Apostles have forbidden, and who refuse to acknowledge the true religion until they pay the poll-tax without reservation and are totally subjugated. The Jews claim that Ezra is a son of God, and the Christians say, 'the Messiah is a son of God.' Those are their claims which do indeed resemble the sayings of the Infidels of Old. May God do battle with them! How they are deluded!" [47.4] The Islamic Fundamentalists’ currently have an entire global network which: 1) Presently exists within all continents and presently there are about sixty Islamic States comprising approximately an entire 1/3rd of all the United Nations member states. 2) Both work towards attracting and recruiting more Islamic fanatical converts from wherever they reside regardless of their ethnic native origin. 3) Aggressively works towards achieving their overarching goal to both spread misguided misinterpreted religious ideology associated with the Islamic faith including imposing and also spreading Islam and its laws and religious beliefs on all other non-Muslims existing in the world today where their goal is to eventually make Islam the world’s only supra-religious belief existing worldwide. 4) To create various worldwide Islamic self-sustaining geopolitical territories of which each will produce another type of financial resource. 5) Insofar as ideology is concerned, their overall aim is to unify the world into one great metaphysical Islamic State of which meaning is derived from the


aforementioned word, Umma [governed under Islamic law and/or Sharia] which of course is based on the teachings contained in the Islamic Holy Book the Koran [The Qur’an, says the only ultimate sovereign is the Islamic God, Allah. 6) Insofar as both having a military and paramilitary, Islamists believe in using all forms of conventional and unconventional weaponry and warfare including the use of terrorism and biological weaponry [particularly suicide attacks].

38 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

XI Al-Qaeda’s Specific Intelligence Strategies

Current intelligence services of the specific countries already identified as active sponsors of terrorism often assist their associated states to hide the terrorist activities of the Al-Qaeda network by aiding the state and its officials in hiding their clandestine terrorist operations. Al-Qaeda moreover assists these terrorist sponsoring states in later denying they actively assisted Al-Quada in undertaking acts of exposed terrorism later and under the guise of the modish term today "fighting terrorism," such terrorist sponsoring states are always capable of merely arresting a few Al-Qaeda cell members when the state itself comes under the political aim and fire of as an example, the United States and/or one of itse political NATO allies as England. By making an easy arrest of a few Al-Qaeda members, terrorist sponsoring states attempt to merely pass such an arrest off as their making a larger contribution to fighting terrorism and such an easy arrest usually achieves another component to its overall goal which is to keep the political pressure off the state itself and its terrorist sponsoring activities bascked by Al-Qaeda for as long as possible before making another arrest under the pressure deriving from the western states.

Al-Qaeda has also managed to develop another terrorist methodology of sorts to attempt protecting itself and its activities. This method, premised upon many terrorist activities’ basic strategic pattern is as many times mentioned the opening of a series of humanitarian organizations, charities, financial and educational institutions including those based upon many media enterprises throughout the world. These organizations serve as mere channels for organizational fundraising, religious indoctrination, infiltration of the local Muslim population, training cadres, recruiting additional terrorists as well as the smuggling of both terrorists and weaponry. The character of activities ranges from country to country, depending on the assessment of "danger" to which the states native Muslim population is at risk to.

In countries where there no armed conflict exists between Islamic and other religions, the network’s organizations are primarily used for fundraising where the funds raised will be distributed and used elsewhere that Al-Qaeda’s leadership considers Islam needs it most. Al-Qaeda-controlled media in terrorist sponsoring states have been known to employ a program of psychological and propaganda warfare where the aim is winning over the overall public opinion in the support of Islamic causes either locally or

39 worldwide. Similar programs are conducted by certain other Islamic cadres within educational institutions.

In areas where Al-Qaeda’s leaders deem local Muslim believers as they themselves being in some form of life threatening risk, the aforementioned organizations often act as ideal channels for the network to undertake intelligence infiltrationd into certain targeted states. They also serve as an excellent cover for terrorist activities as well as channels for infiltrating the network’s individual terrorists into target states, channeling both needed weaponry as well as money and other forms of valuable intelligence assets into geopolitical locales.

Educational institutions also serve in other valuable ways enabling Al-Qaeda to both indoctrinate and also educates new religious cadres and also others comprising the overall terrorist network serving its basic needs for existence. They also serve as additional ways of introducing the ideology of militant Islam to new possible young Muslim religious candidates as well as being used as channels for terrorist infiltration /supply.

All these organizations act as covers for the network’s unconventional warfare activities and additionally serve as individual nerve centers for Al-Qaeda’s coordinated activities to be undertaken at some unknown future time om one of the global western: political, economic, psychological and/or militant/ intelligence arenas. Through these covers, these terrorist NGO organizations attain increasingly greater social involvement coupled with being capable of better raising money/fundraising for their so-called ‘humanitarian aid activities’ in addition to undertaking their other many social, educational and economic programs. And this makes such organizations themselves out as both seemingly valuable as well as attractive institutional elements to have in existence in and of themselves for the local Islamic population. It also makes them extremely difficult targets for anti-terrorist organizations to legally shutdown. And when and if they are discovered as terrorist sponsoring organizations and when they are eventually if ever shutdown, it is wise for them to be legitimately replaced by genuine humanitarian organizations because where they are not replaced, there exists great voids and power vacuums in which new terrorist organizations can grow out thereof human economic necessity. In more times then none they are eventually act merely as mere voids soon refilled by the same terrorist elements. From out of this large array of choices All-Qaida recruits and trains future terrorists. To this single purpose the network exists, while incessantly seeking greater legitimacy where it can through its humanitarian activities offering economic assistance to the local population so that it can obtain wider acceptance

40 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia amidst the local population while manipulating Islam as one of the world’s major religions.

Worldwide, most Muslims are sincere believers. However, they are still capable of becoming mere victims of Al-Qaeda’s global propaganda campaign on which it incessantly serves the cause of militant Islamist ideals which attempt justifying terrorism while simultaneously promoting notions that worldwide, Muslims are endangered by all others peoples and faiths. Such types of Islamist propaganda usually tends to fuses with the already existing ethnic and social tensions. Islamic terrorists the can use and abuse their non-governmental organizations by infiltrating them into these target areas in order to create an operationally existing active intelligence-gathering network that will work to train local recruits, conduct religious indoctrination and even partake in local conflicts.

Ultimately, by creating such an intelligence terrorist infrastructure, it would eventually act as well as operate as part of the global terrorist network.

The main goal of these cells would then be to ignite a global Jihad against all non- Muslims, globally. Al-Qaeda cells thus already created from the local Muslim population would actively engage in Al-Qaeda’s work according to the strategic methodology of Al- Qaeda’s instructors who will the, after the outfit is acgively operational, can then themselves depart as their portion of the job is completed, their further usefulness would be henceforth limited.

Exemplary of this Al-Qaeda strategic pattern can be seen within Bosnia&Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo-Metohia. The Bosnian War served as an ideal opportunity for Al-Qaeda to branch out the local toward the global network structure of Islamic terrorism [in the "Bosnian model"].

Following the already described pattern of Al-Qaeda using humanitarian, educational, religious and other organizations for expanding their global terrorist network and its associated sponsors have been over forty existing charitable organizations already registered within the geopolitical territory of Bosnia and Croatia alone [of those known today]. Key players in importing this existing terrorism into Bosnia were the: TWRA, Fund for Islamic Rebirth, Global Relief Foundation, Benevolence International Foundation, Al-


Khufan, Global Medical Relief Found28, IGASA, Nahla, Al-Muwafaq, Bureau of Islamic Calling, Al-Haramain and the Saudi Refugee Committee Humanitarian Relief Agency amonst others still to be discovered.

In 1993, Algerian Abdel Alis Zaher became head of the regional office of IGASA charity based, in Vienna. This organization also had branches in Skopje (headed by Algerian Abu Mohammed) and Zagreb (headed by Algerian Lamrani Jamel, with a nom-de- guerre Abu Musab. He will resurface in Kosovo as one of the instructors for the mojahedeen unit "Abu Bakr as-Sadiq"). All three had once been students in Belgrade, where in the early 1990s they were arrested as members of the religious terrorist organization Islamic Salvation Front. The ISF, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Sudanese wing of the Islamic Brotherhood pulled together students from Sudan, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine into a religious terrorist organization known both as "Association of Islamic Students of Palestine" and "IGASA." After their arrest, all their members were expelled from Yugoslavia. IGASA mostly dealt with logistics, and imported weapons and ammunition for Islamic terrorists in the area.

The Bureau for Islamic Calling is headquartered in Riyadh being sponsored by the Saudi government under the present cover of allegedly working spreading the words of genuine Islam through publishing, lecturing in mosques and by contacting individuals by organizing religious gatherings. Its leader was a man named, Abdullah Duhayman, today serving a prison sentence in another Algerian prison.

And according to Western intelligence services this same man was at one time, an Osama Bin Laden top lieutenant. Al-Khufan [sp] was registered towards the end of 1992, in Zagreb. Heading that organization was another Algerian named, Ad Din Qirban, currently wanted by the FBI in the U.S. on terrorism charges of attempting to bomb the US Embassy in Rome. According to Mr. Kopriva Spend, the Political/Religious Commissar of the Jihad Unit named, "Abu Bekir Sidik" the Bureau for Islamic Calling located in the Balkans: "Is merely a religious organization whose goal is to spread Islam. Besides, every religion has its organizations which are counterparts of the Bureau for Islamic Calling and many religions, when it is necessary, formed military units for the protection of the people and the religion. Through the

28 The Global Medical Relief Found is currently registered at the present Bosnian Mission to the United Nations on following address: 866 United Nations Plaza, Suit 585, New York, NY 10017. This is gross violation of Vienna Convention.

42 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia Bureau, we educated our faithful Islamic people about Islam and its secrets and assisted people in realizing the beauty and beneficial nature of the Islamic faith. We tried to help them grasp their true Islamic identity." Al-Muwafaq was registered in Zagreb as a branch of another associated organization headquartered in London. It engaged in charity work between 1992 and 1996. At its head was a Tunisian woman, Safik Iyadi, known to Interpol for "laundering" Kuwaiti dinars29 later seized by Iraq during its 1990 invasion. Her main duties were to provide support to the TWRA and infiltrate terrorists from Croatia, into Bosnia. There are also certain direct indications that certain circles in the U.S. also associated with her took part in this terrorist act.

The Saudi Arabia-based Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation is a private, charitable educational organization dedicated to promoting Islamic teaching worldwide. However, an increasingly large number of its funding derives itself from grants originating from within Islamic terrorist sponsoring countries, from variant individual Muslim benefactors and also from certain specific campaigns which selectively target Muslim owned business entities worldwide selectively asking them to donate funds.

The specific branch offices of Al Haramain located both in Somalia and Bosnia are clearly linked to terrorist financing. The Somalia office of Al-Haramain is linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network and also the Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya (AIAI), a Somali terrorist group. Al-Haramain Somalia employed AIAI members and provided them with salaries through the Al-Barakaat Bank, which was designated on November 7, 2001 under [E.O. 13224] because of its activities as a principal source of funding both intelligence and monetary transfers for assisting Osama bin Laden. The Bosnia office of Al-Haramain is also linked to Al-Gama'at Al-Islamiyya, an Egyptian terrorist group.

Al-Gama'at Al-Islamiyya was designated on November 2nd 2001 and is signatory to Osama bin Laden's Fatwah dated February 23rd 1998, targeting Americans and their

29 The large amount of Kuwait dinars was sent to Bosnian Muslim (4 billions OKD-Old Kuwaiti dinars) was rececntly cancelled by the current Kuwaiti Government because after the Iraqi sponsored aggression, this large amount of money was stolen from te National Bank of Kuwait. There is great suspicion that the Iraqi secret service in cooperation with another yet to be discovered Islamic secret service originating from within another Muslim state delivered the above mentioned money into Bosnia. Today, according to some source, the OKD possesses approximately 4 billions located inside an unknown safe deposit house within Switzerland.

43 allies30. Al-Haramain was registered in Zagreb [1992]. Later its headquarters was relocated to Zenica in Bosnia [2 Lukovo Polje Street]. Its activities in Bosnia focused primarily on providing: logistical support and infiltrating terrorists from Croatia into Bosnia, supporting infiltrating terrorists providing for both their training and financing. Associated with supporting these illegal activities were the specific governments and intelligence services of the following countries:

- Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey (Provided Instructors);

- Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kuwait (Provided Money);

- Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan (Provided Al-Qaeda with Manpower);

-Organization of Islamic Conference (Provided Political Support from the localation at the United Nations and also from out of many other International Institutions);

- The governments of both Slovenia and Croatia gave a green-light for Al-Qaeda’s transporting terrorists and their equipment across their state territories for a mere monetary percentage approximately between 15-30% of the total value transported interstate.

The above mentioned activities were also involved within the states of both Austria and Hungary [behind the scene]. A certain, Mr.Kribel Rudolf was the contact person of Austrian secret service [STAPO] as well as were others associated with the former Croatian Presidents’ Franjo Tudjman son. He was involved with illegally trafficking weapons from both within and between the states of Croatia and Bosnia. Mr. Kribel recently died from suspicious circ*mstances two years ago.

The main Islamist agency located within Europe in Vienna providing Islamists located within Bosnia with both logistic and ideological support derived itself from Islamic fundamentalist circles before, during and after the Civil War was named, TWRA31. "Bosnia must become a Muslim state eventually, for if that did not happen, then the whole war would be senseless and would have been fought for nothing"

30 Cited from the Office of Public Affaires for Immediate release, March 11th 2002 PO-1087 Fact Sheet. 31 Third World Relief Agency.

44 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia This statement was concluded in 1994 by, Elfatih Ali Hasanein, former Head of the Islamic Organization named, Third World Relief Agency (TWRA). This Muslim charity, founded in Vienna [1987] possessed the official goal of encouraging an entire rebirth of Islam throughout Eastern Europe and then throughout the entire former Soviet Union and CIS. According to the CIA, one of TWRA’s activities was fundraising for the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan. The agency was founded by a man named, El-fatih Hassanein, a member of the ruling Saudi National Islamic Front and also his brother Sukarno Hassanein. The U.S. and other western countries have classified the National Islamic Front currently as a radical Islamist fundamentalist political organization previously founded by Hasan Abdullah Turabi, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood [Another extreme Islamist Organization]. This organization played a key role in establishing a network of other Islamic terrorist extremist organizations.

Mr. Turabi was a one time professor at Khartoum Law School, one time dedicating his entire career to inquiring into new methods of introducing the Sharia Islamic Law into Sudan and other Islamic countries. He was also well known for his hot-tempered rhetoric against secular ideologies. Turabi is known to the world today, by also his widely public refuge offerings to terrorist. Osama Bin Laden after he was exiled from Saudi Arabia. Sudan itself was declared by the United States a terrorist sponsoring state. 32

According to the Bosnian Muslim weekly magazine, Dani,33 El-fatih Hassanein, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was also once a Belgrade student (once studying medicine) and was also a one time friend Islamic President of Muslim Republik within Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic since 1970. Izetbegovic was also himself one time an Islamist scholar then, often visiting many such close Islamic/Muslim intellectuals back then when traveling between trips to and from Serbia,Belgrade. In fact, during his 1983 trial held in Sarajevo, Izetbegovic confirmed he was a good friend at one time prior with Mr. El-fatih Hassanein.

Official cooperation also existed once between the TWRA and former Islamic Bosnian President Izetbegovic and his associated government beginning in late 1992. At this time, TWRA had just opened branche offices in: Sarajevo, Budapest, Moscow and Istanbul [All key centers for its later weapons-smuggling activities].

32 APIS’s quoteation on the Presence of Al-Qaeda in the Balkan’s. 33 Dani: No. 122 dated (October 1st 1999), written by Nijaz Dzafic.


The Bosnian Muslim political wing and the man responsible for bringing mujahadeens to Bosnia&Herzegovina; Alija Izetbegovic, SDA and Bosnian Muslim president who guaranteed El-fatih Hassanein’s credentials to the Die Erste Osterreich Bank (Austria), enabling him to open an account there. The Bosnian Muslims used the bank account to solicit and transit funds for arms purchases.

Somewhat earlier in March 1992, El-fatih Hassanein was issued a diplomatic passport and became the new [Cultural Attaché appointed to the Saudi Embassy in Vienna]. That enabled him to later transfer large sums of money through both, Croatia and Slovenia [he was also able to avoid any legal scrutiny by police via his diplomatic credentials]. Then back in October 1992 the former [Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haris Silajdzic] visited the, Die Erste Osterreich Bank in Vienna, later confirming the aforementioned activity. Hassanein had at that time, all necessary diplomatic credentials to financially represent the besieged Bosnia&Herzegovina and then, in 1993, Alija Izetbegovic wrote to that same Austrian bank yet again confirming that this Sudanese citizen had attained the entire trust of the Islamist component of the then former Bosnian government.

The diplomats terrorist supporting operations began innocently, undertaking them only then through using civilian projects serving as mere cover such as both the opening a poultry farm, a news agency and/or a simple textile factory – in one word he used the production of anything through which he later could facilitate waging civil war in Bosnia later. Moreover, both the creation of the Bosnian Muslim news agency TWRA was another important step he used for dissimilating Islamic disinformation and Islamic fundamentalist extremist ideology.

Money also was originating at the same time from within the states of Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Brunei and Malaysia. One of the donors was Osama bin Laden himself. Die Erste Osterreich Bank representatives later claimed that between 1992 and 1995, some $350 million dollars passed through the hands of the TWRA: $80 million in 1992, $231 in 1993, $39 million in 1994-95 and the whopping sum of $500,000 by August 1996. Most of this money, according to bank officials was spent on weaponry purchases during the Islamic ccomcponent of the Bosnian Civil War [1990s]. Additionally, it was also primarily used to bribe many Croatian and Slovenian official and civilian authorities as well as many Bosnian Croat citizenry to "look the other way" so to speak when dealing with those smuggling weaponry into the "Islamic Portion of the Bosnian Army."

46 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia The first exceedingly large operation carried out successfully by the TWRA was in September 1992 when a hired Russian cargo plane orinitating from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum flew into the Maribor airport carrying what was at that time so-called "humanitarian aid."

However, it was later discovered that the actual contents of this plane was carrying included was over 120 tons of guns, mortars, mines and ammunition. These weapons were Soviet made and originated from an old Soviet military base. They were apparently later discovered that they were purchased through a Bosnian-Turkish connection [Which German law enforcement agents later identified as being affiliated with at least thirty persons]; all ethnic Bosnian Muslim and Turkish nationals, all taking part in this weapons purchase. The weapons were then being warehoused in the former portion of, East Germany. Hired Russian helicopters then transported part of this weapons shipment to both Tuzla and Zenica while the carrying plane refueled in Split. It is also believed these helicopter carriers were procured by representatives of the joint Russo-American company named, Eco-Trends.

The remaining 10,000 rifles, 750,000 rounds, rockets and other explosives sat for one year at another warehouse located in Maribor. The value of these weapons is estimated to be at least almost $10 million dollars. When the weapons were later discovered, it came clearly known the TWRA paid for their warehousing. Since then, the agency has been targeted by anti-terrorist intelligence observations originating from western state intelligence agencies. However, these western anti-terrorist states took no prior steps to halt any of the aforementioned transport of weapons; the question remains as to why.

TWRA also played a key role in the import of Iranian weapons, which began in May 1994 through Croatia, with the CIA’s consent.

Then during September 1995, counter-terrorist units from the Austrian police raided the TWRA offices located in Vienna, seizing several vanloads of documents. Those documents contained the above cited facts, and also stated the TWRA had other numerous connections with additional radical Islamic organizations and individuals with whom are connected to many radical Islamists residing within Bosnia unto this day. According to the seized documents, some members of this network inlcuded:


Sheik Omar Abd-el-Rahman34 [radical Imam from Egypt convicted of organizing the 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. U.S. judicial authorities found information linking him with the TWRA. Also, Austrian counter-terrorist police now possess audio tapes of conversations taking place one time between Sheik Rahman and TWRA officials in Vienna.

The dominant topic of these conversations was how to sell video tapes of the Sheik’s messages and sermons in European mosques. U.S. intelligence agents and operatives today directly link Sheik Omar Abd-el-Rahman, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahari35 and Osama Bin Laden. Then in mid-January 1996, Islamist leaders broadcasted many of his Islamist sermons, all were composed on the eve of his conviction for terrorism in connection to the World Trade Center in New York City. The sermon emphasized the crucial role of extremist Islamists residing within Bosnia and their part of the global struggle "for the cause of Islam."

Osama bin Laden36 was one of many other TWRA donors, and all worked together through Hassan Al-Turaby whom had strong ties with Hassanein. Since 1998, he was Head of the part of Al-Qaeda located within the state of Afghanistan. He was later suspected of organizing the terrorist attacks against both New York and Washington on September 11th

34 Sheik Omar Abd El Rahman is now imprisoned in the United States in connection with the World Trade Center bombing in New York City; 34 year old, Al-Zawahiri became active in militant Islam at the young age of fifteen when he was arrested for holding membership in the Muslim Brotherhood then seeking to remove all western foreign influences from Egypt. Al-Zawahiri graduated from medical school in 1974 and during the 1970s he joined the Egyptian Islamist movement sering three years in prison where he was tortured, in connection with the assassination of former Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat. After being released he then went to Saudi Arabia and then Pakistan. He finally moved to Afghanistan where he became Osama bin Laden's personal physician and vitally crucial adviser. Al-Zawahiri is further suspected of helping to organize the 1997 massacre of sixty-seven foreign tourists at Luxor and was indicted by the U.S. in connection with the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies within Africa (Kenya & Tanzania). He is also suspected of involvement in another series of assassinations and bombings against Egyptian targets and he was later sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. Al-Zawahiri is believed to have helped organize the September 11th 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The U.S. has offered a $25 million reward for Al-Zawahiri who is still at large and last seen in Afghanistan.

36 The most wanted terrorist in the World whose aliases are: Osama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin, Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, the Prince, the Emir, Abu Abdallah, Mujahid Shaykh, Hajj and the Director.

48 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia 2001 in its aftermath during which both the U.S. and its political ally the U.K. invaded Afghanistan for the explicit purpose of destroying the "nest" of Al-Qaeda along with Osama bin Laden himself;

49 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

XII Key Bosnian Islamist Al-Qaeda Players

1) Irfan Ljevakovic [A founder of SDA party also involved in importing Islamic terrorists into Bosnia&Herzegovina under auspices of the humanitarian work of the TWRA];

2) Alija Izetbegovic [Connected with above-mentioned El-fatih Hassanein for many years. He also composed a letter to Die Erste Osterreich Bank in 1993 guaranteeing his honesty. Then, during the Bosnian civil war he allowed a large influx of Mujahedeen Islamist fighters to join the Bosnian Muslim Army. Later after the civil war, many of these were illegally granted Bosnian citizenship and were allowed to settle in Bosnia; most reside today in the village, Bocinja];

3) Hasan Cengic [A theologian connected with terrorism in Iran since 1983. Also a veteran of the 13th Waffen SS division of World War Two. Also he is a former Bosnian government official and also was General of the "Bosnian Army" as well as one time former Deputy of the Bosnian Defense Minister].

[Cengic moreover organized the influx of Mojahedeen fighters into Bosnia and headed the Visoko supply base. He was later identified as the person through whom the TWRA sent weapons into Bosnia starting in 1992 as well as being a member of the TWRA’s governing board];

4) Dzemal Merdan [Dedicated his life to the teachings of the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini; he was also a key liaison with many foreign mojahedeen];

5) Husein Zivalj [A former one time Bosnian Ambassador appointed to the U.N. who after serving as Deputy Foreign Minister and former Bosnian Ambassador to Austria was placed on the TWRA governing board. He was present in New York during the terrorist attack on September 11th 2001 and then, only two months later resigned from his diplomatic posts at the New York United Nations Mission of Bosnia. It is important to underline his resignation came only after several months of service on diplomatic duty];

6) Faris Nanic [Once a prominent member of the SDA political party in Zagreb and one time advisor to former Islamic President of Islamic component of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic];


7) Salim Sabic [Once prominent member of the SDA and once Head of the Vienna branch of International Associations for Aid to Muslims of Bosnia&Herzegovina once based in Zagreb];

8) Dervis Djurdjevic [Once a prominent member of the SDA, he was convicted of terrorist activities in 1983 and later sentenced to five years imprisonment; also he was an associate of El-fatih Hassanein and also was a one time member of the TWRA governing board];

Despite much evidence gathered by the Austrian counter-terrorist police which was more than sufficient to detain its employees and to bar its further operations, TWRA continued to operate until 1996. Between 1995 and 1996, some $350,000 was transferred through it. El-fatih Hassanein left Austria for Istanbul in 1994 after he was notified that an investigation into his former gun running and money laundering operations was opened. He remained in close contact with Alija Izetbegovic thereafter decorating him in August 1996 for his so-called humanitarian efforts undertaken by him within Bosnia. Both men met privately in Istanbul and then in Sarajevo at which time Hassanein took visi upon Izetbegovic’s invitation.

According to intelligence information, Hassanein also visited Macedonia being actively engaged with aiding the efforts of Albanian terrorists active in Kosovo. IT has also been discovered that later he traveled through Macedonia traveling inide a NATO vehicle with French markings while carrying a false passport. Hassanein was one of the key organizers of the Albanian terrorist organization named [UCK] whose training camps were located in: Bajram Curri, Tropoja and Kukes.

The Macedonian security service classified him as Al-Qaeda’s leader for the entirety of southeastern Europe. According to the same source, Saudi citizen Umar Alvadi [sp] is his point-man insofar as Macedonia.

Furthermore, the identical intelligence source also confirmed the most important player in this entire gun-running chain was an Austrian arms dealer named Dieter Hoffman not long prior employed by, El-fatih Hassanein. Insofar as international arms dealers’ arenas, Hoffman has a wide reputation for being a specialist able to easily procure both airplanes and helicopters capable of transporting weapons to destinations determined by his customers. Several times Hoffman was even contacted by many high ranking KGB [now FSB Officials] for purchases of airplanes and helicopters. He was particularly interested in engaging transportation of helicopters and anti-aircraft systems known as,

52 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia "pins37". Within only two years he had his own contracting company known as the, "Flying Tigers," who transported several hundred tons of war materials into Bosnia. One of their renown Routes for their airlifts was: Khartoum (for loading), Maribor (for landing and unloading), and then to Jablanica via Split and the Neretva valley either by helicopter or truck.

The Iranian intelligence also played a key role in the military training of both the Al- Qaeda’s global terrorists as well as training for the Islamic component of the "Bosnian Army." Iran has recently also been classified by the U.S. government as a state sponsoring terrorism [Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and also both the Refah party in Turkey and radical fundamentalists in both Algeria and Egypt]. The Clinton Administration remained unwavering on the path it had chosen in claiming to be committed to finding a peaceful solution to the Civil Wars that once raged within Bosnia&Herzegovina. However, in reality the Clinton Administration was genuinely unwavering in its being totally committed in forcing only a Muslim victory insofar as the entire Bosnia&Herzegovinan civil wars.

The very essence of this victory lied in the Clinton’s strategy of only empowering the Islamic Sarajevo leadership which, at the very best enjoyed only about twenty percent support and recognition in a country [Bosnia&Herzegovina] where more than two-third of the population is Christian and adamantly opposed to living under any resemblance of an Islamic run state. With full knowledge of these facts regarding Iranian rule and its role as well in the "Islamization and radicalization" of Bosnia’s Muslim fundamentalist, Bill Clinton’s full administration always managed to look the other way while showing their baised support for the Islamists only during the war itself.

Then just between 1992 and the end of 1995, aid flowed into to help "fellow Muslim brothers" in Bosnia which originated from Iran which sent the 7th Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran Brigade) some 2000 men, incorporating into the Bosnian Muslim Army.

Based in Zenica, the Iranian brigade trained local cadres, as well as participated in fierce fighting on all fronts. In addition to this force, Iran also sent some 400 officers of the Pasdaran intelligence and the VEVAK secret service work with the nascent Bosnian Muslim intelligence and other terrorist groups. Some spies worked through the Iranian

37 The system known as "pin" is light handed weaponry left over from the former Soviet systems which was originally created to destroy objects in air up to 3,5 km..

53 charities, mostly registered in Zagreb. Mohammed Dzevad Azayes, a high-ranking diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Zagreb, was in charge of coordinating the intelligence and terrorist operations under the guise of "charity" work.

54 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

XIII Historical Evolution Between Terrorism in Bosnia with Middle East

Most of the funding for these "charities" was channeled through the Mostafzin foundation and sponsored by the Iranian intelligence service and other foundations from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Gulf region. Through Osama Bin Laden, the Bosnian terrorists were controlled by Sudanese fundamentalist, Hassan Al-Turabi. Official cooperation between Iran and Islamist radicals residing in Bosnia&Herzegovina originated during Izetbegovic’s visit to Tehran between October 30th thru 31st 1992. At that time is was agreed to send the men and weaponry that the Islamic component of the "Bosnian Army" needed through way of Croatia.

When Croatia normalized diplomatic relations with Iran on April 18th 1992, Osman Muftic, a Muslim Croatian was sent to Tehran as Croatian Ambassador. According to intelligence sources, Muftic was the person responsible for arranging the details of transporting the aforementioned men and weapons materiel. Infact, his closest associates at that time were: Omer Behmen [Bosnian Ambassador to Tehran], Hasan Cengic and Haris Silajdzic. This cooperation was moreover formalized thereafter officially by ratification the Bosnian-Iranian Treaty [November 15th 1994]. This treaty was signed on the eve of a secret visit to Tehran by Alija Izetbegovic’s son, Bakir38. In the Treaty both Iran and Bosnia agreed on a long term program calling for the strengthening of mutual security cooperation deriving itself from boosting both Iranian military aid to aiding in the infiltration of VEVAK and Hezbollah cadres illegally into Bosnia. The key person in charge of this terrorist cooperation between Bosnia and Iran was, Hasan Cengic.

38 1999 The Cato Institute cited that "Of course, President Izetbegovic's son, Bakir, is reputed to be one of the richest men in Bosnia. Bakir Izetbegovic controls Sarajevo's City Development Institute, which determines who gets occupation of at least 80,000 public apartments. Members of his ruling party get preferential access while average Bosnian citizens merely have little power but to complain they must pay $2,000 in kickback fees to rent them. Western officials report that the younger Mr. Izetbegovic also shares his extortion money extracted with the aid of Sarajevo gangsters from local businessmen. He also owns 15 percent of all Bosnian state controlled Bosnia Air Company."


Western governments (including the US) did nothing to stop the large influx of terrorists into Bosnia via Croatia made possible through this Treaty. The funding for this action was made possible through establishing a network.

Although the United States administration at that time had full knowledge of these terrorist activities, they did nothing to prevent them. In fact, the U.S. then, had knowledge of these activities since 1993 and only undertook a policy of what should be considered as a policy of "silent alliance." This is particularly manifested when former Croatian president Franjo Tudjman asked several certain American diplomats if he should allow the transport of these terrorists and weaponry through Croatia. In response to this question the U.S. diplomats responded by merely refraining to answer this question. Zagreb construed this silence as a green-light from the U.S. diplomats and as their giving their official approval; the channels then were opened for the illegal operations to begin [and they did]. This affair is coined the term, "Bosniagate" and was investigated by the U.S. Senate’s National Security Committee whose hearings concluded the U.S. did not sell weapons to the Bosnian Muslims – Iran did – and that the weapons passed through Croatian and Slovenian territory with implicit approval of those governments; and although the U.S. was fully cognizant of these activities, it did nothing. In other words, the U.S. silently justified the activities of these terrorists and their weapons smuggling into Bosnia by taking absolutely no action whatsoever and blamed this on some imaginary alleged danger the Muslims were supposed to be experiencing at that time from so-called "Serb Aggression" against them.

The intelligence information concerning the arms shipment by Iran was known of by many members of Congress including "myself" said Representative Lee Hamilton of Indiana holding the position of the Committee's highest ranking Democrat at that time period. He continued in stating: "At the same time, I cannot recall any objection from any member of Congress then." Apparently the Republicans insist that they were kept in the dark about these entire goings on ----A policy they say now gave terrorist sponsoring Iran a strong foothold in Central Europe. The central issue here is regarding both the wisdom and legality of former U.S president William Jefferson Clinton's decision to inform former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman back in April 1994 that the United States essentially would not object if the aforementioned other countries shipped arms going to aid terrorists into Bosnia through way of Croatia. When personally asked whether Clinton himself made the decision to allow these terrorist activities Tarnoff said he was unable to comment because:

56 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia "I was not in the presence of the president at the time." He also stated that he did not recall who it was informing him of the decision to allow the activities to occur yet on the actual day of the decision, Tarnoff was a fully acting United States Secretary of State39.

39 April 23. 1996 cited from The New York Times News Service in the article titled, U.S. DEFENDS SILENCE ON TEHRAN'S ARMS SMUGGLING TO BOSNIA by ELAINE SCIOLINO.

57 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

XIV Bosian Muslim Army Composition and History

Islamic terrorists entering Bosnia from countries around the world are commonly referred to as "Mojahedeen." They were originally organized into units that were then part of the Bosnian Muslim Army’s regular Order of Battle. As such, they themselves organized, trained and indoctrinated new units composed of new local "Islamic holy warriors." One proof of this is seen by the "El-mojahed40" video.

This video elucidates the Bosnia civil war history and glorifies the heroism the "El- mojahed" Islamic component played therein. The film itself was composed in Bosnia and produced (in about 2000 copies) in Switzerland. All dialogue from the film is in Arabic indicating the video was intended for solely an Islamic non-Bosnian audience and that it had the purpose of promoting additional Islamic Jihad’s in the Islamic portions of our world. Alija Izetbegovic, then the leader of the Bosnian Muslims’ Army is seen in this film reviewing the Muslim El-mojahed troops himself on several occasions because he was then an honorary commander of the unit. The Unit itself also trained future terrorists to attack the western capitalist way of life and democratic governance and its associated values held by most of today’s civilized modern civilization.

The camera also recorded a meeting of mojahedeen leaders – among them was their commander, Emir Abu Al-Ma’ali, whose face was obscured – with General Sakib Mahmuljin, "Bosnian Army" 3rd Corps commander, Sheik Anvar Shaban, Sheik Abu Abdulrahman and also Col. Fadil Hasanagic.

As well, shown in the video are members of the 7th Muslim Brigade, the Bosnian Muslim version of El-mojahed. There is a particularly revolting segment showing the murder of a dozen Serb prisoners from the 3rd Ozren Brigade and the Srbac Brigade whom in September 1995 were taken prisoners of war by the same brigade and all had their throats slit on camera41.

40 One of the first copies of this video tape of the "El Mudzahid" was made possible by a certain "Mudzahedin insider" for 10 000 DEM. 41 See the section: "Crimes committed by the Mudzahedin against other ethnicities during the Bosnian civil war."


The "Bosnian Army" ended its offensive against Serb villages on Mt. Ozren on September 10th 1995, having seized Paljanik Peak near Vozuca. The operation was commanded by Col. Refik Lendo, and his forces included units of the 2nd Corps headed by General Sead Delic along with the 3rd Corps led by General Sakib Mahmuljin). Third Corps’ Mojahedeen at that time captured some 400 Serbs, and took most of them to a POW camp in Gostovcii. The mentioned film of "El-mojahed" also explicitly shows the most repulsive and grave war crimes committed by the same which happened there containing Serbian prisoners of war being beheaded in ritual slaughter. According to "Islamic fundamental tradition" victims and POW’s must die with great pain and suffering through repulsive ritual torture.

60 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

XV Composition of Muslim Bosnian Army Brigades

First the victims fingers must be cut along with their feet. Then, slowly their head is finally cut off using an executioner styled sword42. Only eight Serbian prisoners ever returned from the Gotovci Mojahedeen camp. They offered their testimonies to the courts in the Republika Srpska and also at the Hague (ICTY). Although Repbublika Srspka authorities sent this important evidence of these and other war crimes committed against these and other Serbs during the war, the ICTY has yet to take any action on them and the evidence was sent in back in October 2001.

In the many Mujahedin education centers in Central Bosnia, Mehurici [ A municipality containing the city, Travnik and Rostovo near the city, Bugojno], Mujahedins and their "students" comprised of Bosnian Muslims, killed large numbers of Bosnian Croats as well. The sacral objects of the Croat’s were demolished and destroyed as well as one certain Church of "Holy Ivo" that was once located in the city of Travnik; then the Mujahedin cut the heads of a large holy sculpture of their Saints.

By late 1995, El-mojahed composed the central core unit of the "Bosnian Muslim Army’s" 3rd Corps and its members served it primarily as storm troopers. The unit itself was headquartered in Zenica. The respective unit sizes were raised from 1500 troops to later around 2000 troops each. The nucleus of each brigade consisted of a basic core composed of foreign Islamic Mujahedin while the rest were composed of Bosnian Islamists. Most of the foreign Mujahedin were all the members of an Iranian-sponsored group calling themselves, "al-Quds." Their formations were then deployed in BiH by Iran

42 The U.N. General Assembly [A/49/362 6] in September 1994 [ENGLISH] concluded usage of mercenaries was a means of which the Muslilm component of the Bosnian Army mentioned above seriously was in violation of war crimes and many human rights laws while simultaneously they impeded the exercising the human right of the Bosnian peoples to use self- determination. A a group of about forty-three Mujahidin from Saudi Arabia, led by a certain Abu Isa El Meki, committed brutal crimes and barbaric acts against the Serbian population in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also in the municipality, Teslic. It also maintains that this group is responsible for taking part in a certain massive massacre of Serbian soldiers taken prisoner among whom the report mentions in particular the Serbian soldiers: Blagoje Blagojevic, Nenad Petrovic and Branko Djurica as well as sexual assaults committed against Serbian women and children.

61 following htier being intensively trained and indoctrinated in terrorist training facilities in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan. All in all, the three Muslim Liberation Brigades contained over 8000 troops.

They are as follows:

* 7th Muslim Liberation Brigade of the 3rd Corps [Headquarters was in Zenica]. In mid-April 1996 it became mechanized and contained the following units:

-Elements of the 319-th Brigade;

-Elements of the 330-th Brigade;

-Three maneuver battalions.

-A Green Beret company of Mujahedin dominated Islamist Special Forces];

-A tank company;

-9th Muslim Liberation Brigade of the 2nd [Tuzla-based Corps] HQ in Travnik and,

-4th Muslim Liberation Brigade of the 4th Corps [HQ in Konjic].

In 1996 an additional fourth Muslim Liberation Brigade was constructed and was designated as the 17th Muslim Light Brigade of the 1st Corps in Sarajevo. Then in December 1995 more additional Mujahedin formations were raised by Bosnian Muslims. These units had a very high cadre of foreign Mujahedin, but most of the lower ranks were composed from only local Bosnian Muslims. By June of 1996 there were at least ten similar units in ABiH not including the four previously mentioned Muslim Liberation Brigades.

They are as follows:

-807th Muslim Liberation Brigade of the 81st Division [HQ in Gorazde] and sworn-in at Gorazde on 20 December, 1995;

-117th Brigade "Dzemisetski Golubovi" [HQ in Lukovac];

-119th Special Forces Mudzahedin Brigade [HQ in Banovici]. This brigade was divided into two task forces know as "Tigrici" and "Zelena Strela;"

62 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia -203rd Brigade [HQ in Tesanj]. This brigade was composed of three "independent mudzahedin special task forces" named "Kritce", "Vitezovi", and "Tigrovi";

-204th Light Brigade "Citloviki Vukovi" [HQ in Citlukl];

-115th Muslim Brigade [forward HQ in Vogosc];

-17th Muslim Light Brigade of the 14-th Division of the 1st Corps [HQ in Pazaric];

-379th Motorized Brigade of the 37th Division [HQ in Tesanj]. This unit is considered as their elite by Bosnian standards. Operational Group "Zivinicke Ose" [HQ in Zivinice] and also,

-An unspecified Operational Group with HQ in Tuzla; it contained two special task forces named "Janicari" and "Taut". This Operational Group is independent of the Tuzla- based 2nd Corps.

There all total was an estimated 750 to 1 000 foreign Muslim Mujahedin serving in each of the ten above-mentioned units. These foreign mujahedin formed the core of recon- sabotuer and other special operational militant force units of the ABiH, as well as of the Muslim Defense Force of the SDA. The latter included in 1996 over 1000 Bosnian Muslims trained and indoctrinated abroad.

These foreign Mujahedin also played an extremely large role in training the ABiH special forces and thereafter were later discovered in many other prominent positions in ABiH later serving as intelligence officers, religious commissars and as operational commanders of special operations forces units.

Many of these Mujahedin fighters of the type mentioned above were found in the following units:

-1st Bosniak Brigade "Nocne Ptice." This was an especially highly specialized "mother unit" and included a wide variety of experts and specialists from Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon;

-3rd Corps which was a training unit for both foreign Mujahedins and Bosnian Islamists and formed part of the 3rd Corps. This unit is known as the "G" Force [the G stands for Gazi'a which is Arabic for retribution, retaliation and/or punishment]. Some formerly separate Mujahedin units acted as like a "Martyr Detachment" and the Ansar


Force were incorporated into "G" Force. In spite of its training character, the "G" Force was deployed in combat. The unit's cadre seems to be composed of a group of Saudi phanatics, while most of their manpower was drawn from an ABiH recon-sabotage battalion from Vukovije. Abu-Ma'ali was presumably the force's commander as of 1996.

Foreign Mujahedin in the Bihac Pocket

The Bihac Pocket had then, and may still possess today, an unusually high saturation of foreign Mujahedin. This was due to the fact that they were intentionally sent there by Izetbegovic's administration in order to prevent the pocket's loss to any rebel Muslim forces of Fikret Abdic. Among other things, they were assigned the task of reinforcing local units and their loyalty to Sarajevo, as the local Muslims often opted to massively desert to the Abdic camp. The majority of Mujahedin however did reach the enclave by being smuggled in there by U.N. units and vehicles. Other International relief organizations also aided them or they were flown in on illicit arms shipments.

As of 1996 the key mujahedin units of the 5th Corps were as follows:

- 501st Mountain Brigade IDG "Tigrovi"

- 503rd Mountain Brigade IDG "Caruge"

- 505th Mountain Brigade IDG "Tajfun", "Hamze", "Balije"

- 511th Light Brigade IDC "Apaci"

All of these brigades are elite by designation (IDG or IDC, with IDC being the smaller of the two), and capable of recon, sabotage, and of airborne-heliborne (desant) operations. There are an estimated 1 200 to 1 500 foreign mujahedin serving in each of these brigades.

In mid 1993 the Handzar Division was constructed in Sarajevo. The division's chief task was to serve as the Presidential Guard as well as active security for other important Bosnian Muslim leaders. The division was composed of two troop units:

The Handzar unit stationed in Sarajevo was composed of between 2500 and 3000 men, all considered as elites insofar as the then ABiH standards.

64 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia The second body of the division's make-up was a "back-up force" compriosed of about between 6000 to maybe 7500 men located at, Fojnica. Unlike its SS predecessor, this new Handzar Division was composed of primarily only Muslims from outside of BiH; most of them being ethnic Albanians ()many from Kosovo-Metohia itself). However, the highest-ranking positions were filled with Mujahedin veterans from outside of Bonsia fighting as Islamic mercenaries from Afghanistan and Pakistan. By 1995, elements from these divisions were already involved in special operations taking place on the civil wars front lines of which most of them fought right alongside their foreign Mujahedin comrades. Moreover, in 1995 there was a large transfer of men composing a new elite unit coming from Albania.

To derive an exact number of the total Islamic terrorists fighting in this and similar such Units during the Bosnian War, one would also need to add in the at least several thousand "elite fighters" coming into Bosnia to help their Islamic brothers fight from: Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and other Muslim countries serving in key positions in the regular Bosnian Muslim military, the Artillery Uniy and also other units such as the Air Defense and Supply, etc.. It is noteworthy to also underline that their also were some 4000 to 6000 Islamic terrorists operating simultaneously at this time in Bosnia during its civil war under the cover of the aforementioned NGOs’ and other so-called "charities" and "humanitarian organizations. A portion of this sum derives from adding in an Iranian contingent which was comprised of the 7th Revolutionary Guards Brigade and which was composed of at least 2000 men in addition to a special VEVAK force composed of about 400 men.

The Iranian intelligence service [VEVAK] actually so to speak "ran wild" through the entire Bosnian countryside during the civil war in the early 1990s while they attempted to developing additional intelligence networks and also by setting up terrorist support systems, recruiting terrorist sleeper agents and also other agents of influence who all insinuated themselves by using the high ranking officials [Islamic} within the Bosnian political leadership as their allies to an unprecedented and very high degree.

The Iranians also managed to effectively annex significantly large portions of the Bosnian security apparatus [Agency for Information and Documentation (AID)] to act as their intelligence and terrorist surrogates. This extended to the point of jointly planning terrorist activities. According to estimates by the London Institute for International Strategic Studies (IISS), the total number of Islamic terrorists who served in the "Bosnian Army" since the beginning of the civil war is about 40000.


Faced with the provisions of the Dayton Peace Accord, the Bosnian Muslim authorities hastily reorganized the Islamic infrastructure at the end of 1995. The Mojahedeen were "legalized," whether by marriage or by being awarded Bosnian citizenship, based on their contribution to the "Muslim cause." A number of them began working for charities accredited by international organizations and supported by Sarajevo. Awarding citizenship to the Mojahedeen was personally approved by Alija Izetbegovic, and this illegal project was led by his personal Deputy Director of AID (Agency for Information and Documents - Bosnian Muslim intelligence) Irfan Ljevakovic. He was the man who was formerly in charge of coordinating the work of AID and the so called "AA- factors" (a term used by AID officers for Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists known by the following other alias, "African-Asian factors". His handwork also included creating another terrorist network including Bosnian [Islamic ethnic former Mujehadeen fighters] now given positions ranging from such as becoming anything from a high ranking police official to an official position within the Bosnia&Herzegovina Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Judiciary, local government positions as well as many other important positions such as the following (including the persons holding various positions which include the following former Mujahadeen fighters’:

[Enes?] Bezdrob in Sarajevo, and Semsudin Mehmedovic in Tesanj [Police position], Husein Zivalj, Bakir Alispahic, and MFA security head Muhamed Besic [MFA - Ministry of Foreign Affair Positions], Sahbaz Dzihanovic and Jusuf Halilagic [Judiciary], former Deputy Commander of the "Bosnian Army" 3rd Corps in charge of the former Mojahedeen was afterward transferred to the Federal Ministry of Justice after Dayton, Bakir Dautbasic [Merhamet Charity], Mirsada Zutic-Beganovic and Bajro Cilic from the local government... and the list seemingly is endless.

In the year 2000, charges were formally pressed against Bajro Cilic [a high-ranking police official of Muslim ethnicity] who resided in the old town area in Sarajevo. His arrest was based on grounds of illegally issuing personal identification documents to foreign citizens. Instead of being prosecuted however like would have been the normal Rule of Law procedure in such a case, instead the man [Cilic] was promoted instead of being jailed! This was done by the so-called self-proclaiming "New Democratic Government" in Bosnia directly at that time (very much influenced by the informal new head of AID, Faik Spago, a cousin of Cilic’s) at another Sarajevo municipality.

There is also evidence that Mirsada Zutic-Beganovic [Head of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs Police], who was only appointed six days after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. [September 11th 2001], was back during the year 1995, the Superintendent of Legal

66 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia / Administrative Affairs [An Office a Part of the Bosnian Citizenship Registry]. On December 28th 1995, she signed the citizenship papers of 103 foreigners who originated from both Africa and Asia. Her predecessor, Muhamed Besic, was also a part of this network awarding illegal citizenships to certain "AA-factors." All this clearly elucidates the entire state apparatus of Bosnia&Herzegovina partook in the illegal crime after Dayton of awarding Bosnian citizenship to Islamic Muhahadeen fighters as well as ethnic Islamic "AA factors." Those appointed these high ranking governmental positions still unto this very day remain in good standing with the self-proclaining new Democratic Government currently existing in BiH today calling itself the new, "Alliance for Change."

In other words, the aforementioned large number of other Islamic terrorists given Bosnian citizenship only makes a clear-cut and strong case that indeed strong ally ties exist today and back then insofar as Islamist terrorist and the current Bosnian Muslim part of the Bosnian Government. Karim Said Atmani (sp), a notorious terrorist and member of the Algerian Groupe Islamique Armee (GIA) – now in French police custody was one more man that received Bosnian citizenship back in 1995. Also, a man named, Mehrez Adouni, a former member of el-Mojahed and a close associate of Osama Bin Laden was recently arrested in Turkey with a falsified Bosnian passport. Moreover, another notable citizen named, Mohammed Zuhair Handallah, a chief organizer of a 1997 Mostar car-bombing. Ekrem Avdi of Kosovo, founder of the Mojahedeen unit there as well as a man named, Abubakr Sadeq, who formerly fought in Kosovo-Metohia, they were all personally issued Bosnian passports [illegally] in 1994 by the Teslic Police Superintendent [a man named Semsudin Mehmedovic.]

During the winters between the years 1995-96, the Bosnian Muslim military conducted a program for covering up the Mojahedeen in its ranks. The Mojahedeen with the most military experience are the: the Pakistanis, Afghans and Iranians who were all integrated into the "Bosnian Army" then redeployed into several different Army units. The 3rd Corps was disbanded in January 1996 and transformed into a training unit. Former Mojahedeen fighters at that time then became mere Bosnian citizens and today, many of them are still training alongside with the Bosnian Muslim military. The first group of 1,000 Bosnian Muslims began their training in November 1995 to replace the Mojahedeen transferred to other units throughout the country. The Arab commander was a man named, Abu Al-Ma’ali, yet was replaced by Brigadier-General Sakib Mahmuljin, also an Islamic radical.


With the help of officials in Sarajevo, Iran also reorganized its infrastructure inside Bosnia. After the Dayton-Paris agreement was signed, the 7th Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) Brigade was officially disbanded in December 1995.

However, its key officers [Some 150-200 and according to some sources between 750- 1,000 Islamic fighters] were after Dayton were integrated into elite forces and associated training units of the "Bosnian Army." Meanwhile, Iranian commanders and key intelligence advisors were assigned to the position of being the ,Iranian Military Attaché whose post is located in Sarajevo. Dozens of Iranian intelligence experts, primarily the top instructors, were all then attached to the AID. Some intelligence cadres returned to Iran and were at that time then assigned to special camps to act as AID operatives’ for assisting in military Islamic training.

Then in early 1996, several hundred Bosnian Muslims soldiers were sent to Iran for different sorts of military / intelligence training. Additionally, Iran revamped its own network of so-called "charity offices" that were located in: Mostar, Zenica, Bihac, Visoko and Sarajevo and in early June in 1996 Iran opened and staffed a large medical center in Bihac. That same year, Tehran focused on maintaining a long term presence in Bosnia by further fortifying its infrastructure while simultaneously expecting the international UN Peacekeeping Forces in Bosnia to depart, whether on their own will or due to the resumption of ethnic hostilities.

At the end of March 1996, NATO confirmed that Iran was grossly violating the Dayton Peace Agreement. NATO spokesman Captain Mark van Duyk stated that Iran, contrary to provisions of the DPA, had continued to train the "Bosnian Army," and that Iranian cadres represented a terrorist threat to international forces. Under U.S. political pressures, Alija Izetbegovic admitted formally that indeed many Islamic Iranians remained in Bosnia&Herzegovina, but claimed their number was only between a mere 50-60 and called them demilitarized soldiers, who stayed only because they married local Muslim women and were now citizens of Bosnia. Direct evidence that Iran continued to train Bosnian Muslim military and intelligence personnel was the IFOR raid on the terrorist training camp in Fojnica where eleven instructors from Iran were arrested and different munitions confiscated like sixty pieces of different arms, explosive devices installed in toys, the plans of the American troops headquarters in Sarajevo, various technical literature of eastern origin and plenty of Islamic propaganda material. On that occasion, a mountain of evidence was found showing this camp to be undoubtedly run by instructors from the Iranian intelligence. Among the impounded materials were lists containing names of the trainees. Ali Rezah Bayatta (sp), head of the Iranian Intelligence’s Balkans

68 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia section was after the raid discharged because his inadequate security measures at the camp made it possible for the raid to reveal the Iranian intelligence’s direct involvement in organizing international terrorism in Bosnia.

Transforming the former fighters of the Mojahedeen’s official status began in December 1995 and was complete by March 1996. They had been transformed into an elite core that helped "Islamize" most of the entire Bosnian Muslim military establishment. The important rule in this radical transformation and Islamization of the Bosnian Muslim army units was that it had AID-Agency for its help conducting Research / Documentation which was established on January 12th 1996 with the aid and influence of Irana. It was organized according to the Iranian intelligence concept, and used by the government to control its own people and maintain influence among the terrorists. AID was to coordinate the activities of terrorists in Bosnia and Europe the way terrorist groups operated in Egypt (Gamma’at al- Islamya), Israel (Hamas) and Lebanon (Hezbollah). The agency had two main tasks: to provide cover for the hard core of mojahedeen whose expulsion Sarajevo promised to the international community, and to ensure the establishment of an Islamic state in the entire territory of Bosnia&Herzegovina. Its first task was achieved - AID give the mojahedeen new identities and appropriate Bosnian papers and passports. Key members of the el-Mojahed were awarded Bosnian citizenship and given property in the area known as the "Green Triangle" Some of the villages were they settled were: Orasac, Guca Gora and Mehurici near Travnik; Han Bil in central Bosnia, and Bocinja near Zavidovici

In fact, the very first director of AID was Bakir Alispahic, a former high-ranking official of the former Yugoslav Internal Security Directorate (SDB) and erstwhile Internal Affairs Minister. On March 15th 1996, under pressure from the NATO countries regarding the obvious involvement of AID with terrorist bases and a large Bosnian Islamist Mojahedeen presence, Ejup Ganic43 sacked Alispahic and replaced him with Kemal Ademovic. This replacement demonstrated a strong continuing commitment to continue the connection between Sarajevo with Islamic terrorism. Ademovic was one time commander of a special Mojahedeen unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After his appointment into AID, he retained command of that unit as well as the key components of the Handschar Division.

43 Ejup Ganic, was a member of the Bosnian Muslim Presidency


The real power however of the Islamic fundamentalists existing in Bosnia however is based upon their radical theology coupled with their friends in high ranking diplomatic circles. Hence, it is not surprising that after his dismissal, Alispahic became the new Deputy Foreign Minister while continuing influencing the operations of AID. However, now he was running he illegal activities involving IAD within the international sphere of global diplomacy. His associate Irfan Ljevakovic was appointed Special Advisor to Ademovic and Enver Mujezinovic and Fikret Muslimovic, Alispahic’s former assistants, were both transferred to other reputable positions.

According to a Los Angeles Times article44 hundreds of foreign Islamic extremists became Bosnian citizens. The extremists include hard-core terrorists, some with ties to Osama bin Laden being protected by militant elements of the former Sarajevo government. Bosnia&Herzegovina is "a staging area and safe haven" for terrorists, said one former senior State Department official. In several instances, terrorists with links to Bosnia have launched actions against Western targets.

One example of this was an Algerian with Bosnian citizenship, described by one U.S. official as "a junior Osama bin Laden," trying to help smuggle explosives in 1998 to an Egyptian terrorist group plotting to destroy U.S. military installations in Germany. The shipment included military C-4 plastic explosives and blasting caps. Luckily, the CIA intercepted the shipment foiling the attack. Another North African with Bosnian citizenship belonged to a terrorist cell in Montreal that was a co-conspirator in the failed millennium plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport. One of bin Laden's top lieutenants - a Palestinian linked to major terrorist plots in Jordan, France and the United States - had operatives in Bosnia and was also issued a Bosnian passport according to U.S. officials.

Many members of Islamic terrorist organizations also took part in the Bosnian Civil War within the Bosnian Muslim forces. As an afterward award so to speak, they all obtained illegal Bosnian passports. Here are some examples:

1) -- Abu al-Ma’ali [A former commander of el-Mojahed and member of the GIA (Groupe Islamique Armee) from Algeria];

44 Citation from newpaper article, The Plain Dealer, (10/07/01) written by Craig Pyes, Josh Meyer and William C. Rempel in the Los Angeles Times.

70 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia 2) -- Hisham Diab [Born in Egypt and current member of the New Jihad];

3) -- Ebu Hamza Karray Kamel Bin Ali [Born on November 16th 1966 in Tunisia and member of, Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya];

4) -- Suleyman Maherezi [An Algerian known as Abu Jameel when he fought in Bosnia and now commanding the GIA];.

5) -- Abu Hamza [ A Palestinian now living in Bocinja, Bosnia as a leader of the fundamentalist World Islamic Front];

6) -- Abdul Hadi al-Gahtani [ An Afghan Mujahadeens convicted in a Zenica court for kidnapping and murder then sentenced to three years in prison. According to unconfirmed sources, he was "martyred" on November 19th 2001 when a U.S. rocket hit a building where Al-Qahtani was staying];

7) -- Faud Talat Kasim [Arrested in Zagreb in August 1995 he belonged to the Egyptian Gamma’at al- Islamya];

8) -- Kevin Holt [An Islamic terrorist from the U.S. also known as Isa Abdullah Ali, who partook in the Beirut bombings during the early 1980s and also is a Hezbollah member];

9) -- Abdul Hadi al-Gahtani [Born in 1383 [lunar year] in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia he worked directing the Agency of the High Committee of Saudi Arabia for aid to Bosnia&Herzegovina taking part in the kidnapping of three British workers from the Overseas Development Agency on January 27, 1994];

10) -- Abu-Abdallah [A Palestinian born man who deserted the U.S. Marine Corps to become a member of Hamas];

11) -- Ahmed Z. Zuchariya [A Saudi arrested by Croatian police February 1996 and a member of the terrorist "Organization for Islamic Revolution existing in the Arabian peninsula];

12) -- Rizvan Qazimi [The late "Commander Lesi" of the "UCPMB" who also was a KLA member with experience from the Bosnian War].


Because he took the most notorious terrorists of today into the ranks of his army, Izetbegovic made Bosnia into a safe haven for Islamic terrorist groups of all kinds right inside the very heart of Europe. This sanctuary then branched outward into other parts of the Former Yugoslavia including: Kosovo-Metohia, Macedonia, southeastern Serbia and many other parts of Montenegro. The Bosnian Civil War can clearly be seen as an opportune chance for theses radical Islamists to train more of their own radicals for partaking in planned and plotted future terrorism against the western world. It also created the channels through which the terrorists came to fight, train and then quickly desert Bosnia and go into other theaters as veteran warriors. Besides being a safe haven for terrorist who were already there, Bosnia after Dayton also became a safe haven for Islamic terrorists who sought to attack elsewhere. Thanks to their Bosnian passports, they are now able to obtain a second identity and they now can travel primarily unhindered as they slip silently into other countries. According to the Egyptian security services, 75 Egyptian terrorists who are wanted for numerous acts of terrorism, have new identities and citizenships in Bosnia.

Yet maybe most important of all is that this wide ranging Bosnian terrorist infrastructural network that was created during the Bosnian Civil War, now spans all the way from New York, Sarajevo, Islamabad, London, Milan, Tirana, Sofia, Skopje into Pristina. As early as 1996 the international forces had information on a terrorist network in Bosnia that extended to the following towns: Fojnica, Teslic, Petrovo, Modrica, Bosanski Samac, Bosanski Brod45, Derventa, Konjic, Kakanj, Tesanj, Bistricak, Pazaric, Mehurice and Zenica.

The forward command, support and coordination of their terrorist activities was established in Sofia in 1991. It was thereafter improved until the late summer of 1994 when it came under command of Aymanu al-Zawahiri. He first visited Sofia in September 1994, staying their with the false name of a man called, Mohammed Hassan Ali. He uses multiple passports – Egyptian, German, French and Swiss. The French, Egyptian and Swiss passports bore the name Amin Othman while the German (number 513116) had him aka as "Sami Mahmoud."

45 In to the territory of Bosanski Brod – today Srpski Brod, operated "Handzar" divisions since 26.03.1992. This city was of very great importance for Muslim fundamentalist not only geographically operating within Bosnia&Herzegovina, but also because of its possessing one oil refinery located in the Ccity of Srpski Brod.

72 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia After the failed assassination attempt against Egypt’s President Mubarak in 1995 was also organized by Zawahiri; he after moved his headquarters from Geneva to Sofia at which time Bulgaria became very important to Islamist plans that year when the arrest of Faud Talat Kassim manifested that Croatian police had become an unreliable ally despite the significant bribes invested into their local law enforcement. The Islamic terrorists announced their presence in Bulgaria on November 20th 1995 when one of them attacked the Egyptian Embassy in Sofia as a warning to the Egyptian government to not interfere with cracking down on any of its Islamists conducting their illegal terrorism within Bulgaria. Aymana al-Zawahiri’s main mission then was to establish a terrorist intelligence infrastructure for infiltrating his men into Kosovo-Metohia and also Macedonia. In addition he wanted to plan, oversee and execute possible terrorist attacks against international forces in Bosnia. This center is currently run now by his brother Zayman.

The terrorist infrastructure in Albania was created in 1994 when Osama bin Laden himself visited this country with full permission of Sali Berisha and the Albanian intelligence. This terrorist infrastructure, the Italy-Bosnia-Bulgaria-Albania axis, was a cause for concern as early as 1997 when the Italian and Bosnian network then commanded by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, attempted to assassinate the Pope. They later expanded into Kosovo-Metohia and Macedonia where they significantly contributed to the increased Albanian terrorism. Their full force and gander to the Balkans, Europe and the world became obvious during the September 11th 2001 attack on the U.S. World Trade Centers. Today, over 400 Bosnian citizens are currently suspected of possessing strong ties / connections to Al-Qaeda and are under investigation. American investigators should show an especially high and special interest in a certain four ex-members of the el-Mojahed: Algerians Lionel Dumont, Hamid Amich, Karim, Said Atmani, as well as Sudanese Zuhair Handal. Hamid Amich and Karim Said Atmani who all came into Bosnian in 1995 from Canada. When trying to obtain new passport in Zenica, according to intelligence source Lionel Dumont, they were all seen together with six other Arabs on the territory of Zenica Municipaluty of Bosnia in October 2000. Lionel Dumont called Hamza, then married to the daughter of Salih Jasarevic with the place of residence in Babina Rijeka to have been guilty of committing not only a few brutal murders and robberies, but said he was also guilty of being a part of the Islamists fighting on e time with the Mujaheddins under the name Iman Ben Jusuf Arfaj. Tarik Kabava, a British citizen of Libyan origin, a member of the detachment "El Mudzahid" was also accused of being a British spy.

Soon after the arrest, the French Government required an Extradiction Order for Lionel Dumont and Moulud Boghelane who, like the murdered Zeferini Biniam, belonged to one of the cells of the Algerian terrorist organization GIA. The investigation in Bosnia on

73 behalf of France, was conducted by the best experts in anti-terrorism. Right before the extradition, Lionel Dumont was alleged to have escaped from the prison in Sarajevo, but it is quite clear that he was executed.

Boul Bair Salih (1971) also from Algeria and one time had had fought in the Mulsim Army under the name Abu Musab Talal since 1994, was arrested in Tetovo near Zenica at the end of October 1997. Another man, punished for petty criminal offences, was Khaled al Seif whose alilas is known as "Abu Sulejman al Meki ". He was born in 1966 in Mecca- Saudi Arabia and was staying in the camp located within the town of Bocinja. The public became very familiar with another name as well, the man called "Nabil Ali Hel" wehose alias was known as "Abu Yemen" (Born in 1977) from Yemen and a member of the detachment "El Mudzahid". He was once wounded during the militant fighting going on in Paljenik near Zavidovici. Different offences and crimes were connected with the name of Latif Buset called Salahudin (1969) from Tunisia, Salih Nidal called Hacim from Yemen, and Omar. The man named Halil also has another alias known as "Abdela." He was charged with the blasting of a Catholic Church in Donje Puticevo near Travnik.. One Sserbian man (unknowon today once stated in reference to the aforementioned that:

"I had a chance, unfortunately, to find out as their prisoner the motives for their coming from the Arabian countries – said a Serb from central Bosnia whose body had an indelible trace of an Arab sabre – I saw that every day they obeyed only the law of jihad. They came in great numbers carrying powerful arms exclusively for their own interests, not to help the Muslims. The objective of their fight was the victory of Islam and to spread Islam over the entire planet Earth; and not only in Bosnia46."

The following Islamist groups in Bosnia are cited as having possible connections with terrorism:

- Elbard Bosnia (Free Bosnia) headquartered in Zenica, is an association of former mojahedeen and Muslim extremists;

- The Wahhabis – a religious organization registered in 1995, funded by Sudan and Saudi Arabia; it is especially active in the area of Velika Kladusa, where it is led by Osman

46 Miroslav Toholj Mujahedins in Bosnia and Herzegovina

74 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia Galijasevic. He is notorious for stating "The West can forget about the threat from the East. The real threat is the green color of Islam.";

- Red Rose – there is evidence of its involvement with Hamasom; it is directly run by AID, and its members are responsible for several attempted murders of Fikret Abdic; new members are recruited from the Islamic Academy in Bihac and the Islamic High School in Cazin;

- Zetra operates in the Cazin area, and is linked to several attacks on political opponents of the SDA party;

- Patriotic League – was registered as a political party at the outbreak of the Bosnian War; The Patriotic League was actually comprised of several units of Bosnian fighters. The units under it consisted mainly of JNA officers who were Muslim. Allegedly, as early as 1991, the Patriotic League began covertly arming Muslims in the Mostar area, together with Croatia. At the same time, Muslim fighters were secretly being sent to Croatia to train with Ministry of Interior (MUP) special forces at Rakitje (home of the 1st Guards Brigade), Lucko (home of ATJ Lucko) and Kumrovec. From April to September 1991, several groups of 15-20 men were allegedly sent to Libya for terrorist training. Thus, when the war in Bosnia began, the Patriotic League was said to have had 98,000 trained soldiers ready to fight, being run from 9 regional and 103 municipal headquarters (out of a total 109 municipalities in Bosnia).

- "3 to 9" – is an extremist Islamic organization whose name alludes to replacing the Christian Trinity with the nine holy symbols of Islam.;

- Active Islamic Youth – its Bosnian coordinator is Adnan Pezo from Zenica. It has branches in all larger towns in Bosnia, and a religious compound in Plandiste near Ilidze, whose leader is Sead Abdurahman Kalabis, whose nom-de-guerre was Abu Sadid;

- Muslim Youth Union (MOS) – youth group for the extremist Muslim organization Young Muslims, and the keeper of traditions for the mojahedeen unit el-Fatih; headquartered in Old Town Sarajevo;

- Hamas Turabe, extremist Muslim organization in Gorazde;

- Islamic Warriors, a domestic extremist militia in Kakanj;

- Pharaohs, a militia established in September 1996, works in cells of three or five;


- Oric’s Militia, operated until mid- 2001 under the command of the notorious Naser Oric suspect war criminal from Srebrenica. Oric’s Militia is based in Tuzla and composed by those Muslim’s which are considered as missing from Srebrenica. Today, they all have false identities.

- Black Swans, a militia; its members have served as bodyguards for high-ranking SDA officials; numbers around 600;

- Special AID unit "Nightingales," closely connected to terrorist groups, was organized along the lines of Iranian intelligence;

Currently the attention of world terrorism is focused on the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US and the war in Afghanistan. However, this should not be the cause to reduce the level of alertness to terrorism in the Balkans. It is clear that this terrorist network is using all the methods of conventional and unconventional warfare, especially subversion. It is also clear that organized crime suits the terrorists’ purposes, as one of the ways to obtain funding for terrorist activities. Not even the arrest or elimination of Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan will not change the world infrastructure of terrorism much, since it now involves many centers and factors of Islamic terrorism, connected to financial power centers, secret services and large smuggling operations. They all need to be eliminated in order to eliminate the danger of Islamic terrorism.

Terrorist themselves are not the greatest danger. Many are arrested before completing their missions, while many missions are clumsily planned and badly executed. But the terrorist himself is expendable and easily replaceable. The real danger is the fanaticism and readiness of the entire terrorist network to consistently engage in violence.

Other men important for the functioning of the Islamic fundamentalist network in Bosnia:

Nezim Halilovic, khattab ( priest) of the "King Fahd" mosque, financed by Saudi Arabia in Sarajevo, is certainly someone working not only on promoting the Wahhabi values, but also on popularizing the Taliban in Bosnia. This man has a large following, who are well-equipped and for ideological activities and armed for terrorist undertakings. He has well-known connections with fundamentalists in the Middle East and the US.

76 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia Muris Cupic, representative of the "Active Islamic Youth", has organized a series of secret actions against non-Muslims. This organization’s most important role is organizing "sleeper" cells and covering up for al-Qaeda members.

New York, USA – Some Predictions

There is a fear of suicide disease-carriers, terrorists who deliberately infected themselves with communicable diseases which they can easily spread in big cities through touch, breath and bodily fluids. Smallpox, plague and Ebola are just some of the horrifying pestilences the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has warned about. Though there is no evidence of any deliberate carriers present, this is an opportunity to remind the people of a palpable danger this represents, and teach physicians what to do if such a situation ever develops. Especially alarming is the danger of botulism since botulism toxin (botox!) is one of the most dangerous known toxins. Very small quantities of bacillus botullinus, dropped into the water supply, food warehouses and so on, could cause catastrophic consequences.

Physicians warn of the dangers of pulmonary plague, against which there is no inoculation. Several antibiotics are effective only if taken within a day after the manifestation of the symptoms. The symptoms occur within six days (at the latest), and are characterized by fever, headache, weakness, and coughing up blood.

Experiments in countries outside US control are a special issue facing US intelligence services. One of the leading Soviet biological weapons researchers Kanatyan Alibekov, now Ken Alibek, claims that a devastatingly new biological weapon had been developed in absolute secrecy; it devastates the nervous system, acting on the basis of bio-regulators. US scientists know, of course, that such research in small, private laboratories in other countries cannot be controlled or inspected.

A particular danger is posed by a possibility of a limited nuclear catastrophe caused by small nuclear warheads. Unofficial data47 indicates that in June 1997, Iran and bin Laden managed to smuggle several small-size nuclear devices into the US. This information becomes even more chilling if we take into consideration that members of the recently raided "charity" Benevolence International, in addition to being close associates of Osama bin Laden, were found to have been working on procuring uranium for al-Qaeda needs:

47 Terrorist Watch


Mamdouh Salim, bin Laden’s close associate and one of the authors of the fatwa, Mohammed Bayazid, key procurer of uranium, Mohamad Jamal Khalifa, bin Laden’s cousin, one of the participants of the WTC attack in 1993, Wali Khan Amin Shah, key leader of terrorist attacks against the US in the Philippines. All of them were either members of the aforementioned "charity," or had access to its funds. Needless to say, they all spent time in Bosnia&Herzegovina, thanks to the strong Al-Qaeda network there. That network still exists, and reaches into the highest instances of government.

(In the Appendix are 6 graphics depicting the global network of Islamic fundamentalists, including the relationship between the US, Bin Laden and B-H.)

The final goal of Islamic fundamentalist is to concurred US. According to some information’s original plan have several components. One of the most important is to multiply Muslim population up to 2010 in the territory of US. They estimate that Muslim population could be grove up three times bigger more then now. One of the projects is to establish a Muslim Village as test for future aspiration of Islamic fundamentalist to overpopulate US. "Dar al Islam's work began with a meeting, at the Ka'aba in Mecca, of an American-educated Industrialist with an American-born Muslim. Their original dream was to establish a Muslim Village as a show-case for Islam in America. Northern New Mexico was chosen as an inspiring location. World-renowned Egyptian Architect Hassan Fathi (mosque) with designed a masjid an attached madressa (school) in traditional North African style. But even as construction continued, it became clear that a village of exemplary Muslims could not be engineered. By 1989 we began a process of formally rethinking our methods. In 1991 we surveyed Muslims nationally and held a meeting of national leadership to assess and prioritize Islamic work in America. The results helped clarify our direction. We sold some land and created an endowment for programs. We retained 1600 acres surrounding the Mosque and Madressa as well as a hospitality complex which is run separately as The Abiquiu Inn. The Madressa is used as a conference and retreat center. In 1995 we opened executive offices in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Dar al Islam now emphasizes education in the broadest sense. Our programs in the retreat center and across North America share with the American people knowledge of Islam and what it offers to restore the values of compassion and justice to our society48"

48 Islam in America - Dar al Islam is a non-profit educational organization

78 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

Crimes committed by Islamic fundamentalist Jihad warrior – mudjahedin, member of Osama bin Laden network Al-Qaeda in Bosnia


Photo 1. Crni Vrh near Teslic. A member of "al-Mujahid" holds up the severed head of serb Blagoje Blagojevic. The unit's honorary commander was Alija Izetbegovic himself.

Photo 2. Severed heads of Blagoje Blagojevic, Brano Djuric and Nenad Petkovic, sent to Alija Izetbegovic as evidence. Every Serb head carried a high reward.

80 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia


Currency from different countries which founded at battle field in Bosnia

82 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

audio tapes on arabic language


Personal ID

84 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia One Islamic hero in Bosnia with medals for fighting against Serbs

Kuwait dinars used id one finacial trasncetion in Bosnia during the war

85 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

Excerpts of materials relating to Islamic Fundamentalist atrocities

87 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia


Republic of Srpska Office of the District Prosecutor, Banja Luka Case # Kt 170/2000

Section 1.

Between March 1, 1992 and December 14, 1995, Alija Izetbegovic was officially Chairman of the Presidency for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RB&H), a position to which he was appointed after general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), then a federal republic within the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). The elections were held November 18, 1990, with Izetbegovic as candidate on behalf of the ethnic Muslim party, Party of Democratic Action (SDA).

With in this time period, using the official powers and influence of his position; guided by the idea of creating an Islamic order through Islamizing the society and state in B&H, according to his personal perceptions about the spread of Islam, described in his 1970 political and religious pamphlet "The Islamic Declaration," a program of radical Islamic action that entailed a de-secularization of Muslims, reimposition of Islam, and creation and expansion of an Islamic state; judging that circ*mstances with in the SFRY and internationally were favorable to this idea; and having decided to accomplish this goal at any cost, he undertook activities intent on making this program a reality. He created the "Patriotic League," and organization comprised of militia and paramilitary outfits such as the "Green Berets" ("Zelene Beretke") and "Bosna", as well as holy warriors (mujahidin). Through these organizations, he imported into B&H weapons purchased abroad, and distributed it through county organizations of the SDA party in Gorazde, Sarajevo, Visegrad, Foca (Srbinje), Breza and other towns. Other weapons were procured from police and military armories in B&H, which were under control of Izetbegovic's followers. All these militia and paramilitary outfits - the "Green Berets," mujahidin, police reserves and the B&H Territorial Defesne (TO B&H) were later amalgamated into the "Army of the Republic of Bosnia&Herzegovina (ARB&H), dominated by the Muslims.


Simultaneously, Izetbegovic created an alliance with the ethnic and political organizations of Bosnian Croats, and their police and militia organizations of similar character.

Seeing the Serbs in B&H as an obstacle to creating an Islamic state; intent on partial extermination of Serbs in B&H and preventing their right to self-determination, upon the commencement of hostilities with the Serbs, contrary to the Articles 1-7 Genocide Convention and the Geneva Conventions of 1949, as well as Protocols I and II of those Conventions of 1977, he ordered and openly encouraged his military and police units to systematically persecute Serb political and intellectualleaders, and the Serb civilian population at large; or, having known it would happen, or has already happened, he deliberately took no action to prevent them or punish the perpetrators. He thus continued to encourage such actions, putting his goal of creating an Islamic state above all international conventions, laws and customs of war.

In violation of Articles 1-7 of the Genocide Convention and the Geneva Conventions of 1949, including Protocols I and n of 1977, have: The above-mentioned police and military formations:

a) In towns and cities under their control, they murdered Serbs and raped Serb women; looted and expropriated Serb property; illegally evicted Serbs from their homes; illegally terminated employment of Serbs; conscripted Serbs info work details that performed forced physicallabor on the frontIines, causing many deaths; and using the media under their control, constantly, systematically and passionately declared the entire Serbian people to be criminals and traitors, calling for their extermination.

To instill additional fear in the remaining Serb population, they celebrated the alleged prowess of their forces, and especially the volunteers from foreign countries (Afghanistan, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt and others), the "mujahidin" holy warriors recruited and brought to B&H through a wide spectrum of international terrorist organizations (AI-Qaeda, whose Osama bin Laden personally visited Sarajevo in 1993, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group - GlA, etc.). The presence of these volunteers was legalized by an August I, 1992 presidential decree by Izetbegovic, proclaiming the Army Bill info law. The law specified that during a state ofwar, persons who were not citizens of B&H could join the ARB&H. Another presidential decree by Izetbegovic, dated April14, 1993, authorized the issuing of officer commissions to non-citizens. The mujahidin volunteers were thus incorporated info

90 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia regular ARB&H units, and the commanders of these units (e.g. Mehmed Alagic, Enver Hadzihasanovic, Sabahudin Mahmuljin, Serif Patkovic, Amir Kubura, Halil Brzina, etc.) were promoted faster and celebrated as heroes.

Serbs who lived in areas where such units operated, finding the ensuing :~ circ*mstances impossible for continued life, abandoned en masse their homes and property. This led to the radical reduction in numbers of Serbs living in Sarajevo, .Breza, Mostar, Konjic, Kupres, Duvno, Livno, B&Hac, Banovici, Zavidovici, Visoko, Tesanj, Srebrenik, Tuzla, Zenica, Travnik, Olovo, Maglaj, Lukavac, Kakanj, Gradacac, Gorazde, Gracanica, Donji Vakuf, Bugojno, Sanski Most and other towns, leaving less then 50,000 Serbs in areas where 500,000 lived before the war.

The above-mentioned military and police formations also consistently infiltrated raiders and saboteurs info the Serb Republic, which would commit mass murder of Serb civilians in towns they would temporarily occupy without any military necessity, and buru the towns afterwards. In this manner, they murdered several thousand civilians in the temporarily occupied areas of the Sava and Drina valleys (Gorazde and Srebrenica counties), such as Milici, Bratunac, Skelani, Zvornik, Visegrad, Cajnice, Srbinje, Kalinovik, Trnovo, Han-Pijesak, Sokolac, and Nevesinje. For the purpose of instilling fear info the Serb population, these mass murders were committed with particular cruelty, through decapitations, immolation and smashing the victims' heads with blunt objects. Executions were preceded by torture, severing of body parts and gouging of eyes. In areas temporarily or permanently occupied by these police and military formation, Serb population was expelled from over 1200 localities, 650 of which were completely torched or otherwise demolished.

b) Established camps in the territory of B&H they controlled, where they incarcerated civilians. There were camps and prisons in over 400 locations: over 80 in the Sarajevo region, over 60 in Herzegovina, over 30 in the Kupres-Livno area, over 15 in the Cazin area, over 45 in the Sava valley, over 60 in north-eastern Bosnia, over 20 in the Drina valley, over 35 in central Bosnia and over 35 in the region of Travnik-Bugojno. The most notorious were the "Silos" (silo) in Tarcin, the Central Prison and "Viktor Bubanj" barracks in Sarajevo, "Musala" and "Celebici" in Konjic, the Central Prison in Tuzla, the ma in penitentiary and "JNA House" in


Zenica, "Mlinska" industry compound in Modrica, Donji Rahic and Gornji Rahic in Brcko, "Dolac" in Travnik, "Dretelj" near Capljina, "Krupa" in Pazaric, army barracks "Ahmet Fetahagic" and "Majevica" in Visoko, the "Ivan Goran Kovacic" school gymnasium in Livno, etc. Thousands of Serbs were systematically detained and illegally imprisoned here for lengthy time periods, without trial or military necessity. The conditions in these camps were inhumane; prisoners were physically and psychologically abused by the military and police personnel in charge of the camps. Conditions were aimed at breaking the prisoners physically and psychologically. Many Serbs were killed or injured. Female prisoners were raped on premises, or taken to be raped at other locations. When food was not withheld it was inadequate, leading to numerous starvation deaths. Medical aid was absent or minirnai. Living conditions were unsanitary. Water was withheld or doled out in minirnai quantities. The prisoners were exchanged for ARB&H POWs, and used as forced la~or or human shields.


- military and police formations that committed these crimes were under control of Alija Izetbegovic, who was the official commander-in-chief of these formations as Chairman of the B&H Presidency. He also had full effective control over them, since the influence of other members of the Presidency, with the exception of Ejup Ganic, was negligible and indeed nonexistent with the military and police forma- tions. - Alija Izetbegovic was notified of these activities, since he was in direct contact with military commanders and issued them orders directly, thus bypassing the ARB&H chain of command. He had cordial relations with members of the mujahidin volun- teer formations, which included known international terrorists (such as Abu AI- Ma'ali)o He received special police reports other members of the Presidency were not privy too While not excluding the possibility of visits to other camps, it is known he personally toured the Celebici camp in Konjic and the "Viktor Bubanj" barracks in Sarajevo. On numerous occasions, he used the helipad in Tarcin, located next to the "Silos" camp where Serb prisoners were forced into hard physical labor under inhumane conditions. He received reports from the International Red Cross about the situation in the camps. He received multiple written memoranda from Haris Sila- jdzic, warning him about the conditions in "Silos" and dem and ing the camp's clo- sure. He was also informed by Jovan Divjak of the persecution of Serbs in Sarajevo and private detention camps for Serbs in that city. Mirko Pejanovic and other mem-

92 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia bers of the Presidency had many times requested that the Presidency address the per- secution of Serb civilians in Sarajevo and other placeso Media from the Serb Repub- lic available in the Sarajevo area -radio, TV and others -also frequently reported the crimes against civilianso Yet Alija Izetbegovic ignored all the information, warnings and requests. - Tens of thousands of copies of a pamphlet titled "Instructions to a Muslim Fighter" were printed and distributed in the territory of B&H. Over 20,000 were distributed only to the units of the ARB&H 3rd Corps, in whose ranks was the 7th Muslim Mountain Brigade. The following are excerpts from the pamphlet: "A Muslim fighter is to obey his supreme commander, and only then his superior office rs" (...) "in that respect, it is forbidden to kill women, children and clergy who have no part in the war, and who do not aide the enemy directly or indirectly. It is forbidden to destroy others' sacred or cultural objects, kill livestock, or destroy crops and plantings." (... ) "These are general rules that all our fighters must obeyo However, if the officers judge that the situation and the general interest demand otherwise, all fighters are obligated to obey the officer. If the officer, of the higher command, decide that in the interest of defending our people and higher goals it is proper to torch certain objects, crops or forests, then this is allowedo",(...) "Also, the military command has the right to decide whether it is more useful to the general interest to release, exchange or kill the enemy prisoners of war."

- Several of the above-listed crimes were committed by volunteer "mujahidin," mem- bers of the 7th Muslim Mountain Brigade, or other members of the ARB&H's 3rd Corps. - Members of the B&H Presidency Nijaz Durakovic, Tatjana Ljujic-Mijatovic, Mirko Pejanovic, Stjepan Kljuic, and Ivo Komsic addressed the public with a communique - but only after January 30, 1995 - that even as members of the ARB&H Supreme Command, they were not responsible for the ideological abuses of religion in the military, but that this process was taking place in certain ARB&H units in spite of their warnings. - Between 1992 and 1995, a religious and political pamphlet titled "The Islamic declaration" was printed in tens of thousands of copies and distributed to ARB&H and police units, and the institutions of state. - Alija Izetbegovic confirmed as undeniable several of the events here described in his


memoir "Memories" ("Sjecanja," TKD Sahinpasic, Sarajevo, 2001), which repre- sents his view of the events in B&H before, during, and after the conflict. Section 2.

Between March 1, 1992 and December 14, 1992, as Chairman of the Presidency of the RB&H and supreme commander of the armed forces of RB&H, motivated by the idea of establishing an Islamic order, subjugating the society to Islam, creating an Islamic state in B&H and spreading Islam further, according to his subjective understanding of Islam, Islamic society, state and order -as detailed in his 1970 pamphlet "The Islamic Declaration," and determined to realize this idea regardless of the cost, upon the outbreak of hostilities between Serbs, Croats and Muslims in B&H, Alija Izetbegovic ordered all armed formations (military and police) and openly encouraged them to murder, torture and behave inhumanely towards prisoners of war, members of the Serb Republic Army (VRS), which they did, contrary to the Geneva Conventions on treatment of prisoners of war.

Organizing the printing and distribution of the pamphlet titled "Instructions to a Muslim Fighter" tens of thousands of copies, over 20,000 of which were distributed only to the units of the ARB&H 3rd Corps. In sections of the pamphlet dealing with the treatment of POWs, the instructions are that "the military command has the right to decide whether it is more useful to the general interest to release, exchange or kill the enemy prisoners ofwar;" while "fighters most obey their officers," this obedience is "given to the supreme commander or those acting on his authority." Upon being informed of such actions, Izetbegovic deliberately failed to take legal action against the perpetrators, or punish them in any way. As a result, he created a climate in which such activities were considered permissible, and were thus encouraged. He tolerated this behavior because, in his judgment, they contributed to the creation of an Islamic state. In addition to other cases, some instances of gross violations of the 1949 Geneva Conventions on treatment of POWs, were:

- in June 1992, vas members Zoran Arsenic, Mica Marcic, Djuka Gavric and Milan Dicic were captured near Barevo, Jajce. Milan Dicic was killed immediately, while others were taken to the Jajce prison and tortured; - in November 1994, VRS members Risto Colovic, Milenko Vujovic, Slobodan Pu- dar, Miljan Radulovic, and Mirko Simic were captured on Mt. Prenj. They were taken to the 4th Corps prison camp in Jablanica and tortured. Colovic, Pudar, Radu- lovic and Simic were subsequently killed; - in the night between August 5 and 6, 1992, VRS member Savo Subotic was cap-

94 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia tured, tortured, and killed by a blunt object to the head; - in late August 1992, near the Trovrh relay tower (Gorazde county), VRS members Bosko Lasica, Djoko Lasica, Njegos Ceho, Kojo Vukovic, Budo Todorovic, Brano Todorovic, Tijo Radovic and Ratko Klacar were captured and taken to the silo in Kopaci (Gorazde) and tortured. Under torture, Klacar committed suicide. The other prisoners were shot; - On October 16, 1992, in Miremisije (Visegrad), VRS members Mirko Rodic, Goran Tusevljak, Marjan Markovic, Dusko Zoric, Milutin Sijakovic, Miro Sijakovic, Mili- sav Cvrkot and Miloje Stanojevic were captured, tortured, and murdered with knives and blunt objects. - In February 1993, in Kamenica (Zvornik), VRS members Stanko Jovanovic, Dragomir Jovanovic, Zoran Bojanovic, Savo Kazanovic, Zoran Pavlovic, Slavko Ti- janic, Zoran Uromovic, Zarko Savic, Miladin Ascevic, Trisa Mihajlovic, Radomir Radic, Dragan Letic, Miso Kovacevic, Radovan Savic, Mica Simic, Nenad Stevano- vic, Ratko Ilic, Branislav Petrovic, Nikola Cvoric, Goran Pjanic, Dragan Jaksic, Marko Milosevic, Srpko Lukic, Savo Djokic, Radislav Macanovic, Radomir Pav- lovic, Uros Karanovic, Vlado Grabovica, Radislav Grabovica, Dragomir Bozic, Mico Tesic, Velimir Jovanovic, Milan Prodanovic and eight other unidentitied per- sons, were captured and tortured. Their body parts were cut off or fractured, and they were executed by decapitation, or with blunt objects to the head. - In August 1992, in Novi Seher (Maglaj), VRS members Simo Trgic and Branko Cvjetkovic were captured and executed; - On May 26, 1993, on Stupnik peak (Mt. Igman), VRS members Miodrag Micic, Sre- ten Zimonja, Radenko Marilovic and Goran Sekerovic were captured, then executed with blunt objects; - On January 23, 1994, near Jablanica (Lopare), VRS members Branko Antic, Mihajlo Peric, Stevan Stevanovic, Mladjen Pupic, Milorad Tesic and Svetozar Mihajlovic were captured and executed; - In February 1993, VRS member Pero Bozic was captured in the village of Krasno Polje, and executed; - Between October 24 and November 10, 1994, in Ostruznica, VRS members Dusko Stankovic, Drago Zec, Bozo Oljaca, Ostoja Bomestar, Predrag Grubor, Bozo Mandic, Dusan Zmijanac, Zdravko Popovic, Momcilo Nedimovic, Obrad Culibrk, Trivo Zavisic, Dragan Karanovic, Radomir Milinkovic, Milan Kondic and Radislav


Vukobrat were captured and executed; - In July 1992, near Kotor Varos, VRS member Obren Bubic was captured and im- prisoned in the villages of Sokoline, Vecici and Kotor, in unsanitary conditions and without sufficient food or water. Between July 5 and 19, 1992, he lost 31 kg of his body weight. In that period he was also injured multiple times by knives and blunt objects, and psychologically tortured as well. On several occasions, tictitious courts- martial would sentence him to death; - On July 10, 1992, in Milosevac near Modrica, VRS members Nenad Jelic, Milenko Blagojevic and Blagoje Lukic were captured and imprisoned in Brijesnica, Gra- canica and Tuzla. They were beaten by blunt objects and otherwise tortured. In Bri- jesnica, they witnessed the execution of a captured VRS member named Jorgic. Sub- jected to torture, deprived of food and water, they were taken to a school in Gra- canica along with 14 other POWs, and forced to confess to a TV crew to crimes they did not commit; - On September 12, 1992, VRS member Goran Juric was captured on Mt. Vlasic, then taken to prisons in Bile rijeke, Gluva Bukovica and Mehurici. During his captivity, he was constantly beaten with blunt objects by guards, or civilians allowed on the premises. He was held without adequate food and water, in unsanitary conditions; - On August 2, 1992, in Memici (Kalesija), Zivojin Srojanovic and another 20 VRS members were captured. The 20 others were taken to an unknown location and are stilllisted as missing. Stojanovic was taken to the Memici village school, where he was tortured with knives and blunt objects. His skull and left shin were fractured as a result; - On June 18, 1994, VRS members Zlatko Blagojevic, Branislav Jeremic and Vojislav Bjelosevic were captured Near Vozuca. They were looted, beaten and taken to a prison in Zavidovici, where they were held in unsanitary conditions, without ade- quate food and water. They were beaten with blunt objects or forced to hit each other, and they were denied a visit by a Red Cross representative; - On September 12, 1995, Bozo Jankovic, Veljko Mitrakovic and 15 other VRS mem- bers were captured Near Vozuca. They were taken to Banovici and Tuzla, held without adequate food or water, in unsanitary conditions, beaten with blunt objects, and subjected to forced labor; - On September 28,1995, VRS member Dragan Ilic was captured Near Vozuca and taken to Lukavica, where he was beaten with blunt objects. After 17 days, he was

96 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia taken to Tuzla and held without adequate food and water, white subjected to forced labor. On January 31,1996, nic and another group of VRS prisoners were beaten and taken to a stockade in a military installation in Tuzla, where they were held until February 26, 1996, so as to be hidden from International Red Cross representatives; - On September 13, 1995, near Vozuca, VRS member David Kelecevic was captured and taken to Hajdarici, Bear Zavidovici. There he was beaten with blunt objects and had 11 bones fractured. After ashort examination, he was denied medical aid and taken to a basem*nt of a day-care center, where he was beaten again; - On September 15, 1995, VRS member Zoran Dragaljevic was captured Near Vo- zuca, then beaten and taken to a basem*nt prison of military police in Zavidovici, where he was beaten with blunt objects and tortured with a screwdriver; - [four entries omitted] - On September 17, 1995, near Vozuca, VRS members Drago Gajic, Mile Gojic, Nedjo Vuckovic, Ljubomir Sekinic, Radivoje Racic, Milorad Panic, and Boro Glavic were captured and turned over to a volunteer "mujahidin" unit in Gostojevici near Zavidovici. They were held without adequate food and water for 15 days, dur- ing which time members of this unit beat them with blunt objects; - [inserted from Section 3] On July 21, 1995, in Krcevine on Mt. Ozren, wounded VRS members Gojko Vujicic and Goran Stokanovic were captured, and with a dozen other VRS captives taken to a prison camp fun by a volunteer "mujahidin" unit in Gostovici, near Zavidovici. There they were tortured with electric shocks, knives, sabers, and blunt objects. Vujicic was executed by ritual beheading. After 33 days in this camp without any medical aid, Stokanovic and other captives were transferred to a prison in Zenlca; - On July 21,1995, in Krcevine on Mt. Ozren, VRS members Viko Aksentic, Branko Sikanic, Velibor Trivicevic, Krsto Marinkovic, Petko Maric and several others were captured. With two other wounded VRS captives, they were taken to Gostovici, near Zavidovici, to a camp fun by a volunteer "mujahidin" unit. They were held in this camp for over 30 days without adequate food and water, beaten, and threatened with death. Injured VRS captive Gojko Vujicic was ritually beheaded, along with several other captives. The rest were transferred to a prison in Zenica, where they were tor- tured physically and psychologically, held without adequate food and water, in un- sanitary conditions; - In September 1995, in the are of Mt. Ozren, "mujahidin" volunteers captured VRS


members Nenad Sipka, Dragomir Dragojevic, Marjan Radovanovic, Dusan Stano- jevic, Stanko Nikolic, Slavko Todorovic, Milovan Todorovic, Stanko Colic, Milan Medakovic, and Bogoljub nic. They cut off their hands and feet, then executed them by beheading, or smashing their heads in with blunt objects. There were other simi- lar incidents, which are by no means excluded from prosecution; - Between July and September 1995, in the area of Mt. Ozren - Vozuca, a number of VRS members (which bas not been fully ascertained) were taken captive and turned over to "mujahidin" volunteers, who cut off the captives' hands and feet, a,nd exe- cuted them by ritual beheading or smashing their heads in with blunt objects. In ad- dition to others, the following captives were murdered in this manner: Vojo Blago- jevic, Dobrivoje Nikolic, Milan Sipka, Djordje Blaskovic, Cedo Petrovic, Drago Njegomirovic, Dragan Davidovic, Jovan Djordjic, Boro Markovic, Miroslav Kne- zevic, Djuro Lovric, Milan Predic, Evgenije Vasiljev, Vitomir Stanic, Slobodan Jelisic, Slobodan Ivancevic, Drago Vijuc and Drago Janjic.

- From the evidence presented in [list of evidentiary materials enclosed]... It follows that the ARBm armed forces, in addition to other cases not excluded from prosecu- tion, have:

- [5 pages follow, repeating the charges listed above]

- Captured members of the VRS, who were mostly later executed, were previously subjected to cruel torture (severing of body parts, roasting, fracturing of limbs, goug- ing of eyes, etc.). They were executed in a cruel and gruesome manner: beheaded, had their heads smashed in, their throats slit, etc. Their dead bodies were subse- quently mutilated; - Military and police forces that committed these atrocities were under direct control of Alija Izetbegovic, who was both officially and practically in control l of these forces as Chairman of the RB&H Presidency and commander-in-chief. The influ- ence ofother members of the Presidency, with the exception of Ejup Ganic, was neg- ligible and in military matters, nonexistent; - Alija Izetbegovic was informed of these activities, since he had knowledge of all military matters; - Perpetrators of the said atrocities were never punished;

98 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia - Printing and distribution of a pamphlet titled "Instructions to a Muslim Fighter" was organized in the territory under ARB&H control, of which 20,000 alone were dis- tributed to the units of the ARB&H 3rd Corps. The pamphlet contained the follow- ing instructions: "A Muslim fighter is to obey his supreme commander, and only then his superior officers" (...) "Islam forbids the murder or torture of prisoners" (...) "These are general rules that all our fighters most obey. However, ifthe officers judge that the situation and the general interest dem and otherwise, all fighters are obligated to obey the officer." (...) "Also, the military command has the right to de- cide whether it is more useful to the general interest to release, exchange or kill the enemy prisoners of war." - Part of the regular units of the ARB&H were volunteer "mujahidin" formations, composed of foreign nationals recruited and brought to B&H through various or- ganizations, including international terrorist networks (such as AI-Qaeda of Osama Bin Laden, who personally visited Sarajevo in 1993, the Algerian GlA -Armed Is- lamic Group, and others), and issued B&H passports in B&H diplomatic and consu- lar offices abroad; - Some of the atrocities cited above were committed by members of the "mujahidin" volunteer units; - The presence of "mujahidin" volunteers was made legal and official by an August 1, 1992 presidential decree by Izetbegovic, proclaiming the Army Bill info law. The law specified that during a state ofwar, persons who were not citizens of B&H could join the ARB&H. This law was amended by another presidential decree by Izetbe- govic, dated April 14, 1993, which authorized the issuing of officer commissions to non-citizens during the state of war. - The mother unit of "mujahidin" in B&H was the 7th Muslim Mountain Brigade, which was pari of the 3rd Corps of the ARB&H. In 1993, this unit ceremonially awarded Izetbegovic a charter declaring him the honorary commander of the 7th Muslim (Mountain) Brigade; - Alija Izetbegovic issued direct orders to this unit, bypassing thus the ARB&H chain of command, and maintaining cordial relations with "mujahidin" volunteers among who m were internationally known terrorists (such as Abu AI-Ma' ali); - Members of the B&H Presidency Nijaz Durakovic, Tatjana Ljujic-Mijatovic, Mirko Pejanovic, Stjepan Kljuic, and Ivo Komsic addressed the public with a communique -but only after January 30, 1995 -that even as members of the ARB&H Supreme Command, they were not responsible for the ideological abuses of religion in the


military, but that this process was taking place in certain ARB&H units in spite of their warnings; In 1970, Alija Izetbegovic published a political and religious pamphlet titled "The Islamic Declaration -A Program of Re-lslamizing Muslims and Islamic Peoples," in whose introduction he stated:

"The declaration we are submitting to the public today is not a reading to convince foreigners or doubters that Islam is superior to this or that system, this or that group of ideas.

"It is aimed at Muslims who know where they belong, and in their hearts clearly feel which side they are on. For such people, this Declaration is a call to realize the obligation stemming from that love and belonging.

"The entire Islamic world is undergoing changes and upheavals. Whatever that world happens to resemble after the first uphill cycle of these changes, one thing is certain: this world will not be the one from the first half of this century. The era of passivity and idleness is gone forever."


"In this regard, the Declaration does not contain ideas that could be considered completely new. It is a synthesis of ideas that are heard more often in many places, and have a rather general importance in all parts of the Muslim world. StilI, its novelty is in demanding that ideas and plans be followed by organized action in making them a reality.

The struggle for new goals does not begin today. On the contrary, the history of this struggle already knows its martyrs and tales of victims and suffering. It is still a personal sacrifice of distinguished individuals or small, courageous groups cIashing with the powerful forces of the infidels. The magnitude of the problem and the difficulties, however, demands an organized action of millions."

In the Declaration itself, Izetbegovic stated the following theses:

"History shows another clear fact: Islam is the only idea that could excite the imagination of Islamic peoples and create in them a necessary measure of discipline, inspiration and energy. No other ideal alien to Islam never managed to achieve any

100 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia significant etfect, either in culture or in the state. In fact, everything that is great and notable in the history of Islamic nations was created under the banner of Islam. Just a few thousand Islamic fighters forced England to withdraw from the Suez in the 1950s, while the united forces of Arab nationalist regimes are losing the battle against Israel for the third time. As an Islamic nation, Turkey ruled the world. As an imitation of Europe, it is a third-rate country like a hundred others in the world. The people and the individual who accepted Islam are incapable thereafter to live and die for any other ideal."


"It is inconceivable for a Muslim to sacrifice himself for any ruler or emperor, or to the glory of any nation, party or similar thing, for his strongest Muslim instinct recognizes this to be a form of godless idolatry."


"Those who know the nature of theology will understand who it could not resist the temptation of mythology, and why it even regarded this as an enrichment ofreligious thought (...) Theologians thus became the wrong people in the wrong places. Now that the Islamic world shows the signs of awakening, this estate is becoming an example of stale and sclerotic aspects of this world. It has proven incompetent to undertake any constructive steps to help the Islamic world face the threatening troubles.

As for the so-called progressives, westerners and modernists (or what not), they represent a true misfortune of the Islamic world, as they are numerous and very influential in positions of power, education and public life in general."


"The shortest definition of an Islamic order defines it as a unity of faith and law, upbringing and the force of ideals and interest, spiritual community and state, free will and coercion.

As a synthesis of these components, the Islamic order has two fundamental prerequisites: an Islamic society, and an Islamic state."



"A Muslim generally does not exist as an individual. If he wants to live and survive as a Muslim, he most create an environment, a community, and order ."


"To the question, 'What is an Islamic society?' we respond, it is a community composed of Muslims. That says everything, or nearly everything."


"In addition to containing the very principle of Islamic order as a unity of faith and politics, this aspect of Islam leads to other important conclusions whose importance, both principal and practical, is enormous.

The first and most important conclusion is certainly that Islam and non- Islamic systems are incompatible. There is no peace or coexistence between the "Islamic faith" and non-lslamic social and political institutions."


"The Islamic society cannot be based on social or economic interests, or any other outside, technical factor of cohesion."


"A community is more Islamic the more Islam determines its internal relations, and pan-Islamism its foreign relations. Islam is its ideology, and pan- Islamism its policy."


"By herald ing a rebirth, we are not heralding a period of safety and calm, but a period of upheaval and temptation. (...) A sleep ing people can only be kicked awake. Those who wish well to our community most not spare it the exertion, danger and trouble. On the contrary, they need to do everything, as soon as possible, to make that community use its power, to test its capabilities, to take chances -in other words, not to sleep, but to be alive."

102 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia (...)

"The Islamic order is a unity of faith, social and political systems. But does the path to this order lead through religious revival, or a political revolution? The answer is, the Islamic revival can not begin without a religious revival, but cannot continue or end successfully without a political revolution."


"Therefore a religious revival is the readiness to perform the imperative that Iwould impose the awareness of purpose. (...) It is a new quality of faith and will, in which everyday limits of the possible cease to have meaning and in I which the individual and entire groups are elevated to sacrifice for their ideal."


"The Islamic movement needs to and most go for a takeover of power as soon J as it is morally and numerically strong enough not just to topple the existing non- Islamic government, but also build a new, Islamic one."


"By sending this message to the Muslims of the world, we are saying clearly that there is no promised land, no miracle-workers, no mahdi. There is only the path of struggle and sacrifice."

In the territory of B&H, between 1992-1995, "The Islamic Declaration" was printed in tens of thousands of copies and distributed to military and police units;

Alija Izetbegovic cited several of the above-mentioned allegations as indisputable in his memoir, "Memories" (Sjecanja, TKD Sahinpasic, Sarajevo 2001), which reflected his own views of the events in B&H prior, during and after the conflict.

Additional Facts

Bosnia&Herzegovina was a constituent part of the Socialist Federate Republic ofYugoslavia, according to the 1974 SFRY Constitution.

- On October 18, 1990, general elections were held in B&H. The majority of voters


elected representatives of the SDA, SDS and the HDZ, giving these three parties a total of 202 seats in the B&H Congress, with all other parties holding 38 seats. - At the session of the B&H Congress on October 15, 1991, delegates of the SDA and the HDZ adopted a Memorandum on Sovereignty of B&H, after the Serb (SDS) delegates left the session. - On October 24, 1991, Serb delegates of the B&H Congress established the Congress of B&H Serbs. - On November 9 and 10, 1991, a referendum of B&H Serbs was held to decide the issue of remaining in the Yugoslav federation; 96% of the Serbs in B&H voted to stay in the Yugoslav federation. - Although the results of the referendum were made public, the B&H Cabinet and the B&H Congress (without the Serb representatives) decided on December 20, 1991 to request official recognition of an independent Bosnia&Herzegovina from the Euro- pean Union. - On January 9, 1992, Serbs in B&H declared the Serbian Republic of Bos- nia&Herzegovina. - On February 29 and March 1, 1992, Croats and Muslims in B&H organized a referendum for independence of Bosnia&Herzegovina, where 63% of the population (matching the percentage of Croats and Muslims in B&H) voted for independence. Even this percentage, however, did not represent a two- thirds majority. - Between early August and November 21, 1995, and after a massive bombing by NATO aircraft, the combined forces of ARB&H, HVO (Croatian Defense Council) and the Croatian Army began a massive aggression against the Serb Republic. In this invasion, they ethnically cleansed the areas of Mt. Ozren, and western Krajina, inhabited almost exclusively by Serbs. Over 100,000 Serbs were expelled or killed from the towns of Drvar, Petrovac, Sanski Most, Krupa, Sipovo, Mrkonjic Grad, and parts of Banja Luka. Several thousand homes were completely destroyed and all the property of the expelled civilians.

104 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

The text below was published in October 1991 in the Bosnian Muslim magazine "Vox"

POLITICAL PLATFORM OF THE MOSLEM NATIONAL COUNCIL Brother Moslems With your permission and the help of Allah, the Moslem National Council has been appointed to achieve the age-long dream of all Moslems, to create a Moslem state in the Balkan Peninsula. History teaches us that we are a nation without an identity, a nation without a state of its own and a nation without a bright future. Others bave always written our history, studied our origins, taught us what we were and what we were not. Our agas and beys kept telling os: "It is not yet time. Have patience brother Moslems". How much longer, brother Moslems? Ifwe hold the same view that truth is eternal and unchangeable and the truth is, brothers, that every fifth man in the world is a Moslem, then this applies to the Balkans as well. The Moslem National Council in Bosnia&Herzegovina was not founded with pomp like the Serbian National Councils in Srb, Knin, Banja Luka and Ozren with the slogan: "Only concord saves the Serbs", and the Serbian Democratic Party for Croatia and Bosnia&Herzegovina. We are only a parallel for them and while they exist so will the Moslem National Council. Bratunac has not been chosen as the centre of this council without reason. It is the geographical centre of the Moslems in Y ugoslavia and that region still bears the extremely negative marks of the war. The time bas come to start with the hom*ogenisation of the Moslems, as other nations have done. What has been achieved after the elections? Workers are still being dismissed, people do not receive their pensions, the people are poor and there are no prospects. The "MNV" is here to draw conclusions. One of our maiD tasks will be to establish Bosnia&Herzegovina as a sovereign state of the Moslems and other nationals who live in it. The Serbs and Croats cannot have two or three states and the Moslems ask whether they have one at all. We shali organise a rally during Bairam in the neighbourhood of Bratunac where we shali invite Izetbegovic, Zulfikarpasic, Durakovic, Filipovic, Muhic and Mr. Karadzic will also be invited. It will not be a rally at which we shali throw tlowers, the Moslems will take a clear political stand. This is a unique opportunity, it is a time that will not come again, and we are again rate and are still divided. PRIORITY GOALS OF THE MNV 1. To abolish the State Security Service (DB) Explanation: The State Security Service of Bosnia&Herzegovina currently employs 1,062 agents, 90% are Serbs. 2. For the Party of Democratic Action to pass a law to unconditionally disband the State Security Service. 3. For the Party of Democratic Action to pass a law on de- nationalisa- tion and for the confiscated property to be restored to the citizens of Bosnia&Herzegovina. 4. For the Assembly of Bosnia&Herzegovina to pass and to start procee- dings to draw up a new constitution in which the Moslem nation will be the bearer of sovereignity.



The Declaration of the Sovereignity of the Republic of Bosnia&Herzegovina is the basic constitutional act of the Moslems and all educated and reasonable people of Herzeg-Bosna. Kitabun enzelnahu ileike mubarekun lijeddebbem ajadhive Ii jetezekke ululelbabi-huden ve zikra Ii uteil-elbabi.

1. Bosnia&Herzegovina is the sovereign state of the Moslems and other nations. It is the state of origin of the Moslems in the Balkan Peninsula.

2. The sovereignity of Bosnia&Herzegovina is indivisible and its territorial integrity is inviolable.

3. Concurrent with the independence of the Republic of Slovenia from Yugoslavia, the Republic of Bosnia- Herzegovina will immediately proclaim itself an independent state.

4. The Moslem nation which is the bearer of the sovereignity of Bosnia&Herzegovina recognises cultural autonomy for Croats, Serbs and other nations of the Republic of Bosnia&Herzegovina.

5. The citizens of the sovereign state of Bosnia&Herzegovina will also "have a say in its defence affairs, based on patriotic fellowship, patriotism and co-existence.

6. The State of origin of the Moslems and. other nations of the Republic of Bosnia&Herzegovina wiII resolve the national question of the Croats, Serbs and other nations on the basis of reciprocity, which is the guarantee recognised by internationa law, in a state ruled by law, human rights and human freedoms.

7. The Declaration of the Sovereign State of Bosnia&Herzegovina will be proclaimed by the "people at a referendum by a simple majority vote.

106 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

INITlATORY BOARD MOSLEM NATIONAL COUNCIL INVITATION The Moslem National Council invites all Moslems to come to a rally in Bratunac. You are invited brother Moslems, to come to your Moslem state. DO THIS! MNV INITlATORY BOARD MOSLEM May Allah keep you NATIONAL COUNCIL. The Moslem National Council is organised along territoriallines according to which every place where Moslems live will elect its own secretary in the MNV. Timely membership in the MNV and "sadaka" and "fitr" (donations made in the last ten days of the month of Ramazan") for the needs of the MNV are guarantees that the National Council of the Moslems, with you, will create a state of Moslems in today's Bosnia&Herzegovina. And the "sadaka" will help in providing us: with what we need to defend the country. The domicile state of the Moslems of Bosnia&Herzegovina will defend the interests of Moslems in the other states of present-day Yugoslavia. (Sandzak, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia). Rise, brother Moslems, there are enough of us to accomplish our goals, whom the Moslem and those of Moslem blood will not betray. This time will never come again. Now is the opportunity to realise the dream of every Moslem, to live in a state of his own. Others take advantage of our division, be it in politics or religion. One can avoid the truth that today all nations have united, or in modern terms, become hom*ogenized and, of course armed themselves. Only our Moslem people are unarmed. No reasonable person will negate this fact. In examining the position of Moslems in Yugoslavia today, the question arises as to whether other Yugoslav nations ofer the possibility of Moslems to survive? All present-day politicians claim that according to the constitution, nations have the legitimate right to self-determination and a state of their own. Therefore the Moslem National Council is working for: 1. the creation of a Moslem state with in the borders of present-day Bosnia&Herzegovina, 2. the formation of the Moslem Armed Forces, 3. full control and responsibility for the sovereignty of the domicile state of the Moslems and other nations in Bosnia, 4. the creation of a democratic and progressive Moslem state on the basis of co-existence with other nations, 5. the creation of cultural and civilisational foundations for the future of the Moslem state, 6. the creation of conditions for the national treasures of B&H to remain with its people, 7. the creation of an educational system and bodies of administration according to the majority principle. Brother Moslems, we can hold different views regarding all

other issues except the question of our state. If we agree on this question then Serbia and the Federation's perpetual claims to our state of Bosnia&Herzegovina will cease.


WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SERBS IN THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA&HERZEGOVINA The day is nearing when the announced Islamic Republic of Bosnia&Herzegovina will be proclaimed. The date which every Moslem in Bosnia&Herzegovina and Sandzak is ardently waiting for has been known for a long time to be the 31st December. There are some indications that Serbs in Bosnia&Herzegovina might oppose this historic event. In this connection, certain measures have been taken which will be applied if the Serb population of Bosnia&Herzegovina does not agree to this idea. 1. Every individual Serb must be aware of the responsibility of the entire nation for his un- controlled actions; the penalty for crimes committed will be collective - for one demol- ished Moslem house, ten Serb houses will be demolished - for one dead Moslem, one hundred Serbs will be liquidated - for one wounded Moslem (depending on the severity of the wound) 10-15 Serbs. 2. All Serbs will have a 12-hour working day. Their wages will be proportionate to the loyalty of all the employees and as a role they will be paid 30% less than the wages of Moslems who occupy the same post. 3. Serbs will have priority in the dismissal of redundant workers. 4. Serbs cannot enter public institutions without special passes. 5. Serbs will receive rations for food which they will obtain in special shops. 6. Serbs do not have national parties and if they do not abide by the rules of political life, they will not be entitled to political Organization or to vote. 7. In the Islamic Republic, the right of Serbs to produce alcohol will not be withdrawn, but Moslems are entitled to apply the Sheriat to all inhabitants of the state. 8. Serbs are equal to Moslems if, of their own will, they are received into the Islamic faith of their forefathers. No one bas the right to refer to their previous life because they are not guilty for being Serbs. No generation is accountable for the actions of the previous one, or some other that preceded it. 9. A good Serb is a living and obedient Serb; or a dead, disobedient Serb.

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FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA Committee for Collecting Data on Crimes Committed Against Humanity and International Law B e l g r a d e January 1998.


109 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

The 465 prisoner camps for Serbs in the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina (for which the Committee has thus far collected evidence of existence) included two camps in the territory of the municipality of Zavidovići owned by mujaheddins. They were located in the villages of Kamenica and Gostovići.

The individuals who fortunately survived the atrocities testify on what the captured soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska and civilians went through during the imprisonment.


1.1. Witness 249/97-4, born in 1957, who was kept in this camp for 13 days, states:

... On 17 or 18 September, 1995, I was captured and taken to the mujaheddin camp located in the village of Kamenica near Zavidovići. P.M. from Kotor Varoš, R.R from Banja Luka, G.G. from Banja Luka, P.N. from Banja Luka, S. from Lijevče Polje, G. from Laktaši, and N. from Budžak, were taken there together with me.

We were brought to their camp, where we saw big, circular tents, in which the mujaheddins stayed. I counted 29 tents, assessing that each could hold 40-60 men.

I was taken to a room on the upper floor of a house, where I saw three mujaheddins, their heads wrapped up so that only their eyes could be seen. They ordered me to sit on a slab. One of them took a full-steel rod, diameter cca 2 cm, and started hitting me on my back and neck, until the rod banded. Then the other flattened the rod with a hammer. He then took the second, and then the third rod.

When the rods bent by the beating, they tied a wire around my neck, tying its other end around my leg. They had taken our boots, so I was barefoot. The end of the wire around my neck and leg was not insulated, while the remaining part of the wire was not. I saw something like a transformer in the room. One of the men took another wire connected to the transformer and connected it with the wire that was tied around my neck and leg. As soon as he did it, the electric shock made me faint. When I came around, they would turn on electricity again. This was repeated several times and I lost consciousness each time. The kept the electricity on for different durations. The electric shock made me feel as if my tongue had become shorter, and I started to choke.

When they were done with the electricity, they started hitting me with their legs, and then one of them took me back to the ground floor, where my friends were kept. After returning me downstairs, they took another prisoner upstairs, so we all underwent the same torture.


According to my assessment, the mujaheddins were Pakistanis, Turks, Arabs from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, but among them were also Arabs from Germany and England.

I would also add that apart from these mujaheddins, there were also Bosnian Muslim in the Kamenica prisoner camp. I remember a Gunić form the Novoselije settlement in Banja Luka ...

1. 2. Witness 284/97-2, worker, born in 1961, states:

... I lived in Vozuća, the place where I was born. On 10 September, 1995, early in the morning, soldiers of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina attacked Vozuća and the civilian population, including me and other women, had to flee. The next day, we were in the village of Kesten, where I was captured at about 16.30 hrs., with a group of 60 people. The group consisted of civilians, women and children, and some soldiers. We were taken prisoner by mujaheddins and Bosnian Muslims.

After they captured us, they started beating us with their fists, legs, rifle-butts and sticks. A mujaheddin hit me hard on the back with his rifle, and then spit on me scolding my "chetnick mother".

I saw a captured Serb fall on his knees, after which the Muslim killed him with a shot from automatic rifle.

About thirty of us from the village of Kesten, including me and two more women (J.M. and G.B.), were taken from the village of Kesten to a mujaheddin camp in the village of Kamenica near Zavidovići. The others were taken to Tuzla.

They tied our legs and arms, and put some wrapping around our eyes.

The three of us were imprisoned in a wooden shed in Kamenica, while men were locked up in a nearby barrack. I could not see anything because I was blindfolded, but I concluded that it was a mujaheddin camp because they spoke in a very bad Serbian language.

Throughout the night, mujaheddins and Bosnian Muslim were coming to the shed in which we were kept, to beat us with rifles, sticks, legs and fists. I heard them talking about cutting our throats.

During the night, a mujaheddin came and put a non- insulated wire end on my face. He connected the rest of the wire, which was insulated, to some source of electricity, and I felt a terrible pain caused by the electric shock. This was repeated several times. Then he moved the wire from my cheek to my spine. Sometimes he held the wire on me longer, sometimes shorter.

112 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia The same electricity-torture procedure was applied on the other two women who were imprisoned with me.

During the night, we heard screams and moans and captured Serbs from the nearby barrack, pleading the mujaheddins not to torture them.

The next day, they interrogated us several times, beating us at the same time.

I heard them mentioning the names of my father, Miloš Jović, my uncle Mitar Jović, Drago Marković, Ranko Djurić, Mirko Matičić and his son Miodrag and a Čeda, who were captured with us, but now I do not know anything about their further fate. It has been assumed that they were killed on the way to Kamenica.

We were not given any food in Kamenica.

The second day, in the evening, the mujaheddins took the three of us, women, to their base in the territory of Zenica, by a small bus. We were kept there for about twenty days, before they took us to KPD in Zenica.

1. 3. Witness 260/97-7, housewife from Vozuća, states:

... After they brought us to Kamenica, they put us in a small wooden shed where they kept us tied for two days and two nights. All the time they beat us with their fists and some objects. Mujaheddins beat us at night, and Muslim soldiers during the day. We were not given any food, except that they spilled water from a bottle on our heads, offering us to drink it that way.

Across from the shed in which we were kept was a wooden barrack in which captured soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska were locked up, from which cries and screams were heard, especially at night. S. recognized cries and screams of her uncle Mitar Jović.

The following day, a Muslim soldier came into the shed, asking if some of us had a father among their captives. S. responded, saying that her father Jovan Miloš was among the prisoners, and the soldier replied: "Unfortunately, you don’t have a father any more. You will now hear his name mentioned on the loud speaker". Soon afterwards, the names of allegedly captured soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska were read through the public address system installed in that part of the camp. The names read in addition to Miloš Jović were: Mitar Jović, Nenad Gligorić and Mirko Matičić, all from Vozuća, plus some other names which I cannot remember. I do not know what happened to these people, but since nothing is known about them, it is likely that they have been killed.


In the evening on 13 September, 1995, we were transferred by some vehicle, blindfolded, with arms and legs tied, into the community of Podbrežje near Zenica...


2. 1. Witness 260/97/10, technician, captured as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska on 21 July, 1995 on the Vozuća battlefield in the region of the village of Lozna, to be kept in the Livade prisoner camp for two days and then transferred to the mujaheddin camp in Gostovići, where he was kept for 24 days, testifies:

... I was captured by a group of 12 mujaheddins including a Bosnia Muslim who served as interpreter. Immediately after the capture, they started beating me. One of the mujaheddins ordered me to kneel down, took out his butcher knife with semi- circular blade and small handle which he held hanging around his neck, on his chest. He wanted to cut my had off, but the Muslim interpreter intervened, telling him something in Arabic.

They brought me to the village of Livade, where their medical corps was. They beat me, taking out an axe and a knife and threatening to cut off my head. One of them ordered me to lie down on the ground and stroke the axe near my head.

They further took me to their warehouse where I found captured soldiers of Republika Srpska Š.B. and T.B. After a short while, they took out the three of us and tied us, having written on a piece of paper "this is the end of chetnicks", which they glued to Š.B.’s back. Later, they ordered us to take off our clothes, took us to a room and said: "you will now see how chetnicks’ throats are cut". They tied us by raising our arms above our heads and tying them to our legs over our backs. They put a knife under our necks, as if they were going to cut our throats. Then they brought a cardboard box in which there were two cut off human heads with blood still dripping. At the entrance of the room, I saw two bodies in my unit’s uniforms, but I could not see them whether there were heads on the bodies.

Two days later, we were transferred to Gostovići, near Zavidovići. On the way, they stopped the small bus at many places for mujaheddins to come and beat us. We were also beaten by civilians who happened to be there.

We were brought to Gostovići, where there was a mujaheddin camp with tents in a circle. One of the tents was bigger and served for religious rituals. Since we could not wall, the mujaheddins practically brought us into a smaller yellow tent, from which we were later moved into a house with torn down roof, which was located within the camp. They brought us into the ground floor and locked us up in a room. Boards were nailed on the windows,

114 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia and the wooden door had an opening for the guard to look through and control us. B.T. was in charge of bringing in and taking out the pail in which we relieved ourselves.

They tied our legs with a large chain. My left leg was tied to V.T.’s right leg, and his left leg was tied to M.K.’s right leg, and so on. Each of us, who were tied, was locked by a separate padlock.

Abuses continued. One of the mujaheddins asked Dr.S. if he was a medical doctor and then pushed him to cut M.K.’s throat, which he refused, saying that he was trained to help people, not to cut their throats.

Since our hands and legs were tied, we could not take food ourselves, so they untied V.G.’s hand so that he could feed us, crawling on his knees.

Mujaheddins often burst into this room, to beat us with sticks and handles of agricultural tools. They also carried hand and motor saws and threatened to use them for chopping our heads off, which exhausted us mentally.

On one occasion, they took me out of that house and one of the mujaheddins kicked me hard near my mouth. Then they blindfolded me with a thick wrapping and took me with them for a while, to make me lose orientation. They they placed me on my stomach, with my legs raised up and tied with a rubber hose. They brought other prisoners to the same place, one by one, to beat them and give vent to their lower instincts in all kinds of ways.

Before being captured, Gojko Vujičić had been wounded in the area of his right thigh. Since the wound was not treated, he was in a very bad condition. During the beating he moaned in pain, pleading the mujaheddin to stop. At one point of time, I heard him swear God because he could no longer stand the pain. Then I heard a shot, after which they cut the Vujučić’s head off. I did not see them actually doing it, but the others did. Since the Vujičić’s head was cut off, the mujaheddins uncovered my eyes and brought the head close, showing it to me and to the others and ordering us to kiss it, and we had to obey.

After that, they untied our legs and, one by one, we were returned to the room in which we were kept prisoner. They brought Vujičić’s head there and put in on a metal hook on the wall. As far as I can remember, the head was taken out two days later.

One day, they brought us out in the camp area for all the mujaheddins to see us. In my assessment, there were one thousand of them. They lined us up in such a way that we were surrounded by them, and they were singing and shouting something in Arabic. One of them


had a knife in his hands and was persistently trying to come close and cut our throats, but two others prevented him. He was foaming with rage. They returned us to the room in which we were imprisoned.

On 23 August 1995, the mujaheddins took me out to a small football field behind the building in which we were kept. Three mujaheddins approached me and one threw the keys to the padlocks with which we were locked. They ordered me to find the keys to our padlocks. When I did it, they ordered me to stand up and one of the mujaheddins said in Serbian: "Your last minutes have come". They took me behind the goal and told me to kneel down in a canal. One of them held the gun and spoke English, and the other one translated it to other mujaheddins. He told them to move back so as not to be splashed with my blood. However, he then changed his mind, ordered me to rise and brought me to the middle of the field. The other, who spoke Serbian, told me to kneel dawn and put my hands on the ground. The one who carried the gun caught my hair, pulled my head back and pushed the gunbarrel into my mouth. He pulled the trigger and the gun just clicked, because it was empty. The other mujaheddin fired two rifle bullets just next to me. Then they beat me for about an hour. They stopped when two military policemen of the Muslim Army arrived. Those military policemen took us to the KPD in Zenica.

I was registered by the International Committee of the Red Cross on 31 December 1995 in Zenica. Until that time they were hiding me.

In the mujaheddin camp, five of my ribs were broken, by spinal verterbra were damaged, my 11 teeth were knocked out. My nose bone was broken. I was afflicted head injuries. Now I have pain in my body. I have the medical documentation. I have been declared 80% disabled ...

2. 2. Witness 260/97-11, who was captured by the "El Mujahid" mujaheddin unit on 21 August 1995, after which he spent a month in the Gostovići prisoner camp, testifies:

... Having graduated from the secondary school in 1994, I joined the Army of Republika Srpska, to do my regular military service, and was sent to the battlefield in Ozren in May 1995. I was captured there during the Muslim offensive, on 21 July, 1995. I was captured by the mujaheddin unit in which several Muslims from Bosnia-Herzegovina served as interpreters. I was captured together with Gojko Vujičić and S.G., who had previously sustained leg wounds, and with V.A.

After the capture, we were tied with wire and taken to the village of Livade, where we spent three days. We were beaten incessantly. Mujaheddins would come to the room in which we

116 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia were imprisoned and shout: "Hear are the heads of your chetnicks", but I did not see those heads because I was blindfolded.

On 23 July 1995, I was transferred from Livade to the mujaheddin base in the territory of Gostovići near Zavidovići. When we arrived in the base, they beat us again, our arms and legs tied. We were first placed in a tent, then in a room in the groundfloor of a torn down house. I do not remember whether it happened the same night, or the following night, but they took us out in the base area, blindfolded us, tied our arms and legs, in such a way that our legs were up and tied with rubber hoses. I had an impression that the air was injected into the hose by a compressor, because the hose tightened and caused us terrible pains. They beat us in that position and molested us all night, until early morning, when their prayer started.

I heard Vujičić begging them to untie him because he could no longer stand pains, then I heard a shot and mujaheddins shouting: "Allah Yegber". Some minutes later, they untied our eyes, ordered us to rise, which I could not do, so two mujaheddins held me. They put before me a human head and ordered me to "kiss the brother", which I had to do. It is only then that I saw that it was Gojko Vujučić’s head. Later on, they hang the head on a hook on the wall of the room in which we stayed.

Molestation and heavy beating were a daily routine, attended with threats that they were going to execute us.

They would order us to lie down on the floor, bring electric saws and threaten to cut our head off. Throughout the time we were tied to each other with chains and each one was locked by a separate padlock. This caused open wounds, which have left scars on my wrists and ankles. At the peak of heat, they forced us to lie still on the football field in the sun, beating us at the same time.

On 23 August 1995, they took us out "to sunbathe" in the football field, when they beat us severely. Then the military police of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina came to the camp. The military policemen removed the chains, handcuffed us and put us, one by one, in a small bus. They took us to KPD Zenica, where I stayed until the exchange on 24 December, 1995. I was not registered by the Red Cross.

During the stay in the mujaheddin camp, they broke my two ribs. As a consequence of the beating, I still have problems with my spine and kidneys...


2. 3. Witness 303/97-26, born in 1931, states:

...I learnt that after being taken prisoner on 21 July, 1995, by a mujaheddin unit, my son Gojko Vujičić was killed. He was a farmer, from the village of Donji Vijačani, the municipality of Prnjavor, born in 1955, in the village of Donji Vijačani.

A group of captured Serbian soldiers, including Š.B. and S.J. told me that the mujaheddins had cut off Gojko’s head, and then forced all Serb prisoners present to kiss his head...

2. 4. Witness 303/97-28, born in 1961, states:

... It was on 21 July, 1995, that I was captured by mujaheddins, together with 11 other soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska. They took us to a house and imprisoned us in a room where they beat us all night with wooden sticks, a rubber hose, with their fists and legs with heavy soldiers boots on.

The following morning, some men in white clothes came into the room in which we were imprisoned, holding 60 cm long swords in their hands. One of them ordered me to lie down on my stomack, saying that he was going to cut my throat. He cut my shirt all over with the tip of the knife. The skin of my back was also cut. Then they beat me severely. We were left tied in the same room until the next morning.

The next morning, the mujaheddins took me to the front line in the place called Krčevine, where I had been captured. Then they uncovered my eyes and ordered me to show them where our units were. On the way back, I noticed a body of the killed Serb soldier Miladin Šuman from the village of Hrvaćani, the municipality of Prnjavor, on whose forehead the crescent and star sign was incised. Moving on, I noticed 21 dead bodies of Serb soldiers in army uniforms.

In Gostovići, we were placed in an unfinished, roofless house, with only a concrete slab which leaked, so that water was inside all the time. As soon as we arrived, the mujaheddins tied us with a hose, into which they let air under pressure, to make it expand and press our legs. This cause terrible pains and Gojko Vujičić swore God, so one mujaheddin took him aside and cut his head off. I did not see what he used for the cutting, but I know that he brought the head into the room and forced all of us to kiss it. Then the mujaheddin hung the head on a nail in the wall. Every day, the mujaheddins, Muslim soldiers and civillians came into that room, to beat us until we lost consciousness. They ordered us to lie down on our stomachs and then they kicked us with their boots, hit us with pieces of wood, and often connected some electric devices on various parts of our bodies and caused electric shocks by turning on a kind of a machine, until we lost consciousness.

118 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia I was kept in Gostovići for 33 days, during which time I did not receive any medical help, even though I was wounded during the capture ...

2. 5. Witness 303/97-29, born 1947, states:

... On 21 July, 1995, I was captured together with 11 other soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska by soldiers of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which also included mujaheddins. After they took us prisoner, they threatened to butcher us. They kicked us with their boots, beat us with rifle butts and gun barrels, with their fists and pieces of wood, swore our Serbian and chetnick mother, and women who followed us all the way hit us with pieces of wood all over our bodies, mostly on the head and back.

We were brought in a house in the village of Gostovići and the mujaheddins immediately tied our hands and legs with a rope, made nooses on other ends of the rope, and put them around our necks.

Tied like that, I was unable to make a move with any part of my body because the noose around my neck tightened with even the slightest move. We spend the entire night and the following day tied like that. In the evening, we were tied again, except that we were ordered to lie on our stomachs,to put our hands on our backs and raise our legs up. A mujaheddin tied my legs first, then my hands with the same rope, and than put a wire around my neck, to which he tied the rest of the rope. I spent the whole night in that position. I could not move my leg or arm because each move would tighten the wire noose around my neck.

In the mujaheddin camp, we were placed in a roofless building which only had a leaking concrete slab, for which reason water was on the floor, and we were tied, 12 of us with one rope.

Mujaheddins came into that room. We distinguished them from Bosnian Muslims by their uniforms and signs, as well as by the color of their skin.

Tied like that, mujaheddins hit us mostly with sticks and batons until we lost consciousness. Mujaheddins entered the room with sabers in their hands, about 60 cm long. They stuck saber tops into our bodies, mostly in the neck area, showing that they were going to cut our throats. They also hit us with their booted legs, and with the sabers all over our bodies. After the mujaheddins would leave, Muslim soldiers would come in, with shovel handles, which they used for hitting us, mostly in the chest and head areas. The beating took place every day, mostly at night, several times in a row.

I remember that on the fourth night of the stay in the mujaheddin camp in Gostovići, we were all blindfolded and taken out to a field where we were ordered to lie down on our stomachs, after which

119 they tied our arms and legs. Our legs were tied with a hose which expanded fast and tightened around our legs. This caused terrible pains and none of us could keep quiet, we had to moan. I was beaten throughout the night and was retaurned to the prison room only the next morning.

A mujaheddin came into that room, bringing with him the head of Gojko Vujičić, whom I had known well, and ordered us all to kiss Gojko’s head, which was covered with blood. When we did it, he took the head and hung it on a nail on the wall and the head stayed in our room for about three days.

I stayed there for 33 days, during which time we were beaten every day and night until we lost consciousness. We were bruised, covered with blood and swollen all the time. Whenever Muslim or mujaheddin soldiers came in, they threatened to slit our throats and cut our heads off.

During our stay in the mujaheddin camp, they brought some electic devices and connected them to parts of our bodies and then turned a handle on that device to cause horrifying electric shocks all over our bodies.

Mujaheddins took us, chained, to a nearby river, where they forced us to lie in water for several hours, after which they returned us, so wet, to the camp.

They took us out at about 14 hours, when the sun was the strongest, and ordered us to lie on our backs and look at the sun for a long time. As we were looking at the sun, they also forced us to hold a 30 cm long piece of wood in out teeth.

2. 6. Witness 303/97-30, born in 1951, states:

... I was captured on 21 July, 1995 in the village of Krčevine by soldiers of the Army of Bosnia- Herzegovina, including mujaheddins who wore special unifors, special marks and had darkish faces, unlike Muslim soldiers.

After the capture, we were transferred to a building where we spend the night kneeling, tied with a rope. On the other end of the rope, a noose was made for each one of us and put around our necks. The second night, mujaheddins entered the room in which we were kept, ordered us to lie on our stomachs, put our arms on the back and raise our legs up, and tied a rope around our legs. They tied our arms with a wire and put the wire noose around our necks. We stayed in that position throughout the night and noone could move either arm or leg because each move tightened the noose and we could be strangled.

120 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia I spend 33 days in the mujaheddin camp in the village of Gostovići and every day, myself and other Serbs were beaten at least once, sometimes several times, not only by mujaheddins but also by local villagers.

Every day, I was taken to be interrogated and on my way back, I saw that all captured Serbs were swollen, bruised, covered with blood and beaten up, and most of them were beaten up so severely that they could not even move.

Considering that I received heavy blows on my head every day, I cannot exactly remember the date when Gojko Vujičić was taken out of the room in which we were kept. When his head was brought into the room, it was still bleeding. The mujaheddin who brought Gojko’s head in forced us to kiss it, and the interpreter added that one chetnik’s head was cut off, and it will be somebody else’s turn tomorrow. Gojko Vujučić’s head was hung on a large nail found in the wall. One mujaheddin placed a handsaw on my neck after having ordered me to kneel down. Holding me by the hair with his hand, he said that he was going to cut off my head. He threatened B.Š. and V.T. in the same manner.

During our stay in the camp, we could niether lie down nor sleep. We had to sit tied next to the wall with our heads bowed to the floor. Muslim soldiers and mujaheddins brought in some electirc devices which they most frequently put on our chests and then turned on electricity, which caused terrible pains.

We were given food once a day, mostly a small piece of bread and some warm water...

2. 7. Witness 303/97-27, born in 1961, who was captured on 21 July, 1995, early in the morning, together with 11 other soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska, in Krčevine, states:

... After capturing us, they took us to the village of Gostovići, where the mujaheddin camp was located, and imprisoned us in a house under construction, which had only a concrete slab and leaked all the time. They tied our arms and legs with wire, of which I still have scars. They ordered us to sit all the time, with our heads bowed.

Mujaheddins were coming into the room all the time, to beat us with riflebutts, barrels, kick us with their boots. All the time, they were putting sabers on our necks, saying that they were going to cut our heads off.

Many blows on my head in that mujaheddin camp caused serious brain concussion and I was out of consciousness for several days.


I remember that they tied us with a rope. They tied one end of the rope to our arms and placed the other end, forming a noose, around our necks. They would leave us tied like that for 10 or more hours, without being able to move a single part of our body. Even a slight movement of my leg or arm would tighten the noose around my neck. We could only sit motionlessly in that position, in order not to be strangled.

I also remember that after the capture, it was together with a group of captured Serb soldiers that I was taken to a place where a body of a decapitated Serb soldier was lying. The mujaheddins ordered us to lie down on the floor, threatening to decapitate us the same as they did the said soldier. I saw that his chest and stomach were cut.

I also remember that mujaheddins connected some electrodes to various parts of our bodies, and then produced electric shocks by turning on a machine, which were so strong that we lost consciousness. They subjected us to such shocks several times.

I remember well the day when captivated Serb soldier Gojko Vujičić asked a mujaheddin to loosen the wire which tied his arms, saying something that made two mujaheddins rise, and one of them cut Gojko’s head off. I saw Gojko’s body jumping for some more time, even though his arms and legs were tied, before it calmed down. Then the mujaheddin took the head by the hair, raised it and order all of us to kiss the head. Then he put the head on a large nail in the wall, leaving it to hang there.

In the camp, we were given food once a day, usually a small piece of stale bread and some tasteless broth¼

2. 8. Witness 334/97-14, captured on 21 July 1995, who was kept in a house in the village of Livade for two days to recuperate, after which he was brought to Gostovići where he was imprisoned for 34 days, before being transferred to KPD Zenica, testifies:

... We were taken prisoner on the Ozren battlefield by a mujaheddin unit, on 21 July, 1995. After the capture, they took us to the village of Livade and locked us up in a cabin.

We were kept in that Livade house for two days, following which we were taken to the village of Gostovići and placed in a torn down house with no roof. We were placed in a room with concrete floor, on which there was water.

We were ordered to sit on the floor, with our knees put together. Then they put a piece of wood under our knees, 1 meter long and about 5 cm thick. They ordered us to put our arms under that stick, tied our hands under our knees, making a noose of the other end of the

122 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia rope, which they placed around our necks. Tied like that, we could not make a slightest move of arm or leg, because it caused the noose to tighten around our necks.

As they were tying us, V.A. tried to escape by jumping through the window. The mujaheddins caught him, brought him to the room where we were, and beat him up so hard that we doubted that he would survive.

Before each interrogation, the mujaheddins beat us severely all over our bodies, although we were tied in the way I explained before.

We spent 6 days tied like that. They set one B.Š.’s arm free, to allow him to feed us like babies. Mujaheddins came into the room at all times, holding knives in their hands, which they would put under our necks or in our mouth signaling with their finger across their neck how they were going to slit our throats.

During the second day of our stay in Gostovići, the mujaheddins blindfolded all of us and released our arms and legs, took us out of the room and tied us with a rope one to another, and took us to a tent. There, they also tied our legs with a rope and ordered us to lie down on our stomachs. We spent the entire night lying like that. At one moment, they took Gojko Vučenović aside.

After that, they moved us back to the same building and tied us with the rope under our knees, and the mujaheddins brought Gojko Vučenović’s head and ordered us all to kiss it. After the kissing, they tied the head to a nail in the wall, where it stood for two days before they took it away.

The mujaheddins often came inside, showing us knifes and showing with their fingers how they were going to decapitate us just like they did Gojko Vučenović. Whenever they came, they kicked us with their boots and pieces of wood. Besides the mujaheddins, Muslim soldiers also came in to beat us.

We spent 34 days in that building, and every day the mujaheddins beat us mercilessly.

The mujaheddins forced us, tied as we were, to bow our heads to the ground and stay in that position for several hours. All the time, we were sitting by the wall and were not allowed to move.

Tied as we were, they took us out to a river, where they would hold our head and dip it in water, holding it like that for some time, until we started taking in water.


They ačso took us out to a field, where we had to lie down on our back and look at the sun for several hours. Thez forced us to hold our hands upright and stand like that for several hours, looking at the Sun. They ordered all of us to liz down, and then they would step on us, over all parts of our bodies.

They used numerous torture methods against us. As I said before, they beat us every day until we lost consciousness.

These mujaheddins could not speak our language, some wore black wraps around their forehead and head. Their uniforms were different from our Muslim uniforms.

In Gostović, we lay all the time on the moist and wet concrete.

From Gostovići, we were taken to KPD in Zenica.

As a consequence of the blows that were inflicted on me by the mujaheddins in Gostovići, three of my ribs on the left were broken.

2. 9. Witness 337/97-23, who was captured on the Vuzuća battlefield on 12 July, 1995, by a mujaheddin unit and then taken to the camp in Gostovići, where he stayed for a month, after which he was transferred to KPD Zenica, testifies:

... When they brought us to the camp, the mujaheddins ordered us, through the interpreter, to sit down on the concrete, next to the wall, and then took piecec of wood, about 80 cm long, which they put under our knees. Then we had to put our hands under that wood, which they tied above our knees, making a noose of the other end of the rope, which they put around our neck. It was thus made impossible for us to move our arms or legs, because each move would tighten the noose.

Tied in the way which I described, we stayed for about 6 days.

Mujaheddins came into the room where we were kept and beat us severely. They hit us with spade handles, kicked us with their boots, hit us with rifle butts and barrels. I was all blue, covered with blood and swollen.

In that position, sitting next to the wall, tied like I described, we had to bow down and touch the concrete floor with our foreheads and heads when they so requested. We would stay in that position for several hours, which caused terrible pains in my head.

124 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia 2. 10. Witness 61/97-19, who was captured on 17 September, 1995, on Ozren, as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska, born in 1952, testifies:

... 10 of us were captured on 17 September in a forest. We were captured by mujaheddins, among which were Muslim soldiers from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

After the capture, the mujaheddins tied our arms and took us to a village near Zavidovići. I know that they were mujaheddins because they did not speak our language. The color of their skin was different, and they had uniforms which differed form those of our Muslim soldiers.

When they brought us to the village, we were surrounded by a group of soldiers and civillians who started to harrass us.

We were then ordered to take off our uniforms and boots. We were forced to lie next to one another on our stomachs. They tied our arms on our backs and our legs one next to another with a wire.

The present mujaheddins and Muslim soldiers started to jump on our bodies, stepping on the 10 of us prisoners, and then took spade handles and some sticks and cables 50-60 cm long, about 3 cm thick, and started to beat us with them.

They were hitting us with those objects until we lost consciousness, then they spilled water on us to regain consciousness.

They forced even children to hit us with whatever objects they wanted to use, and they even ordered an old man to hit us. But, the old man refused, saying that he had a son who was a soldier.

The beating lasted for 3-4 hours and throughout the time we were lying on our stomachs.

Before tying us, the mujaheddins had taken away our watches, gold jewelry and money.

They placed us on a truck, on which we had to lie one over the other, on our stomachs. They covered us with blankets and the truck started to move.

After driving for about an hour and a half, the truck stopped. They took us off and locked us in a room the area of which was 4m x 4m.


In the room, we found 4 Serb soldiers who had been taken prisoner earlier. One was from Modriča, and the other was from Zavidivići. They were beaten up and swollen. Together with them was an elderly man, a farmer from a nearby village. He died ten days later as a consequence of daily beatings.

Civilians often came into the room to spit on us and, holding knives in their hands, to demonstrate how they were going to slit our throats and decapitate us.

They kicked us with their boots and hit us with their fists, while our legs and arms were tied all the time.

We were interrogated by Muslims in the presence of mujaheddins. They stood next to the person being interrogated, on the left and on the right. First they asked us the basic data, then about the units to which we belonged, and after that, they asked who tore down the mosques in Prijedor, Banja Luka and Bosanska Krupa, and who raped Muslim women.

The questions were followed by blows afflicted on us my mujaheddins with iron rods 70-80 cm long, and about 20 mm thick.

They also hit me with a cable, about 70 cm long, and with pieces of wood, mostly on my back. They ordered us to sit on the concrete floor with our legs spread, and hit us along the entire length of our legs, one hitting on the one side, another one hitting on the other side. After that, they put an electric device, used for killing bulls, on my neck, and turned electricity on. The electric shocks were horrible and caused pains all over my body, head in particular. This made me fall on the concrete floor. Then they kicked me with their boots. I could not move, so they dragged me down the stairs.

Other prisoners, who were with me in the group, were also covered with blood and swollen when returning interrogation. They, too, were dragged in, because they could not walk.

I stayed in the camp for about a month and was beaten every day. The blows caused bleeding all over my body.

In that camp, we lay on the concrete floor which was always wet, because the mujaheddins spilled water on it. We had neither spreads not covers.

At night time, mujaheddins often beat us and threatened to slit our throats.

126 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia The food was very bad, it could hardly be called food. Every day, we were given a head of raw cabbage, for the 10 of to share, as the four soldiers who had been there when we came were taken away.

We did our needs in the same room, which had no windows or light. The odor was unbearable.

Among other things, they forced us to stand straight on our heads for a long time.

Mujaheddins, in particular, ordered us to kiss one another and then to hit one another with our fists.

They asked us to convert to Muslim religion, promising that we would survive if we do.

A month later, the 10 of us were taken to the KPD in Zenica.

As a result of the blows in the mujaheddin camp, almost all my teeth have been knocked out. Only 7 teeth have remained in my lower and upper jaw. Also, as a result of the blows and threats, I have become nervous and I feel pain in the areas of my spine, chest and legs. After everything I have gone through, I do not feel like living any more ¼

The fact that mujaheddins in the Vozuća battlefield, assisted by Bosnian Muslims, decapitated Serb soldiers or cut off parts of their bodies after taking them prisoner is also confirmed by other documents in possession of the Committee.

1. Dragoljub Antonić, driver from the village of Povelić, the municipality ofSrbac, born on 16 September, 1958, in Srbac, father’s name Miloš and mother’s name Zorka, nee Samov, as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska, disappeared in the Vozuća battlefield on 10 October, 1995. His body was exchanged and brought to Banja Luka on 17 September, 1996. His head was missing. Dragoljub’s wife learnt from his co-combatants that a mujaheddin unit captured a group of Serb soldiers, after which horrible screams and moaning were heard, which made her conclude that mujaheddins were decapitating Serb soldiers (witness 272/97-65).

2. Momir Vukašinović, car mechanic, from the village of Povelić, the municipality of Srbac, born on 17 December, 1952, in Povelić, the municipality of Srbac, father"s name Vid and mother’s name Radmila, nee Kresojević, was taken prisoner on 24 June, 1995, as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska by the Muslim Army on the Nikolino Brdo on Vozuća. The next day, 25 June, 1995, his body was


exchanged and brought to Doboj without the head. He had a wound in the chest area and in the area above his left knee (witness 247/97-61).

3. Bogoljub Ilić, farmer from Nova Ves, the municipality of Srbac, born on 29 September, 1949 in the village of Nova Ves, the municipality of Srbac, father’s name Boško and mother’s name Darinka, nee Tatić, was on the Vozuća battlefield as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska and his family was informed on 13 September, 1995 that he disappeared. After the exchange, his body was brought to Banja Luka on 17 September, 1996. The head parts of legs were missing (witness 274/97-64).

4. Milan Medaković, farmer from the village of Kosijerevo, the municipality of Laktaši, born on 31 December, 1965, in Banja Luka, father’s name Bogoljub and mother’s name Smilja, nee Šikanja, as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska, was on Vozuća with his unit on 10 September, 1995, when he disappeared. His body was identified on 17 September, 1996, in Banja Luka after the exchange. The front part of the head, a part of the left leg and fingers on both hands were missing (witness 274/97-66).

5. Slavoljub Miladić, farmer from the village of Ilaćani, the municipality of Strbac, born on 19 May, 1960 in Srbac, father’s name Gojko and mother’s name Bosiljka, nee Vidović, disappeared in September, 1995, in the Vozuća battlefield as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska. After the exchange on 17 September, 1996, his wife took over his body in Banja Luka, on which the head, lower parts of arms and lower parts of legs were cut off and delivered together with the body (witness 274/97-59).

6. Marko Milašinović, textile technician, from Inadjol, the municipality of Srbac, born on 15 May, 1962, in Srbac, father’s name Mitar and mother’s name Koviljka, nee Kovačević, was taken prisoner as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska on 10 September, 1995. on the Paljenik hill at the Vozuća battlefield. On 10 September, 1996, his body was brought to Banja Luka after the exchange. The rear part of his head and his fingers were missing (witness 274/97-62).

7. Koviljka Pašalić, nee Ristić, from Vozuća, the municipality of Zavidovići, born in 1936 in Gostovići - Otežnja, father’s name Petar and mother’s name Milica, nee Stojanović, wife of Nestor Pašalić, mother of two children, was killed on 28 May, 1993, in her house in the periphery of Gostović by soldiers of a sabotage Muslim group. Her throat was slit and her larynx was cut out. She was buried in the cemetary near the monastery of "Sveta trojica" (The Holy Trinity) in Vozuća (witness 260/97-4).

128 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia 8. Zoran Suvajac, farmer, from the village of Seferovci, the municipality of Srbac, born in 1972 in Kobaš, father’s name Rajko and mother’s name Milena, nee Melešević, was taken prisoner as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska by the Muslim Army on 10 September, 1995, in the Vozuća battlefield. In September 1996, his body was exchanged and it was established that his head, parts of arms and legs were missing (witness 274/97-58).

9. Milovan Todorović, labourer from the village of Mali Sitneši, the municipality of Srbac, born on 30 September, 1954, father’s name Ostoja and mother’s name Ljubica, nee Golubović, was taken prisoner as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska by soldiers of the Muslim Army on 10 September, 1995, in the Vozuća battlefield. A year later, on 20 September 1996, the Muslims handed over his body decapitated and with left leg missing. Milovan’s wife learned from his friends that after Milovan was captured they heard him screaming, so they assumed that his leg was first cut off, and then he was decapitated (witness 274/97-55).

10. Veselin Cerovac, plumber, from the village of Kukulje, the municipality of Srbac, born on 9 March, 1965, in Srbac, father’s name Vid and mother’s name Radojka, nee Janjić, was taken prisoner at the end of June, 1995, as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska by the Muslim Army in the Vozuća battlefield. Two days later, his body was handed over by the Muslims and brought to Doboj. His head was missing and there were many stub wounds in the chest area. Also missing was the middle finger of his left hand, on which he wore his wedding ring (witness 274/97-60).

11. Stanko Čolić, bricklayer, from Srbac, Inadol bb, born on 29 June, 1953, in Kotor Varoš, father’s name Simeun and mother’s name Darinka, nee Smiljić, was taken prisoner as soldier of the Army of Republika Srpska on 10 September, 1995, in the Vozuća battlefield. His body was brought to Srbac in September, 1995. On that occasion, it was established that his both hands and both feet, and the last part of his head were missing from the body (witness 274/97-57).

In addition to the mentioned cases, on 14th November 1997, 17 bodies of persons belonging to the Army of the Republic of Srpska, all wearing Republic of Srpska Army uniforms, were exhumed in the region Stog - Gostovići. Of that number, 13 bodies were decapitated, one head was separated from the body and three bodies were found with the remains of smashed heads.

The exhumation was performed in the presence of representatives of the organizations from the international community (OHR, PHR, SFOR, IPTF and the International Committee of the Red Cross) by the Joint Commission of the Republic of Srpska and the Muslim- Croatian Federation.


The State commission for the exchange of PoWs and missing persons of the Republic of Srpska claims 54 captured persons belonging to the Army of the Republic of Srpska who went missing in the region of Gostović where the unit of the Army of B-H "El Mujaheddin" had its detention camp.

130 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia

Panels - Explanation

Panel 1

Clash of Civilisations

This panel shows that Islamic fundamentalist were caused or still are causing, wherever Islam is religion, conflicts with others, first of all, on its verges. This is absolutely clear message to humankind. Islamic fundamentalists not only aspire to establish system of intolerance and entirety in countries where Islam is dominant religion but in touch with other cultures and civilisations cause conflicts too. List of countries that had problem or do have problems now is too long. For example, we will take China where some western parts want to separate or conflict between India and Pakistan in Kashmir case. It is not much better in Israel, Nigeria, and Afghanistan where jihad warriors destroyed two centuries old monuments of Buddha that had been under protection of UNESCO, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia. It is not important continent of country but intention of Islamic fundamentalist to create Caliphate and global Islamic network (Umma) on world level that excluding existence of other religions. For example, in Bosnia it was not conflict between nations but between religions, first of all Islamic fundamentalists and rest of the world and civilisation. This dangerous phenomenon threatens, unless if it is being noticed on time, to destroy modern civilisation and turn back the wheel of history in seventh century.

Panel 2

The Global Islamic fundamentalist’s Network

Global Network or structure of Islamic fundamentalists who in their units have not only members of Al-Quaida but numerous other terrorist organisations like Hammas or Hesbolah consists of basic three components:


1. Islamic – Moslem lobby in different countries 2. Islamic- Moslem humanitarian organisations connected for terrorism 3. Islamic countries which in public or secretly support Islamic jihad terrorists, in the front of all Iran (mean present government not Persian people) as the big- gest danger for humankind.

All three components are important for Islamic fundamentalist and creation of Global religious country Umma and through crime in Allah’s name. Typical example of brutal crimes committed by jihad warriors is in Bosnia. Bureau for relations with ICTY of Republic Srpska Government disposes with extensive and authentic documentation about work of Network of Islamic fundamentalists – jihad warriors.

It is sad that one of the largest world religion become victim of those fanatics and level of their organisation could not be imagined at this moment.

Panel 3

Osama bin Laden Head of Al-Quaida network – how it work

Global Network of Islamic fundamentalists, according to experience and cognisance from Bosnia, is composed from several committees mentioned on this panel. Every committee for itself is important link in chain and work of committee implicit engagement on local, governmental as well as on international level. In that ranking, work on international level implicit recruiting certain persons who, with their work, positions and activities have big political power, which they use on all ways in order to achieve Islamic fundamentalist goals.

Financial committee has task to provide life of Islamic fundamentalist Network. Manner of funding is variable from place to place but it could be said with certainty that the biggest two ways of fund-raising are from funds that Osama bin Laden disposes, directly or indirectly, and fund-raising through brancy

132 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia network of “humanitarian organisations” that on perfidiously way use their position not only for fund-raising but to recruit young people for performing future terrorist attacks. In addition, this committee works with transferring of money and other funds. In that aim they are using system “hawala” where money and other funds change hands without financial transactions that might be located by banks.

Legal-religious committee, besides other activities, has a main task to justify performing terrorist attacks. Media committee coordinates with network compiled by media that are under control of Islamic fundamentalists and individuals employed in large media enterprises in goal of spread of Islamic fundamentalist propaganda. Essence of work of this committee is in coordination with others committees is to justify activities of Islamic fundamentalists, and as a main trump they use method where victims are always and exclusively only Moslems. Of course, in practice is completely different, because nature of Islamic fundamentalists is violence and establishing of Islamic country Umma which excludes existence of other religions. For example on Kosovo and Metohija majority Albanian -–Moslem population, through network Al-Quaida and work of mentioned committees, has managed to create picture that majority of population has been endangered by minority, what is unmemorized because as rule minority has been endangered by majority. Also, thanks to work of this committee, pure secession and terrorism performed by Islamic fundamentalist in units of Kosovo’s Albanians, was successfully presented as fight for freedom. That is one of the basic goals of Islamic fundamentalist Global Network – to create general opinion that Islamic fundamentalists are victims of others and all with goal of occupancy (secession) of territory of part of territory. Military committee, beside its function to recruits and trains Islamic jihad suicide, that committee also coordinates, leads and makes plans for terrorist activities through worldwide. This means it gives full logistic support to perform terrorist attacks, determines aims of attacks, maintains communication with terrorists cells and in cooperation with other committees participates in achieving joint goal – through Jihad and crimes in Allah’s name to global Islamic state Umma which excludes existence of other religions.

NGO – Non governmental organisation committee is whole network of NGO that are connected between themselves with idea of Islamic fundamentalism and

133 sphere of interest and source of funds. Those organisations very often have names that do not have any Islamic distinction. Aim of those organisations as part of civil society is infiltration in social process, especially in countries as US, Great Britain, France, Italy but also in Tanzania and Nigeria. NGO has multiple role but essential is to fund–raising together with financial committee for Islamic fundamentalists and their terrorist actions and influence on public opinion of population in countries where they work. Thos NGO are very often only cover for work of intelligence services of Islamic states. Even Islamic states were not organised before and direction of their activities was different, it is not case today. Goal has been defined – creation of Umma, the enemy has been defined – all who does not believe in Kur’an, more exactly non-Moslems, it has been defined way of fight – terrorism. The rest of the world should take care of this dangerous appearance for humankind. State committee recruits governments employees of different countries, assists their campaign (financial) and every other possible way, through intelligence services of countries that has Islamic prefix. The basic goal is also to create Umma or global Islamic State and Committee attempts to reach this goal through official institutions on governmental level as well as on international level. Organisation of Islamic Conference (IOC) is classic example how to protect Islamic fundamentalist network. This organisation gathers around 60 countries and for now it is the strongest voting lobby within United Nations.

Panel 4

Osama bin Laden – Bosnia and Herzegovina

On this panel has been illustrated connection between Bin Laden as central figurehead and network of Islamic fundamentalist Jihad warriors and terrorists in US and B&H. One of the closest assistants to Bin Laden, Enam Arnaut has been imprisoned by FBI under suspicion of active participating in Islamic terrorist network and that he made planes for performance of terrorist attacks on US territory. Imprisonment alone would not be significant if he had not been director

134 Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia of two the greatest humanitarian organisations in US (Benevolence International Foundation and Global Relief Foundation). Also it is very interesting that spokesperson of those organisations, closed by FBI due to connection with Bin Laden, is man who carried and probably carries even today the badge of Mission of B&H to the UN, Safet Ćatović whose direct patron is mister Ivica Mišić deputy Minister MIP B&H and at the same time National Coordinator of Anti-terrorist team, which indicates possible involvement of highest ranked B&H officials in network. This panel presents branches of network from US to B&H. Ernam Arnaut had chosen, not by accident, his representative in B&H. That was Munib Zahiragić, who was as B&H diplomat, member of AID (secret service of Bosnia’s Moslems) came to position of manager of Benevolence International Foundation for B&H. This affiliate in B&H gained money and other instruction that referred to work and coordination of network of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists – Jihad warriors in B&H. Also, Munib Zahiragić, who is imprisonment at this moment, and his network had participated in global network in way that they gave retreat, false passports and other logistic directed to West Europe and US as well as to other countries. It can be concluded that this network had a great role in events on 11 September 2001 as well as in other terrorist attacks. More and more states and governments have been realising dangerous activities of Islamic fundamentalist network and their aims.

Panel 5

Safet Ćatović

Safet Ćatović is man in network of Islamic fundamentalists who had function to link the highest representatives in UN from Moslem side in B&H with structure of Islamic fundamentalist in US and with members of this network who somehow of other were or still are in US territory. This man was Minister Counsellor in Mission of B&H to the UN what was kind of infraction and diplomatic scandal. This position of Minister Counsellor was reserved according to the system of MIP B&H on position for Serbs and Croats. However, besides this function which was illegal and bestowed by who know whom, Safet Ćatović had been spokesperson of

135 two “humanitarian organisations” – Benevolence International Foundation and Global Relief Foundation, both closed down by FBI due connection with most wanted terrorist of today Osama bin Laden. Safet Ćatović had organised Summer Jihad camp in Pennsylvania, state where one plane was crushed down on 11 September 2001. Camp had been organised only one month before tragedy and one of Safet Ćatović’s interlocutors was Imam Siraj Wahaj, spiritual father to first attack on World Trade Centre in 1993. Safet Ćatović use to have branched network of contacts from university professors, Islamic fundamentalists to “humanitarian organisations” connected with Islamic terrorists. It remained unclear who appointed Safet Ćatović, when and why he was treated as “secret Minister Counsellor in Mission of B&H to the UN” as well as involvement or connection the highest functionaries of Bosnia’s Moslems with international network Al-Quaida and other terrorist organisations.

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Permanent Mission of Bosnia to the United Nations

All ambassadors, including Mister Ivica Mišić deputy Minister Foreign Affairs of B&H and National Coordinator of Anti – terrorist team, knew and used favours of Safet Ćatović. However, that was not all. In offices of Mission of Bosnia to the UN had been registered foundation named The Global Medical Relief Foundation, which gathered funds for who know what and whose goals. This was not just kind scandal but together with registered tourist agency named Intercoop Travel, it was act of self-will and disrespect to the host country, in this case US. Of course, it is impossible that single one person from US administration did not know about this and how those persons were dangerous. That kind of relation resulted also with events from 11 September 2001. It remain hope that President Bush will undertake all necessary measures in order to destroy Global Network of Islamic fundamentalists and in order to bring all those dangerous people to the justice.


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